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  1. Hey I'll trade you a nuclear dawn if you get that 4 pack and you have one extra. Man steam has me bartering for a 2.50 game. I'm getting low on my $100 limit here...
  2. Step 1: Place money into steam account. Step 2: Buy indie bundle. (For at least one or more games) Step 3: Buy flash deal. step 4: Buy daily deal. Step 5: Realize the flash deal has changed. Buy new flash deal. Step 6: Don't play bought games due to amount of games in library. Step 7: ??? Step 8: Repeat
  3. That's steams next achievement badge.
  4. I give myself 100 dollars, which actually helps me from buying the 30 dollar games, also owning most of the indie bundle games from Humble Indie Bundles has helped me as well. Yet with Ys, witcher 2, and legend of grimrock, and some DLC I still have gone through 50 bucks and there's more than half of the steam sale left. =/
  5. I have had 3 separate chances to get this for free. I still do not own this game. One of the things I think about that lifts my spirits up when I'm feeling down.
  6. PLEASE VOTE FOR WITCHER 2! IMMA WANT IT REAL BAD, K I'M GONNA TURN CAP LOCKS OFF NOW! But seriously Witcher 2. Also my money appears to be on fire.
  7. Shadow of the colossus, Spoliers! Ablo (That's what it sounds like the wanderer says). When that horse fell down the cliff to save the wanderer, all of what Ablo did flashed before my eyes, all the long rides to my goal, jumping on the horse to save me from certain smushing, showing up every time I wake from the colossus' dark energy. It all came back, I don't think I cried, but I never have cared about a character dying in a game that much, and it was a horse. End Spolier!
  8. Hey is anyone else playing the beta right now? I got it today and I was wondering if anyone else was online. Edit: so checking the thread it seemed like most of you were picking yak's bend, but it's showing full for me. So I'm gonna have to go with vasburg for now.
  9. I never thought I would see the day I gave a crap about modern Disney movies coming out, especially if it was about video games. Tangled managed to shatter my expectations before, I'm hoping it's not a fluke for this one.
  10. I have been enjoying my 3DS, I highly recommend demo-ing Kid Icarus. That was the game for me that made the 3DS worth it. If you can try Kid Icarus, and find you like it or not, I think that will be your answer to getting a 3ds now.
  11. Good thing the topic is on the ending, I wanted to talk about that. I really don't think they need to change the ending story wise, what I do think is that they need to show it in a different way. The ending just felt off, like it crapped out right at the last 5 minutes. It just didn't explain itself. I know Bioware is gonna have an extended ending or whatnot, but as for me, I would like a fallout 3-esque listing/narration of the accomplishes that I made, what it did, and how it worked with the final decision the player made. Luckily I got this a few months after everyone else did, so I got over the anger at the ending even not knowing what it was gonna be because I already got mad at it.
  12. I say that first Arc with the soul society, once that's done and they head back home, imagine it over and move on with life. I have some people who's only watched Naruto and the keep getting me to watch Naruto, and I just can't get myself to even start that anime. Even if I did like it, I would have 300+ episodes to watch, and there would be filler in it and I hate filler. As for an anime to watch, I think Darker than Black is great start. It doesn't explain much in the beginning, so you'll be very confused, but if you keep watching, more get's explained through the characters than some narrator telling you what's going on. It's my favorite anime next to Gurren Laggan. Speaking of Gurren Laggan, if you ever love how absurdly stupid Naruto and Bleach is by whoever has the most willpower wins approach. Watch this anime, it takes that mentality to hilariously stupid awesome levels. Also mechs.
  13. Well shoot, no good for me to use the 2 days of gold for the online pass. Lame. Anyways, gonna enjoy the single player.
  14. Alright cool, thanks for the update. I was going to just get on a little bit later but then Mass Effect 3 happened.
  15. Alright I know this is gonna be an absurd question, but do you need Xbox live gold to play multiplayer on this? Or will the online pass cut it?
  16. So I've been scooting through the story and I've gotta say I've enjoyed this. Haven't beat it yet, so I don't know if I'll be mad at the ending or not. Honestly, I think I've already gotten over the ending possibly being bad, so I feel like I'll be cool with however it ends. Anyways, went with infiltrator and I'm glad that I did, the drastic change to my play style kept it fresh. And one shotting a shielded enemy has been amazingly satisfying. Also great dialogue through the entire game so far.
  17. I just got kicked out for not having a custom map. Where can I get it?
  18. I really like this mix and the direction you took it. Also that background mixing and the fuzz and retro going on in there make my spine tingle. I would love more Phoenix Wright music from you! Or any game really
  19. It sounds good to me, it seems like we have vasburg and yak's bend so far, I guess it doesn't really matter to me which world is picked right now, as I won't be in this weekend beta, but figuring that out and placing it on the OP would help newcomers.
  20. Is there any possibility of an OCRemix guild being set up? That's what I loved most about my time playing the first guild wars.
  21. Thank's for the links! I'm really liking what I'm seeing. Sadly I won't pre-order it this week due to final's, but I think I'll get it before the next beta. Let me know how it is.
  22. Man, my last MMO was Guild Wars, I'm thinking about getting this... Is the beta out yet? and how does it compare to the first one? I'm sitting on the fence right now about getting this, if you guys can give a good argument I just might join you guys.
  23. Alright, I guess I'll delve a little deeper, can I eventually get something like Neural shock, then get engie's absurd cooldown time to one shot a husk every half a second? That was amazingly satisfying, and if I can get something like that I would love it. Also I guess I'll say I wasn't a big fan of the combat drone (but the auto level up was ) I just liked chucking a bunch of my own stuff and having great cooldown's. Is the engie still like that?
  24. Alright, I grabbed a copy of ME3 through the sale so I can finally play this game every one has been giving a hoot about. I played as a vanguard in ME1, in the second one I switched my guy to engineer and loved it, so my question is now this: Do I switch again completely? I've gone face first with vanguard, held back and chucked plasma with engineer, and I enjoyed both. I was thinking of infiltrator just because it would switch up my gameplay the most but after playing the demo I remembered I suck as a sniper. So any advice on the class you guys had the most fun with this time around would be greatly appreciated.
  25. I just tried it this morning and I was very impressed by it! I was also impressed at just how easy it was to install the mod. I haven't done any modding of my Wii (just my PSP) and this was a snap to set up. If anyone is afraid to mess with their system, don't be, all it requires is the SD card to have the stuff set up (Which is done via an easy installer) and all custom stages deleted. It was very easy!
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