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  1. Finally got my collectors edition. Hopefully you guys got me, I'm still confused a bit by adding friends. Are they just added from the 3ds friend list automatically? Anyway's this game is beautiful in every way. Also holy abilink Doulifée. You have now given me a moral crisis. Do I look up what skills I want ahead of time? Or do I find out by just leveling up my jobs normally? I don't want to waste time grinding classes I won't like, but I love discovering abilities >_<
  2. Had a good year =D Steam: Speedrunners, Risk of Rain (Both great 4 player games!), DMC, Hotline Miami, D&D:SoM, DIVEKICK, Battlefield 4 (Not steam I know), Gunpoint, Bioshock Infinite, Jet Set Radio. PS3: Anarchy Reigns, MGR: Revengance, Dynasty Warriors 8, Tales of Xillia and Tales of Vesperia (Both JP, beat Xillia before it came out over in US =D), Killer is Dead, Dragon's Crown, Blazblue: Chronophantasm. Vita: Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Persona 4: golden. Wii U: Super Mario 3D, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost world, Game & Wario. 3DS: Animal Crossing: NL, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Rune Factory 4, LoZ: LBW, Pokemon X, Project X Zone, Tales of the Abyss, Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward. Edit: Just read the post about adding reason's. I'll restructure this to be more about why and what I liked soon.
  3. Finally got around to playing this, I've really enjoyed turbo mode! It kind of reminds me of normal fighting games where touch of death is everywhere. Now I just need to learn a Lucas combo!
  4. You got it! I'm glad you liked it! I must admit I planned out my Pokemon gift before hand as I had an extra copy. The litt'l link I picked out though. It was a blast to be a part of this! I'm gonna do this next year for sure! Happy holidays!
  5. I actually have been waiting to play this for a long time, the only problem is that I'll have to wait longer due to Finals >_<. I am really excited to see all the changes that have been made and how it feels compared to the last version of project M I've played.
  6. Finally shipped my present! Now I can wait for my gift guilt free! n_n I'm glad I got in on the secret Santa this year, it's been fun!
  7. I'm gonna put a shoutout to pushmo, it's a fun puzzle game if you have a little bit of time to spare. If you are a fan of harvest moon, Animal Crossing, and Beat-Em-Up's, I suggest Rune Factory 4. It's got a great mix of everything. If you are into those three things, it's a must play, otherwise I would advise you to pass on it.
  8. K I'll post something here: -Actually would not like video games, my backlog is too huge! -Any game schwag would be awesome! Preferably Japanese developers (capcom, atlus, Nintendo, konami, etc.) Fighting games is another strong category for me (blazblue, MARVEH, SF4) -my friends got me playing Pathfinder (its pretty much D&D) so heck a 7 or 11 die set would work too. Ideas: Mega man 3ds xl case 7 or 11 die set Any VG scwhag Shirts (size: large) Anything you think would be awesome! happy holidays =D
  9. Count me in this year. Just make sure to remind me I'm doing this Baha
  10. Back in the day, before twitch and youtube personalities, I watched LP's of these four guys Medibot, Kung-Fu Jesus, My Name Is Kaz, and pokecapn. I watched their let's plays of Sonic 2006 and ever since then I've watched what they've made, I've seen all of FF XIII-2 because of them. They don't post often, but they always make a Let's Play for the sonic games that come out. I really like them cause they just act normal, they don't feel like they have to please the audience, they just talk among themselves and it just happens to be funny stuff. You can check out their stuff at the lparchive.org.
  11. I agree, watching movies with 120hz looks off. So the deal is if this TV is mainly used for games 120hz, if movies 60hz.
  12. 120hz can make a huge difference, I have a two sony TV's one is just a normal 1080p 32" 60hz, but I end up playing on my Playstation TV just because the 120hz makes the movement much smoother. I recommend 120hz.
  13. The dress up is what pushed me over the edge to buy this. I don't know what to think of that.
  14. Already put 120 down on this. I know I'm a sucker for this, but I've been waiting for Inafune to make his own version of Megaman and it's finally here. I just hope that Capcom doesn't force Comcept to stop this game, but I don't think they'll care about someone making a Megaman clone cause they kicked Megaman to the curb already.
  15. If an acid trip had an acid trip, with lines of dialog make it even more surreal. Suda 51 was going for the gold medal in crazy. I'm a few hours into it. It's fun to play, it's a bit basic on the combat, but it has a counter/dodge system that feels good when you pull it off. I had a blast with the second boss, dodging and countering him like crazy. The minigame to get new sub weapons is rather insane. You gawk at a woman while she's looking away and look at her face when she is looking at you, once you do that long enough you give her a gift. It's pretty much more of Suda51 craziness. If you dig his stuff you'll probably like it, if not I suggest avoiding this one. I would suggest one of his other games if this would be your first Suda51 games, check out No More Hero's before picking this up.
  16. Hey, at least no one will try to capture your capital... right?
  17. Really, no game could sway me, I have a xbox 360 and once I beat Mass Effect 3 I never played my 360 again. While I would LOVE the Insomniac game to be not Xone only, I really could never justify the console. Even removing the always online and used game block, I feel they still have too much restrictions to buy the console. I've been burned time and time again by Microsoft, even on PC games. (I would like to note that this is my extremely restrained view on Microsoft) And even though I am a little sad about PS+ needed for online play, I have it to this day, and I've enjoyed PS+ immensely. So I don't feel that PS+ is "play online mode" like live gold feels to me, I've gotten a huge amount of value from PS+. That and the fact that Sony is helping push indie games makes me look towards the PS4 even more. Loved the used disk features slide though, good stuff.
  18. Happy Birthday from a fellow May fifteener!
  19. Megaman X7 and Shaq Fu. I sorta own them with pride at how bad they are.
  20. I dance like I got ants in my pants when I play fighting games.
  21. I kinda see the gist of Nintendo's announcements as this: "Hey remember all that stuff you guys wanted? Well we're doing it! Were even doing stuff you wanted but didn't know it. We predicted all of your desires and made them a reality!" I for one welcome my new Nintendo overlords.
  22. The announcements that Nintendo put out this morning was insane, and this was no exception. I'm so glad they have heard us out. It's too bad it's gonna be 2014 before we get it, but I can wait, it's better than not getting it at all!
  23. I'm blown away at this announcement, LttP is still my favorite Zelda. Part of me wishes that it was on the Wii U (mainly just to have it on a big TV), but I'm grateful that there is gonna be a sequel at all! I'm sure it's gonna be a blast to play!
  24. It doesn't feel like a megaman game to me. It shouldn't of been called Mega Man at all. It looks sweet and I would of loved to of played it. Too bad the name of the game got it canceled.
  25. http://www.amazon.com/Superlux-HD668B-Dynamic-Semi-Open-Headphones/dp/B003JOETX8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1363938492&sr=8-2&keywords=superlux These sound pretty darn good, I just grabbed them today, I grabbed their cheaper headphones awhile back and I loved them. The treble was BLEEDING sharp, but I almost liked it. The treble is toned down in these newer ones. Use an equalizer and the $35 headphones go along way. I grabbed these more expensive ones because my older pair was shorting out, and the more expensive ones let me swap cords when my cord shorts out. The only weird thing is you need a female to male cord, instead of the usual male to male.
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