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  1. Aw, this remix is such a tease! While I can appreciate the creativity involved in basically chopping up the original piece and skillfully reassembling it into something listenable, nay enjoyable, I was really looking forward to the part of El Themo de Frogo that plays during the game. There were many times listening to Sacratus Bellator that I said "okay, we're leading up to it, and...now!" but nothing happened. There was even potential for a grand finale at the end, which unfortunately (for me anyways) Composmeister GrayLightning did not supply. So, while I must say that this is obviously a well-crafted if liberal interpretation of Frog's Theme, and though it is one of the better remixes of it out there, it isn't what I was looking for.
  2. This remix is like opening a present, finding something great in the box and another present wrapped inside the first one with equally awesome contents. Not only does this piece deliver an excellent Dark World remix, but it also comes packed with (finally!) a remix of the LttP credits theme, which itself contains elements of the classic Zelda overworld theme. Highly recommended, any one of these elements would be excellent, but together they are nigh unstoppable.
  3. GOOD LORD!!! Stop reading this right now and download this remix already, you're wasting precious time you could be spending listening to it!
  4. Imagine if you will a scene from The Patriot, where on a sunny field a British and an American army are marching towards each other. Now substitute in place of the redcoats units of Scotsmen bearing plaid man-skirts and Claymores, while removing the Americans and replacing them with turbaned Indian infantry complete with war elephants. Now have these two armies, who have nothing to do with each other and no reason to be in colonial America, fight to the death. That is how good this remix is. Recommended.
  5. Not bad! While not as subdued as the original, this mix still sticks to its source and is easier to make out than K. Praslowicz's other Shadow's Theme remix (recommended for any electric guitar fans). Makes me think of a modern-day ninja infiltrating a corporate headquarters in downtown Tokyo. I'll recommend it, so anybody out there who doesn't listen to anything unless Tacitus says its good can go ahead now...you poor, poor souls. Sorry Ricecell, this isn't Cyan's Theme. That piece of music has woodwind and strong strings in the background. Just FYI.
  6. Superb! I was expecting something much slower and less energetic-needless to say I was quite pleasantly surprised. Between this, "Nikki Learns a Song", and "Knights Come Marching Home," Ailsean is almost obligated to create more fantastic Chrono Series remixes. Two thumbs enthusiastically waving around in the air.
  7. Wow...that was...wow...I can imagine maybe a century or two from now a bunch of people in tuxes (or their futuristic equivalent) crowding into an opera house in order to listen to music like this. Now there's a pleasant thought: composers of video game soundtracks being held in the same regard Mozart and Bach are held in today. With works like this, it's easy to see how it could happen. Excellent work Mr. Soule! My hair literally stood on end at the finale! If you ever feel like submitting anything else to OC ReMix, don't be a stranger!
  8. Brilliant! I'm a bagpipes fan myself, and now not only do I have some great Scottish music to listen to, but I can also bug my friends with it! Two thumbs up for an creative new take on a classic theme, and an excellent job handling an unorthodox instrument.
  9. The title totally did not prepare me for the simple beauty of this mix...when I first heard the cellphone, I burst out laughing...two thumbs up for sheer wierdness!
  10. Very nice...the choir, the organs...it's appropriately "Dark"... One miner gripe though. The track remixed isn't "Dark Combat," which is the music that plays during Mr. Blonde's bonus level. Instead, this music is from the "screen saver" that plays as the alternate opening cuscene...I can't remember what it's called... Other than that, "Perfect." Two thumbs up! (ach, that's two in one post! bad Tacitus, bad!)
  11. Genius. Sheer creative genius. Two thumbs up, and a hearty recommendation to all those who love excellent remixing. Still, I have two issues with this mix. First off, the song doesn't include the lyrics "I lost, you won, here's fifteen silver points, wasn't that fun?" anywhere, and there's so many musical genre's the band didn't explore, like Country...Soul...Flemish folk dancing...I dunno, I guess I'm saying that these guys coulda done a little more... It remains an excellent mix, however, dispite my grumblings.
  12. BLECH! I have no idea how this one qualified for inclusion on this fine site. Whereas Joe Redifer's infinitely superior Final Fantasy ROBOVoice parody required both talent and lyric-writing skills, this one is severely lacking in both categories. It makes me feel like if I recorded a one-minute bit of me banging on a guitar and singing "Mario Brothers is stupid" to the Mario theme, I could get on this website. Or maybe I should just do the Metroid theme with synthesized fart noises. Two thumbs way down pushing the delete button. :vomit:
  13. Excellent. One of the few mixes I can listen to on repeat, especially while working on backstory for my D&D campaign. Still, I think it coulda used more of the Zelda theme, instead of repeating the "Legendary Hero" theme over and over, but otherwise its a near-perfect piece. Two thumbs up.
  14. Amazing... Definately soundtrack-quality music for any disaster flick. This piece perfectly captures the feel of the moment, and if I ever need some background music for my D&D players to wander a blasted wasteland or ruined town, this'll be it. Two thumbs way up.
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