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    Nintendo DS

    Wait...I've played Zork...and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...and I'm coding a faux text adventure... I'm 19, and there's no way in HECK I'm part of a "parent generation." Then again, he might be referring to when they were released...which is stupid, as people are still making text adventures. They're just a little more...artsy.
  2. As someone who's only recently devoted himself completely to the Metroid series, I'm playing through both Metroid Prime and Super Metroid at the same time. I've beaten Zero Mission and Fusion...I figure it's time to try the originals. BTW, the original metroid = too hard for me. As in, I'm a freaking wuss. However, as I'm not averse to spoilers, I've been watching this debate unfold, and I have one thing to say (that has possibly been already said; meh, that's something that happens often anyway): Metroid's story is often best when left to the imagination of the player. I love Prime, and my English-major senses are quite enjoying the scanning; however, the lack of an overt story in Super Metroid is awesome in the way it allows the player to fill in the blanks, such as: Why is Kraid revived? What is Ridley doing, completely organic again? What is this Crocomire thing and why can't I kill it the normal way? What the FREAKING HECK is Phantoon? The story is there, behind the gameplay, and Metroid is awesome because it DOESN'T overload the player. The fact that there's no other sentient life forms on Tallon IV (that, you know, don't attack you) increases the feeling that you're a part of the story. The immersiveness. Knowing the story (I had the player's guide when I got Prime, and never played it; but I did read the whole guide and have followed the series through Wikipedia; Again, I'm a freaking wuss), I'm still immersed completely into Prime. And I'm sure that when I skip Prime 2 to buy 3, I'm still going to be immersed, even knowing the plot beforehand. Because the story told through the player's mind is awesome enough, without overt storytelling. With all that in mind, Fusion was my first (and favorite) Metroid of the series. Again, I'm a freaking wuss.
  3. Yes, because Totakeke can summon three animals that change when you press down-B! Oh wait, no... And the fact that Sakurai explicitly stated that Totakeke will appear at 8 o'clock on Saturdays means to me that he WON'T be a playable character. But then again, this is my opinion. I love AC, and I expect an AC character to show up (probably a generic man/woman character, with shovel/axe/fishing rod/net attacks), just not Totakeke. After all, if K.K. Slider was a character, what attacks would he have?
  4. Except that we already know that he's featured in the background of a stage. Which is why I don't think he'll be a playavble character.
  5. Hey, man, that's the first thing I thought of. I'd be SO happy if Wart was the final/near-final boss.
  6. No, that'd be too low quality for these sticklers. BTW, I enjoyed the music. As I've only gotten to level 3 on Icarus on VC, I've heard this music alot. And, to my untrained ears, it sounds quite awesome.
  7. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    To beat Kent, I had a lot of luck. And items. And I didn't know you could put him to sleep, so I had to master the defense button pretty well. And this was just after beating LavaLava Island. Mario is now exceptionally poor.
  8. I seriously almost cried when Dobby died. I loved that little house-elf. I was so happy with Kreacher, though. The turnaround was amazing, and Harry seemed to finally understand why Hermione always tried to be nice to the elf. Overall, an amazing modern epic of our time. That, plus the heavy Christian themes make me all warm inside.
  9. I dunno why, but I feel like God led me to this essay tonight. Thanks. I needed it. I'll be prayin'. God Bless and good luck. From what I hear about marriage, you'll need it.
  10. Yeah, uh, the whole idea with launching Smash Brothers with the Wii was that they'd make Melee online compatible and release it without any changes. The change came when Miyamoto asked Sakurai if he wanted to make a new one; he did, and then started development on Brawl. There was no way that Brawl was ever going to be a launch title; Smash Brothers could have been, but it wouldn't have been Brawl.
  11. Pray tell, what symbol are you talking about? The one we already discussed many, many pages ago, where it wasn't even close to any Fire Emblem symbol? I mean, yes, it's quite possible that it's a fire emblem stage, but we don't know for sure.
  12. Meta Knight. Meta Knight, Meta Knight, Meta Knight.
  13. Plus, Olimar's an inch tall. That doesn't bode well against characters like Bowser.
  14. Yes, because anyone without your opinion is obviously of a lesser intelligence. Not that I don't agree that the updates are awesome, I just think you're a tool for saying that.
  15. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    There's this place called Costco...they have cheap, bulk batteries...yeah. I've barely run through two or three packages since I bought the Wii.
  16. I like the new one. Mostly for the Mr. T and Chuck Norris jokes. I only stopped getting it because I grew up and went to college.
  17. But they have Frostys, so that makes up for it. And Spicy Chicken Sandwiches that are actually somewhat spicy.
  18. I would play that. I would play the heck out of that.
  19. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    If they still rock, they haven't been milked dry. There's still milk left in them. Enough with the milk analogies!
  20. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    I agree, it's not getting nearly enough hype.
  21. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    If only I had money...
  23. But I agree, this thread is getting kind of old and it's getting very repetitive.
  24. Zup

    Nintendo Wii

    Well, after seeing some Super Paper Mario reviews, I figured it was time to buy it. So I did. From Amazon.com (which gets it in the 13th), for only $45 (free shipping). I dunno about you guys, but new games for anything below $50 is pretty amazing by my standards.
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