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  1. This is definitely a great mix, and the orchestration & sample quality are superb, but I would have been happier with it if the eighth note in the Schala's Theme part was correct. It's too low in pitch, which distracts me from the rest of the song while it's playing. :/ -steve
  2. No, actually you hit the nail on the head. The song is entirely default FL settings. I've been getting away from that lately with some better samples, but this particular song was mostly due to laziness on my part. Thanks for the review. -steve
  3. The intro is the main tune with heavy processing. And yes, the main instrument is an acoustic. Thanks for the review. -steve
  4. Good lord, this is absolutely gorgeous. Exceptional work, deim0s. Damn you. Cellos play a part in one of my works in progress and now everyone will have something better (yours) to compare them to. -steve
  5. If you're talking about Phalanx, I did a death metal remix of that stage that I need to re-record (guitars are muddy, drums muddy, bass muddy, basically it's fucked). If you want to hear the prelim version that was twice rejected (first two versions) from OCR, go here: ftp://ocr:ocr@ It's in "my mp3s/remixes". -steve
  6. The hardest boss for me would have to be Miguel in Chrono Cross. Of course, that's because I have two black innates in the party and his two whitey spells in a row usually kill both of them immediately. So far the EASIEST boss I've seen would have to be Shaft from Castlevania SOTN, especially if you're equipped with the *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* ...shield rod and the right shield. -steve
  7. You're supposed to shoot that varmint in the back. -steve
  8. Yep, my Audio Links post should probably be in here where it's more appropriate. -steve