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  1. Way to go man, GL. I'm loving this mix, even more so than your recent stuff because you've come back to that new age/ambient feel with this song. Very epic while still remaining minimalistic.
  2. This song is freakin awesome. I'm of the opinion that there should be more vocal ReMixes, and this one is quite good. I, too, have had it on repeat for a long time (everytime I listen to it in fact), and it also forced me to check out Arkimedes' website for his other music. Way to go, great song.
  3. Just read through the thread, and thought I would say: Chizniz, CapnHulk, great work. It's nice to see you guys single-handedly arming the OCR newcomers with sigs If my request in the Unmod request thread gets nowhere, I'll bring it here.
  4. Ridley from Super Metroid. Damn...what a hard bastard. I must have fought it two dozen times before I finally got lucky enough to beat it...stupid bird.
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