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  1. Oh man, there was a really good quote in the last chapter that doesn't really spoil anything, but is hilariously off-beat. Something along the lines of: "And now I strike, like an unexpected dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!" Some of the things they say in this game are just priceless!
  2. vega12

    Nintendo Wii

    I found the same thing with Contra, but it works fine with the classic controller shell. Maybe they did it on purpose to sell more classic controllers
  3. I love the variety present within the South Park series sometimes. This was one of those episodes where I didn't really laugh out loud at all, but was grinning the whole time. I really enjoyed it a bunch!
  4. I use a keyboard as well . It's not really a handicap at all I feel, unless you're just not used to it.
  5. Just won my first match. vega12 3-0 Kholdstare
  6. vega12

    Nintendo Wii

    Just a quick note: what makes you think that Nintendo would program so poorly, that they can't extend functionality of a standard object like Mii's, without causing problems with backwards compatibility? It would be quite simple, really, from a programming standpoint.
  7. That was a great start to what will hopefully be another great season!
  8. I suppose I will join the Mario Kart madness, although I doubt that I'll be able to defend my title in this game .
  9. I don't think that best 3 out of 5 is a bad idea. Matches are quick anyway, and even though the closest matches were was 3-1, doesn't mean that the two players in question were that different in skill. Also, in something like Mario Kart, there's a lot of luck involved, so making it 3 out of 5 would help make it a little more fair to those whose luck just happens to be a little dry that time
  10. I played both linkspast, and Calpis. I beat linkspast 3-0. I beat Calpis 3-1. So I guess this means the tournament is over? Then I shall select Mario Kart as the next title. Thanks to everyone for a fun tournament!
  11. Let me know who the winner is when you are done battling it out so I know who my opponent in the finals will be. I look forward to it!
  12. I wouldn't phrase it like that... There were a handful of matches that we had to throw out due to desyncing issues, and you won half matches, and we had some tied 1-1 matches that were desynced too. So I would say your on the same level as I about. Given right conditions, I could've totally lost that round. Thanks for the good competition!
  13. I'm just curious, Bahamut, and maybe I missed a message of yours on this thread, but why aren't you in this tournament? You seem to be pretty good from the sound of it, so maybe we should play sometime outside of the tournament. I'd hate too end up winning the tournament (hypothetically) if one of the top players on the forum isn't even in the tournament
  14. If you'd like DarkCecil, you could message me sometime (I use MSN regularly) and we can try to play some matches for fun. I did join this tournament to find other Tetris Attack players who could give me some interesting games afterall.
  15. Went to my supervisor's mother's house for New Year's eve. Spent the night watching NHK New Year special where they just play tons of music from various singers in Japan. Then we went to bed cause we were tired. Oh yeah, and had lots of sashimi, sushi, and nabe. Yummy . And on New Year's day we went to a couple shrines and explored his hometown. Very nice day too. I think it was around 8-10 degrees outside, and lots of sun. It felt like spring to me! Heading back to Canada in a couple days now... kind of surreal to be honest. It was definately a new way to spend New Year's for me though!
  16. vega12

    Nintendo Wii

    Something like a stand-alone portable machine that generates holographics perhaps? I left it at ellipsis just for your sake
  17. vega12

    Nintendo Wii

    Hmm, I don't think we'll be seeing any of that anytime soon from Nintendo. It just seems like making a system like that might be something Microsoft or Sony would be first to do. Nintendo is trying to take portables where consoles can't go, and likewise with consoles, so it would seem out of their strategy to compromise the two designs to get a fair medium. Of course, they could come up with something awesome that involves no compromising...
  18. Remember, they are reviewing it as a Wii game, not as a GCN game. As a Wii game, it has room for improvement graphically. I'd be interested to see how the GCN version does in reviews though.
  19. Well, I ask because I can't play the first one... at least not until I find an English copy when I return to Canada... But I'll probably end up getting it and beating it before 1 anyway
  20. Snap... I might just pick me up a copy while here then! Do you think I should play the first one before the second one? As in, do you think there is any continuity between the two?
  21. vega12


    You do not understand math then. Everything before the introduction of proofs is meant to prepare for actual mathematics - in otherwords, with proofs. So, if you know how to do proofs, would you care to share with us a proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra? Would you like a purely algebraic proof, or would complex analysis be allowed. Because man, residues make that proof almost too easy (also, a good example of how complex analysis - in other words, "imaginary" numbers, are useful)
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