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  1. Man, I can't wait for Yoshi's Island 2 to come out. The first one is my favorite platformer so far, and the announcement of its sequel at E3 was what prompted me to decide upon getting a Nintendo DS finally . EDIT: Does anyone know when the Japanese release date is?
  2. I don't own a DS yet, but when I went in to pre-order my DS Lite at EB yesterday, there was a pamphlet that offered to trade in your old DS for a Lite at only 100 CAD (versus the regular price of 150 CAD). So I think about 1/3 off the price is probably what you can expect.
  3. What makes Jigglypuff a great character is her crazy ability to dodge stuff and do fake attacks in midair. When I play as her, I spend most of my time in the air, and try to open my opponent up for attack. Also, when an opponent is off the edge, because she can float really well, it makes for easier edge-guarding than most characters; she can fight your opponent in mid-air, and still make it back in time. It also helps that she has good air attacks. As for Ganondorf, if you can master L-cancelling, Ganondorf is one hell of a tough adversary to contain. Also, if you know Ganondorf well enough, you can time your attacks just right so that the slower motion of him doesn't really affect your gameplay anymore. Lastly, throwing isn't as effective as in SSB, but instead it is more of a tactical move. Because you can grab directly out of a shield, if an opponent is coming at you and you block, while they are recovering from their attack, you can easily grab them and perhaps combo them a bit from the throw. Of course, this works in reverse if someone coming at you, instead of attacking grabs you, they'll grab you through your sheild. So really, it's a mindgame at that point.
  4. Being on the OCReMix team sure beats being on the SA team just because my friend suggested it . I recently formatted my compy, so I just re-installed Folding@Home now and am on the OCReMix team.
  5. I've been listening to this song a lot lately and thought I should give my opinion. First of all, this is one of favorite pieces from OCR; it is very emotional and fluid. The dynamics in the piano are absolutely amazing and work so well with the ambient synths and effects prominent in the start. It is attention to detail like this that push a song over the edge from good to great. Another bonus is that the while being a center-piece, the piano manages to avoid becoming over-powering and continues to be a key factor even when the flute comes in for the lead. The transition between ambient to orchestral was pulled seamlessly. You can trance out while you listen to the song and not even notice the change because it is so subtle. I look forward to hearing more from you two in the future!
  6. Well, this seems like a good place to find soundfonts... Does anyone know of any soundfonts that have good instruments to use in ambient-type songs? LousySpy posted a request on page 5 with a link to a clip from a Metroid Prime song. Anything like that instrument would be great... in fact, a lot of the stuff in Metroid Prime is good ambient stuff! Sorry I can't be more specific, I just need stuff to work into some of my ambient songs to make it more ambient sounding (go figure ).
  7. When I first checked it was 288KB, now it is over 2MB. I think it is still being uploaded. Patience... EDIT: I think it is done at 4:44. There is one thing I should point out though; the Supertux mirror has a 500KB version... Listening to the song... I'm liking this guitar work! It's not fast paced or anything, just good. It seems to be deviating from the source a lot now. It's been going off on a tangent for about a minute now I think . Hey, that break at 3:10 is a nice change of pace. I guess I can still sort of hear the theme hidden there somewhere. There it is! Decent ending. All in all though, a pretty static piece. The guitar work is quite good, it just seemed to be the same feeling the whole song without much of a climax or any dynamics. Regardless, this is still a piece that I'm sure many people will enjoy and I'm sure it will grow on me after a few listenings. After all, the source material is so catchy .
  8. ***SPOILERS*** The worst part was that it is literally impossible to die against him! No joke. You automatically have auto-life on and it regenerates if you die. Braska is the "actual" final boss in the sense that he is the last sort of difficult battle in the game. The entire last battle on that big thing is just a joke.
  9. Great minds think alike . But seriously, if you also have it so that Recover, Revive, and Treatment are distributed on all three characters, it is even easier. The only problem w/ Ultimecia is that even once you deplete her last form's life, she stays alive until she's done her speech. I just sit there and keep on pounding on her. By the time she's done, she's at about -400,000 HP .
  10. Um you must mean Omega weapon, and I walked over it withought using any holly war trials or any invicable item. Its all in the limit breaks. Once you know how to master the game, it becomes rediculusly easy. My party consists of Squall, Zell, and Rinoa. I start off casting Aura on everybody. Then I get Rinoa to limit break until I get Invincible Moon. Now that I'm invincible, I go crazy with Squall's and Zell's limit breaks. If done properly, you can beat him w/o taking a single damage point. EDIT: Oh ya, the topic . The hardest boss I've encountered is probably Meta Ridley form Metroid Prime on hard! He is definately one tough enemy. I see a lot of people complaining about the difficulty of the secret bosses from FF; they aren't that difficult if you just level up some more. Seriously though, there's a method to beating all of them. Besides, if all else fails, just go gain some more levels.
  11. Another good mix by DJ Crono. As already pointed out, bass is the only thing this could use. When you said you were trying to work on panning, I thought I would listen to the song again on my headphones to check it out. I find for most of the first part, the panning is very subtle. I like your panning of instruments that come in later on; you should just try to pan the drums a little more next time to spice it up. Then again, you're the uber composer .
  12. Excellent work! This song is truly magnificent. Every single element seemed to fit together exceptionally well. I just have one question: Can you post a midi of this song, so we can try to learn how to play this masterpiece?
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