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  1. Ooo, I recently got into beta so add me to the list too please vega.eutopia Playing random for now, gold, region I believe US.
  2. Yeah, you can probably get a computer able to run SC2 for a very reasonable deal as it isn't that intensive at low settings I hear. Of course, if you don't want to do that, you could always donate the key to a keyless person...
  3. I agree with nobodyknows+; I've been listening to them lately a bit and they are a pretty fun band. On that same genre, I also enjoy SOUL'd OUT (at least the stuff on their singles collection album is mostly all good) and the older m-flo stuff is also good hip hop.
  4. What artists / types of J-pop have you listened to and enjoyed recently? Are you talking about just pop Japanese music? Sometimes people use the term J-pop for other genres of music too, like pop rock, pop hip hop, pop country and stuff, almost like the term J-pop just means Japanese language music. If you are just looking for general Japanese music recommendations, then for the time being I'll just suggest my favorite artist: Shiina Ringo (her rock band right now, Tokyo Jihen, is pretty hot stuff too). Not really pop music, but highly recommended nonetheless.
  5. I'm definitely in for the next tournament. I'm still disappointed in myself for losing in the 2nd round, so I want to do better next time. Thanks for your work organizing this tournament, Garian! And to answer that question, my APM is 90-120 for my main, Protoss, and like 70-80 for the other two races.
  6. So how is round 2 coming along? This thread hasn't seen much activity lately I see.
  7. I've lived here for over half a year now and never really heard much about this. I'll have to ask my friends about it later to get the opinion of at least some Japanese university students. From what I've seen, men here though don't seem, on the whole, to fit into that category though. Still tons of guys I've seen who are very fashion conscience, and relatively flirty with girls. Might just be that the so called grass-eating men don't stand out, or aren't outside as much.
  8. Great work! So what's the map lineup going to be for round 2?
  9. Great work on the cast guys! Some comments I guess about the match between Nekofrog and SynthStampede. Nekofrog played well, all around, but made a huge mistake of not sending a drone to the other position to scout the toss player out earlier. Also, sending the drone out for the natural hatchery way before you could afford it was a bit of lost mining time. It was just sitting at the natural expansion alone for some time. Both parties microed pretty well though. Sneaky 2nd expansion was a good move too. The SynthStampede had a good rush, but didn't follow it up as well as should've. Constant probe production is key. Gotta keep the pylon count up as well, as was pointed out in the cast, but by far the biggest thing was economy. If you are constantly pumping probes, and producing pylons as needed, and gateways when you can afford to, you will be able to macro up a large army. Of course when rushing you sometimes have to cut probes, but it's important not to cut for too long. Cutting probes that long is basically an all-in thing. If your attack fails, and you aren't getting probes all the while, your economy won't let you last long after your attack force is destroyed.
  10. Lord Obsidious and I just played our matches. Following Garian's lead, I also won't announce the results yet. Not sure exactly what the protocol is here, so I'll just leave it at that and email my replays to Garian.
  11. I've already sent a PM to Lord Obsidious regarding our match, but in case they don't check PMs, I'll post here to let them know to check. Maybe I should just get AIM, but no one else I know uses it
  12. Well, for TvP you want more than just a few vultures. They act as a meat shield to keep the toss units away from the tanks while the tank fire tears into the toss army, and, like you mentioned, they do full 20 damages per shot against zealots, so a pure zealot army would disintegrate in face of that. Tanks by themselves are quite vulnerable. Firebats typically work very well against zealots too of course, but one advantage with vultures is they are way more multi-purpose. They are faster, you can lay mines, and you can rush past defenses for peon raids. Not to mention that with proper micro, you can kill off zealots without taking any damage, whereas firebats have to get in melee range to engage.
  13. Oh, I totally didn't notice. I just noticed I had some sort of notification, and just assumed this was a PM or something :D

  14. Ah, I play as Protoss.

  15. Just to make sure my post declaring my "interest" wasn't passed over, I'm now signing up.
  16. I also would be interested in this. I'll follow this thread and wait until signups start.
  17. Wow, this thread is not what I expected it to be! That's a pretty awesome song there, DJ Crono. I had no idea that DJ Crono was doing commercial JPop songs! I've always loved your OC ReMixes, so I will definitely pick this up in opening week to try to boost its sales for you (and I've never even really listened to KAT-TUN much before ). Keep up the good work!
  18. That's pretty awesome! I assume you had to make it yourself though, huh? I'd think it'd be hard to find a pre-made costume of that character. Funny thing is, a few days ago I was thinking about how I should download that game again, but couldn't remember the title. I had to google a description of it to find it (old dos platformer green alien suction cup hands). Once I got the title, I download dosbox and Cosmo 1-3. I don't know if I'll get through them again though (I only beat number 1 when I was young). And to add to the list, I remembered another DOS game from my childhood: Monster Bash. It's a platformer where you play as a kid with a slingshot, who has to travel through levels, like a graveyard, and rescue a bunch of captured cats and dogs that the main villian has some devious plan for. And for really ancient DOS games, how about Pharaoh's Tomb?
  19. This thread is like opening up a box of nostalgia. The only game that comes to mind that hasn't been mentioned yet is Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. I seem to remember that being a fun platformer too. Also, Scorched Earth was great fun to play with friends.
  20. Agreed. Plus, if you're going to learn all techs right now, you might learn them while doing the side-quests of the Lost Sanctum. After doing all normal side-quests, and Lost Sanctum plus Dimensional Vortex, you'll have all techs, the best equipment, and be vastly over-leveled.
  21. vega12

    Nintendo Wii

    After looking closer, it seems that yeah, it just has MIDI in, so you can't hook it up to your computer for recording purposes, but you can send stuff to the drum kit. This is used for two things that I know of: sensitivity adjustment, and for hooking up other drum kits to the game via the original drum kit's MIDI in port. So I guess the only option would be to connect to your computer via bluetooth, and I guess somehow deal with it from there, but that's not an easy task I would imagine. Unless someone has already written software for processing the drum's signals.
  22. vega12

    Nintendo Wii

    Well, if your computer doesn't have a MIDI port, you could try to get a MIDI to USB cable. Then you can connect from the MIDI port on the drum kit to your computer via USB.
  23. Well, I think many people agree that we have to kill in order to survive, but I think the biggest problem that PETA has with eating meat is the way the animals are treated. If the living conditions and method of killing were more, "humane", I'm sure that PETA would be a much smaller organization. Of course, the living conditions of chicken/turkeys/cows/whatever won't be changing anytime soon since they are businesses, and likewise PETA won't be going anywhere. Oh yeah, and I enjoyed playing that flash game too . But seriously, not many people have to do those things to make turkey (like plucking feathers, pulling out innards) since it's already pre-done.
  24. Huh, maybe it was more relaxed previously. In fact, looking at the wiki page I found this: http://www.tofugu.com/2008/04/22/mixijp-hates-foreigners-now-requiring So yeah, maybe it is tougher now.... . That kind of sucks. A lot. Sorry for doubting you
  25. Really? I thought all you needed was someone on Mixi to invite you on. I got on using I think using my gmail address. That said, I don't really use it much, but if someone needs an invite let me know.
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