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  1. An extremely haunting Zelda piece.. even chilling at moments. Quite a delight to see that OCR is getting some classic mixes again. First Tepid brings us "A Rose For Zelda" and now Zoola brings us this! I have high hopes.
  2. Not sure why this is in Zelda 3 and not Ocarina.. But it is gorgeous as I mentioned before!! SO INCREDIBLE. Who's this Tepid anyway? I want to congratulate him/her!
  3. This song is exceptional. There hasn't been a remix of this quality or originality in years!
  4. The introduction is beautiful and the transition between the OoT intro and the OoA theme is nice. Good choice by GrayLightning.
  5. The worst song on OCR... it's pathetic that it was ever accepted.
  6. Reminds me of the late nights I used to spend playing Tetris on my oldschool gameboy.. Why did they have High scores but not allow you to save them!!!!?
  7. This is a pretty nice tune. It would've been a lot nicer without the lame vocals, but I really like everything else about it.
  8. Hardest, Most Frustrating & WORST GAME ENDING... was for me, Skies of Arcadia... I played that game, loved it.. but then came the end.. and it was so disatisfying.. it just ended, right when things were picking up pretty nicely. Unfortunately there were like a hundred millions mini bosses before the actual boss (no save point before the real boss) and then there were so many bosses.. it just sucked.. I died so many times... apparently wasn't leet enough to face him.. when i finally beat him, it just ended. i hate that game now.
  9. Great tune. It covers a wide variety of Zelda classics, without losing its rhythm or overall feel. An instant favourite!
  10. This piece has a touch of class to it. I forget when I listen to it, that it is actually a song from The Legend of Zelda.
  11. Solid rythm and soundfonts. The percussion could use some work.
  12. i was really excited to see that this was finally excepted. though there are a few minor flaws to the piece, it is definitely better than a lot of the OCRemixes.
  13. a bit of a joke as overclocked remixes go, but i found it amusing. its a very nice piece and if it didn't have the talking in the beginning it would be more legit.
  14. i found the introduction to be a bit long, but the moment it gets into the main melody it is fantastic.
  15. Newcomer LindsayAnne Klemm has submitted a breathtaking orchestral piece of the Legend of Zelda theme. It is very graceful and possibly one of the greater Zelda remixes you will find on the net.
  16. not my style, but it works. beautifully arranged piece of music, definitely of OCR standards. if you dig piano and zelda, check it out.
  17. solid jazz remix. beginning's iffy, but the rest of the mix is great. sounds like something you might hear in a café. very relaxed.
  18. this remix is pro.. i'm telling you, if you liked the legend of zelda iii, you're going to drool when you listen to this. this is pure overclocked
  19. This is definitely one of my favourites. I'd love to know how this was assembled. I'm gonna have to give this a 9/10
  20. Definitely one of the most memorable pieces at OCR. I love listening to this as it reminds me of my childhood days playing SMB3. I was never good enough to beat the levels so i'd just play in battle mode with my friends. 8/10
  21. This was one of the best remixes I've heard on the site. (I've been listening to OC remixes for years, but only stumbled upon the forums this evening!) Just want to let the guy who made this know, that he did an amazing job. I really like this remix and I hope he makes more.
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