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  1. Yeah, tell me about it. It only gets worse (if worse is the correct term) once we're nearing the end of the year.
  2. Also speaking of Puzzle Quest, I got it today and though I only had time to play for about 40 minutes, I really liked what I saw! The rpg seems versatile but still simple enough, and the battle system was fun too. It's kinda like two games in one (referring to Bejeweled)!
  3. And Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Prototype and GH: World Tour. I'm also hoping to hear some news of Alan Wake too... edit: Also, FaceBreaker looks interesting. Anyway, I'm gonna buy some MS Points again soon, and I'm picking up Puzzle Quest (AnSo recommend) and 1942: Joint Strike, if it doesn't get pummeled on the media. Also buying Ninja Gaiden II too.
  4. Might as well take the opportunity since there is one. I'd like to change my current username "Diseased" to "Diseased Project", since that's how most people know me and it's my remixer name. Plain Diseased traces back to the time when I wasn't making music yet, just exploring the site. thx
  5. Haha, what an coincidence; I'm actually writing a remix of one of the songs from this game, though the process is still quite in the starting line. Though I'll admit, the soundtrack of the game isn't too great.
  6. Well I got in the server now, so for whatever the reason that I couldn't connect before, I'm there now.
  7. I can't seem to be able to connect on the server so I was wondering if it's down, or if it's just my connection? I'm able to connect to ircnet and vgmix's irc channel just fine.
  8. Diseased Project


    Hehe, brilliant comic strip.
  9. Diseased Project


    [Diseased_Project]http://plaza.fi/s/f/editor/images/spore_mulkut_uut0806_1.jpg HAHAHAHAH [Diseased_Project]http://plaza.fi/s/f/editor/images/spore_mulkut_uut0806_2.jpg a followup [Tensei-San] flying penis monster [Diseased_Project]videoplay?docid=-689194118682834081 (edit: add video.google.com to the string. I couldn't paste it otherwise without it screwing up the post, but trust me it'll be worth it) k this is officially getting weird [Tensei-San] HAHA [Tensei-San] what the hell [secret_Agent_Man] I dunno. [+Anso|AFK] ROFL A little spore talking on a fine day on #ocrwip (notice that the images and the video might upset some people, just a warning)
  10. Okay, another update (and probably the last one): http://diseasedproject2.googlepages.com/ShotThroughTheChest.mp3 And look it has a name too now! Well, feel free to criticize if there's still something that should be fixed. I'm going to let this sit here for a couple of days, and after that I'm going to give it to the judges to chew. So, if you think something doesn't click, you've got a few days to tell me. THANXXXXXXX <edit>: Nevermind that, it seems I've got to record all the guitars once more, since people think they sound fuzzy. So it's going to be waiting a whole while before I send it forward </edit> Also, I finally tried the quad thing too (I apologize for it taking so long, it's just that I got a bunch of extra work from my company on Thursday and then I just forgot), so if you think the quad-thing is mandatory here, let me know. Since this is the 1st time I've done something with 4 guitars, the mixing blaablaa might be a bit off. http://timonie.googlepages.com/quad.mp3
  11. Not bad, actually I'd say it's pretty good! Though I agree with Meteo about that it wouldn't probably meet OCR standards, doesn't make this song worse. It's a cool tune nevertheless, and I think if you made a Castlevania video and put this to the background, it would do it the most justice. Also, I must say that the solosample that comes in at 1:00, is just screaming to be replaced with real electric guitar.
  12. I love the occasional PLUNK notes you do on your ukulele. Seriously, what is this? Sorry if I'm harsh, but hell yeah you shouldn't worry about submitting it to any contests, I tell you, it wouldn't fare very well. Can you point me at least one second of the song where the SMB underground tune is used? I'm sorry, but I just can't tell. Am I deaf? How about you pick up a whole string set for your ukulele, and th ...no sorry I just can't take this seriously. Is this a joke tune? Again, I apologize if I was being harsh. You have A LOT of learning ahead of you.
  13. Some small tweaks: -Upped the snare volume a bit -Upped some other volumes -Added more bass to the rhythm guitars of the latter part -Altered the hi-hat where the first lead comes into play http://timonie.googlepages.com/1_05.mp3 Once again, it comes to people's opinions as to what I should do next. If there's even one second in the mix that bugs you, please let me know. I'll do my best to fix the issues. It helps if you can point out exactly what needs to be corrected, and HOW it could be done. Thanks! Btw. The Quad Experiment is postponed till tomorrow, but I'll definitely try it too. edit: I fixed a few small issues that bugged me.
  14. Update time! This new version has re-recorded guitars (dual atm, but I will try quad tomorrow with a short sample like before; now I'm too tired and a soccer game is on) except from 4:05 onwards, because I didn't think that part needs to be re-recorded (correct me if I'm wrong, recording that part either is no big task). Also, there's a reworked transition at that dreaded 4:00 mark. Don't know if it will satisfy the majority even now, you tell me. http://timonie.googlepages.com/1_04.mp3 If you think the guitars are okay, song structure in order, etc. it's time for me to work on the mixing next. Are the drums too loud or too quiet? Should I replace the bassdrum with a different sample? Any guitar parts that aren't tight enough/are they too loud in some parts? I think it's just minor tweaking now, and I want this song to the best that I can get with my current skills, so help me out Thanks!
  15. I could record some lead or rhythm guitar for you if needed and/or I'm worthy
  16. Not exactly an _update_ but more of a short demo this time. I began the process of re-recording the guitars, but in order to save time I recorded only a couple of riffs (as the filename implies, under could-be-better circumstances), because I want you to let me know if the guitar still sounds muddy or if they've improved. If you think they sound okay, I'll continue with the current setup; if not, then I'll tweak the sound some more. Also, there's currently two rhythm guitars playing (the left one about 50% to the left and the right one about 50% to the right). If you feel I should use quadruple guitars (meaning one guitar panned hard left, one halfway left, one hard right and one halfway right, as Neko suggested) then I'll do that if it radically improves the sound. http://timonie.googlepages.com/GMC_DDhangoverriffs.mp3 (it's about a minute long clip) Also, you don't need to tell me if the guitars are too quiet or too loud; I just slapped them there and once I've recorded all the guitar parts, then I'll worry about the mixing and stuff. For now, I just want to know if the guitars sound ok. Thanks edit: oh, and the new guitars come up at 0:05, and not immediately, for the reason being that I couldn't play the first riff properly because the hangover caused a limp arm illness. hehe
  17. Hehe, that seems like a cool idea (also something I have already experience on). Don't know if it will distract from the rest of the mix though, but I'll definitely give it some thought and see if I can come up with something suitable. Thanks!
  18. Thank you for the nice comments. I'll break some of them out for you a bit: 0:00 Don't go praising that chiptune intro too much, it's ripped straight from the nsf 1:46 (and some others) About the guitar not being bright enough: That was the main (and only?) thing me and Neko talked about on IRC, and he gave me some really good tips on how to record guitar, and I'm planning on putting those tips into use. Basically it means recording all guitars again (except for leads), but Neko proved they can sound like metal guitars, but without muddiness. For that reason I'm gonna follow his advice. Like I said earlier, I'll update this in about a week. (Also, Neko didn't hear a different version, version 1.03 is the current and only one I've posted here) 2:07 Actually you caught me red-handed here, that was a part where I could not come up with great drums, so I kinda went under the fence there. I'll see if I can come up with something better there. The kick drum issue's (and more distinctive volumes) kinda revolving around my head atm, so I think I'll check the guitars first and if the good people in #ocr-wip feel I should change the kick drum, I will. It's not my priority however. 4:00 I kinda did the awkward transition on purpose here. If you look back at 2:07, it's actually the same (Double Dribble) melody playing, but with some variation. In 2:07 it was in minor, and kinda "moody" and dark, when in 4:00 it's in major. I know it's kinda hard to understand without explanation, but my thought there was that there's a game going on, which the "good team" is about to lose, but near the end of the song they come up as winners. Yeah, sounds dumb Anyway, again, fixing this is not a priority, but if majority thinks it should be fixed, then I'll try. In conclusion of this post, I really like that people like this remix. At first the mixing got bad enough responses to make me work on it more, and now when it's starting to get better and there are left only issues I CAN fix, it encourages me to work on it even more. Also, now that I've given it quite a lot of time, I don't want to half-ass it. There you can see that feedback really does mean something.
  19. No problem man, I know how hard it is at the beginning because there's so much new stuff to learn. However, beware that becoming a pro takes A LOT of time and dedication. Heck, I'm almost 23 and I'm learning new stuff every time I compose something. But if you don't get discouraged, you'll find the hobby very satisfying and fun. You're also still young, so you got nothing to worry about. edit: Also, good luck on the 3d replica!
  20. I'll bite even if it's only minute long. I'm not familiar with the source so I can't say if this mix is too close to it. The intro is nice. I like it a lot. Very good samples, and the strings know what they're doing. The part that starts at 0:40 is even better, the use of instruments is superb. No muddiness anywhere, and you seem to have control of this so far. I'd really like to hear more. Sounds great so far!
  21. Writing as I listen. Now first of all: A song doesn't necessarily need drums. So far, I don't think there needs to be any here. It could work perfectly fine without some forced beat in the background, given that the intro implies this will be a lullaby-kind of a song. Now, what buggers me immediately, are the strings. Is it just one note at first? Doesn't really work imo. Also the sample could be better. Some velocities in the main melody would be nice. The bells are simple, but I like them. If they sounded more like church bells, I would probably like them more. K, done listening. What you have here, is good imo. It doesn't aim to be epic, but instead it's a little song that's trying to fit in with the big ones (if that made any sense to you), and therefor I like it. Not every track needs to be grand size. I imagine if there was a Mario play (as in theater), this kind a song could be played when the show is drawing to an end. Fix the strings, and try to make the bells more "church-like" (you know what a church bell sounds like) with some echo, not too much naturally, and after that put some minor velocity changes on the key notes of the main instrument, and you'll have a great little track here.
  22. Heh, this song gives me chills. Good chills, I mean, so it's not terrible by all means! Some random notes (first the good then the bad): -How the song goes into the actual Green Hill Zone tune in 0:35; works really well -Even though the main lead there could be better, it's not bad. The background melody works, it seems so care-free. Liking it -Nice solo that starts in 1:30 -Scratch that, it's not nice, it's awesome Now the bad notes: - Drum sounds could be better (except for the toms, I liked them) - Some of the lead instruments could be replaced with better samples, I mean they do their job but they could be better - Almost every pitch bend seems to go off-key. I like their idea but their execution is poor - How the song starts again after all the soloing is over, was really a letdown. I stopped listening there. In overall, this song however wins, because it sounds (mostly) like Green Hill Zone should sound like. It's easily my favorite Sonic track and you've done justice to it, so congrats. If you can work on the issues, the mix will be even better.
  23. My connection won't let me play the song. It just says undefined and the song never starts. meh
  24. I like it too, though at some points it sounds like SPC is playing in the background. Also, too repetitive to my tastes. Needs a lot of work, but if executed well, it's a solid piece.
  25. I agree with everything DrumUltima said. The arrangement is cool, but there's way, way too much reverb and the hi-hat sticks out. Fix those, and you'll have a solid ground to work on.
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