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  1. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/135436/Versio1.mp3 3:42 This is a collab I'm doing with my friend (he's writing the lyrics and will sing some parts). The song doesn't have vocals in it yet though. Comments & feedback?
  2. When I saw the title, I was kinda hoping that out of all the threads in OCR, this would've been the most popular. We can still make it happen!
  3. Only thing that amazes me, is the fact it took this long for them to release it on the Virtual Console. Oh well, now I'll just hope the classics would some time hit XBLA too (I don't own a Wii).
  4. I googled Ivy from Soul calibur, and she certainly is fat, although all her fat has gathered into her boobs.
  5. Who the hell would want to save a fatty princess
  6. Wow, I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but that BC: Rearmed trailer annoyed me to the point where I almost stopped caring about the whole game. I'll admit the gameplay looks fun though.
  7. Oh I'm an idiot for having opinions? I could say the same thing to you, because actually it's mm3 that's best in the classic series, and mmx in the x series. So in other words, f*** you man.
  8. Umm, yes? The SNES version of MM7 was mediocre at best, while it should have been a classic. It works a lot better as a NES version. MM8 was released on totally wrong console. Megaman X -series blows after X3 (though that has nothing to do with the platforms they are available). I'm sorry, but those are my opinions.
  9. By the way, this recreation is SO much better than the original SNES counterpart. I'm serious. Classic-series should have always been on the NES, while Megaman X on the SNES.
  10. But it's still not full screen. Oh well...if anyone doesn't know how to get it, I'll just assume it's not possible and settle for the biggest reso.
  11. So, still no word on how to get it full screen?
  12. Anyway to get it full screen? The screen size doesn't differ much from cell phone screen size atm...
  13. Just change it to Sandberg and call it a day.
  14. If you'd have raw video material that just needs editing / adding the song on top of the video, I could do it, but making a video for you guys from scratch is just too time-consuming, sorry.
  15. First of all, sorry if someone already did what I'm about to show, etc. The Robot Masters' names were shown on Mega Man 9 Wikipedia page, so I'm just gonna assume they are correct. So, out of boredom / curiosity, I decided to compile a picture consisting of the Robot Master silhouettes, as they were shown in one of the trailers. I guess someone could call them spoilers, so if you don't want to look...well scroll down real fast or something. Everyone else, go ahead and speculate by yourselves which RM is which. http://timonie.googlepages.com/MM9RobotMasters.jpg Yeah, that's seven robot masters, which means one of them is missing. I just took the ones that were shown in the trailer. I'm sure that #1 is Splash Woman, #3 is Concrete Man, #5 is Plug Man, and #7 is Magma Man. I'd guess #2 is Galaxy Man and #4 is Tornado Man. That leaves Jewel Man and Hornet Man, so I think #6 is Jewel Man (Diamond shaped head, pink background).
  16. Just a thought, but I saw in one trailer Megaman passing some sort of static device, that made a dark copy of Megaman (I assume this was Plug Man's stage), and the copy moved on it's own, like it wasn't a mirror copy. So maybe the "Evil Dr. Light" is somehow produced this way? edit: and why not the Robot Masters as well
  17. Update with a new link: http://diseasedproject2.googlepages.com/20XX_The_Night_Watcher.mp3 Some minor changes only, mostly concerning the rhythm guitar. I'm gonna try re-recording them with a different preset though later. Rozo, I'll look into the stuff you mentioned. edit: though I did alter the ending a bit, it sounded a bit dumb to me
  18. Okay, so it's not Super Metroid, but Blind, I love your music and hope you get well soon! Pärjäile (take care)! On to this remix: It contains Wily Stage 1 from Megaman VII (to celebrate the upcoming of MM9), Killer Instinct Theme, and a tiny bit of Flashback. You know it's metal. http://diseasedproject2.googlepages.com/20XX_The_Night_Watcher.mp3 Whaddya think? I'll update it in a day or two, once I've listened to it a number of times, and see if I've noticed something particularly bad, that needs to be improved. THX
  19. I don't think the admins read these forums very much? :>
  20. I just want to say that the snare is AWFUL in an otherwise very-much-rocking mix. Seriously, change the snare.
  21. Meh. I'm still more excited about GH: World Tour rather than RB2. Mainly because I can't get over how RB screwed Europeans over with how it was published many, many months later here than in US. Plus, GH: World Tour will have online too, plus you get to make your own songs. Also, the setlist for RB2 doesn't look that interesting to me so far.
  22. Okay, awesome. Can't wait. Thanks for the info!
  23. Cool! That's a must buy. Any idea of release date? Btw. I wouldn't mind if they released MM1 and 2 in the XBLA too
  24. Source? This is some great news if it's true.
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