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  1. Hey, if anyone is intrested, NewEgg is having a sale on 3DS Preorders, taking 10 bucks off a 3DS preorder. You can't have multipule 3ds games in one order for each to have the 10 bucks off, but you can have multiple orders. The code is EMCNAJB243 Code of Princess is on the list for those that are on the fence about it, along with the sequel to 999, Professor Layton, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing. I'm grabbing Paper Mario and Animal Crossing myself.
  2. Man you guys are making really want Adventure Time. Wayforward, Virt, AND Pendleton Ward? Yes please. I've still been looking at ATLUS's Code of Princess. I'm really digging the Online Multiplayer in it. I'm gonna preorder this for the art book and album. Is anyone else thinking of getting it? I would love to do some co-op beat-em-up with you guys.
  3. I posted some of my acomplishments already, I guess one I didn't say is that I 100% FFIX and Infamous 2 (I never do this, it was that fun to run around and collect those shards). But I saw a post about things they have been not so proud of, and I liked it so here we go: In Battlefield 2, the only time I effectively bombed an enemy aircraft carrier and killed someone was when that person was in my squad. In OoT, in the water temple I went through a door that locked behind me, leaving to nothing but a cliff to jump off. I though I glitched it, so I replayed OoT back to that spot, messed up again, then figured out that I didn't need to replay the entire game. I took 8 extra hours to find the last final dalmation chest in Hallow Bastion in KH, it was where you fight riku, pretty much in plain sight.
  4. DusK, Binjovi, Thundar, Syllix and I got together and did the story and an exploration run of the level 40 Caudecus's Manor. As far as we knew it was the first all OCR team for a Dungeon. We had a blast but I gotta say I have a new found hatred for Bandit Hooligans who are much deadlier than they sound. Also we decided to make all of our clothing entirely all purple. Purple Power!
  5. I can vouch for the 120 SSD, I use to have a 32 gb one, and I couldn't upgrade to SP1 for a year due to space. I've got a question, one of my friends just got an older computer which while can still run new games on the lowest settings, I was wondering what's a way to upgrade for cheap, and I mean really cheap. The way I see it, changing just about anything in there will make it so the only thing left will be the case. What would you recommend, and on a side note, what do you think about the AMD A10-5800k?
  6. Haha, I see my quote made it to the forum topic =P Well anything to show how absorbent guild wars 2 is, its like brawny quicker picker upper absorbent!
  7. Unstable Hamster.6945 Forgot the number n_n, I'll see if I'm not tired enough to play. I'll at least pop in to say hi and add you all.
  8. Alright, sounds good. I should be able to get on around then, hopefully it will let me switch to yak's bend from the beta for free. If not I guess I'll pay >_<. In game name: Unstable Hamster
  9. I remember reading a nintendo power a year ago, with a quiz that asked who was on the cover of the only all silver cover of Nintendo Power. (Give you a second to see if you can figure it out.) It was megaman X, I still have that and some other sweet posters. I'm glad I kept those so I can laminate them and hang them up. Those were absolutely the best, anyone remember that nester guy?
  10. What you got is Rayman 3d, not Rayman Origins 3d, Rayman 3d is the remake of rayman 2 I believe.
  11. Snore!!!! Why in the world would I want to fight robots when I can fight zombies in left 4 dead? Haha, just kidding here goes the next 49 hours of my life down the drain.
  12. Sorry, I ment 2 & 3. Derp. It did explain why some stuff in 1 & 2 happened though. And I only got halfway through BBS, so I'm probably missing out on a few notes, I'm glad the game did give a synopsis of all of them, that helped. I'll probably just have to run though this again to catch the little details. How bout that secret boss eh? Brutal.
  13. I just got tickets for the Live riffing of Manos, which somehow I have yet to see, so seeing them rip on Manos live will be a treat. Legend of boggy creek 2 and Track of the moon beast for two of my favorites.
  14. Alright I finished KH3D. Overall I gotta say the story was convoluted, I really could not understand what was going on for the longest time, even when it was trying to explain. It's missing the magic and simple story of the first one, and didn't really have the sweet rivalry of organization 13. It feels like it's there to connect KH 1 & 2 instead of having a story of it's own. But I will say it made me ecstatic for the third installment. Everything else in this game is legit so I still recommend this game whole heartily.
  15. I just been playing KH:DDD too. I've really been enjoying it, it has the look of Kingdom Hearts 1, except it can be in 3D to boot. Also for those brave enough to try brave mode I highly suggest Notre Dame BEFORE the Tron level. I was getting one-shoted by little minions in Tron, it was rough. That's the thing about Kingdom Heart's hard modes, you WILL die during the beginning often, but it normal's out and hit's that sweet spot of difficulty after two or three worlds. The flowmotion controls make this fixes a huge problem the game had, which is moveing between places you have already taken out. Fast, solid movement which not only help me stay alive, but helped me do average damage when I was just scraching normal enemies in the beginning. If you liked the command deck from the Birth by sleep (Which I did) it's still here, and I'm glad they kept it in. Malaki pretty much got the Dream Eaters and drop system down pat. Oh and the Card Mini-game with the dream eaters are pretty neat, it's like Chain of memories battle system, but you don't control movement. It's pretty fun.
  16. So is anyone else looking at Code of Princess? I just noticed it looking around on amazon, and it led me to this. It looks pretty good, a beat em up with RPG elements and 4 player co op and 50 playable characters? I could really get into that sort of thing. Oh also totally spaced that Kingdom Hearts 3D is coming in like 3 days. I can't believe I forgot it, good thing I pre-order the special edition awhile back.
  17. Alot are on Yak's bend, but by the time I tried to get to it in the beta it was full, so I did vassburg. Hopefully it won't stick me with Vassburg and I can move to Yak's bend when the actual game is released. So pick Yak's Bend ASAP.
  18. So what's the daily deal after this past week? Jade Empire. It's 3.75, and it's what pushed me over 100 dollars. Well played steam, well played.
  19. Yet again I missed another beta Well I'll just say while I kinda liked the theif, I feel like I'm looking for something else. I'm gonna try an engineer next time and see how it goes. Can't wait for this to come out and finally really sink into the game.
  20. I'll see if I can get on and fill it up, I've been wondering where everyone is as well. Gotta improve my Demoknight skills on my newly acquired parrot for full pirate action.
  21. Thanks for the link, I'll still check the anime out. I think the problem is for me is that aquarion seems been really funny to me on paper, but then actually watching/hearing it they seem to go a tad to far to just creepy. I'll check out AKB0048 too cause I'm a sucker for anything like Macross frontier.
  22. Wait this Aquarion EVOL is good? I watched like the first episode of the first Aquarion and it drove me nuts from how generic it was, and how creepy it was for the mechs to combine (Pilots should not be making those noises when their mechs combine.) Turned me off this show. If you can give me a good reason to watch this new one I would be more than happy to check it out. Also watching Trigun, on episode 11 now, good stuff.
  23. I agree with BGC, I mean how can you go wrong with something that costs less than a big mac and deals less damage to your health?
  24. I'm a hamster and I approve this message.
  25. I played through borderlands with my friend split screen on the PS3. And yet steam got me to buy a 4 pack a year back for about as much as my PS3 copy. But hey I'll play with ya, I've got a character around level 25 or so. Also I would like to say SirChadly is a bawler for giving me an extra game for the extra 13 cents I gave him for Shoot many robot, which is quite good.
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