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  1. Metal Gear Solid 3 does a pretty good job of screwing with peoples assumptions of death in video games when fighting the sorrow. Also killing Revolver Ocelot at a certain point causes a game over. Metal Gear Solid has some interesting stuff with video game death.
  2. I didn't like the Castlevania demo's style being like the PS3 Castelvania (Lords of Shadow) instead of the handheld titles (Order of Eclesia, ect.), on the other hand, I liked it more than the PS3 Castelvania. It's the Paper Mario: Sticker Star problem, I'll like it, but it won't scratch the itch I've had for the series it's named after.
  3. You know, I agree, but I'm still glad I beat that game in the end. It didn't itch the Paper Mario crave I've been waiting for, but it was something new and they put a lot of good work into it. Kinda insane logic behind some of the puzzles though.
  4. I loved MGR:R. It was short, but not disappointing short. Even if it was, the ending cutscene/battle would make up any shortcomings. Kinda sad I played it on normal instead of hard. I didn't listen too close to the music, but I'll keep it in mind on my second play through. Jet Stream Sam. Man that's the coolest name.
  5. It's there, I'm 400th in line right now. But I'm totally gonna get an XP bonus for waiting =D Oh, and I can finally be a hamster!
  6. I'll give it a whirl, it sounds pretty fun! You should find me joining the guild in a day or two.
  7. I believe I did, but put me down: UnstableHamster (Pretty sure that's it.)
  8. Project X Zone is coming to 'Murica.(and other places not within that list) John McClain is a character. (k not really but it's that guy from the die hard game.)
  9. Hey, whenever you guys are playing, send me a invite to one of your games. Steam ID is Unstable Hamster if you aren't in my friend list =P
  10. Alpha Protocol. Gotta say, it looks ridiculous (Play with full beard, sunglasses, and camo hat), but it gets it right in all the right spots to be the best b-rated video game.
  11. My first platinum will be infamous 2 if I ever do the kill so many guys out of a powered area. Which I couldn't do at the end of the game. The only time for me where it's been fun to find blast shards/flags.
  12. Finding all 99 dalmatians in Kingdom Hearts. Hollow Bastion's elevator sequences can shove it.
  13. Now that I'm employed and have actual money, I'm probably going to grab this day one. I really haven't looked up too much on this, but I've got a real good feeling about this fire emblem. Also for no reason I've been on a advance wars kick, I'm really hoping they get around to making a 3DS Advance Wars.
  14. Is anyone willing to get a 4 pack? I could go in for one.
  15. If you guys plan to do a dungeon run let me know through steam. I would be more than happy to join you guys.
  16. Squeenix has a sale for some of their games til the 4th. grabbed 3 so far, I might grab chrono trigger as well. I just wish ff dimensions was on sale. This will be an excellent time to beat the first FF.
  17. Got my Wii U a day early cause we are heading out on X-mas =D Nintendo ID is UnstableHamster Won't be on tomorrow. But add me!
  18. The timer sounds excellent, and for me I don't think I'll have too much to debate over, I'm pretty sure most of my decision tree is punch man in face or don't punch man in face. =P
  19. So is there a good place to learn how to play D&D for those of us who are new? It would be a good way to ease the guys new to this when we start this up.
  20. Sounds awesome to me. It should be sky pirates, though this idea is pretty much stemming from pirates in your post and sky in your sig.
  21. I would be down for this, but know this, I know next to nothing of D&D except stuff that was in Baldur's gate 1&2.
  22. There appears to be a little (young) Psycho Mantis in two scenes (one being the very last one) which would pretty much answer that, and goes along with the theory that the main guy is big boss.
  23. Please tell me where this image came from, I really hope it's from the VGA's website, it's hilarious. Other than that, I'm pretty surprised they tried to disguise it with this much effort. Of course the website for Moby Dick Studios looks barren. And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Big Boss have a robotic arm in Metal Gear one or two?
  24. I would, but this game is called Team Fortress 2, not Kill Super D Sombrero for Sniping. =P
  25. I just saw this, I'm gonna grab this and if it's good (Which I'm sure it is) I'll send this around to my friends to check it out. Never been disappointed by Benjamin Briggs, and I'm figuring a remix of his stuff by OCR guys is just as awesome!
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