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  1. * giggles * Yes. You start playing the record, then wail on it with drum sticks while recording.
  2. Skrypnyk does glitchy stuff if I remember right.
  3. Because of my derpitude. I was zoomed in to sample level, where that spike looks like a gentle slope, and to compound it I was looking for large discontinuities. But you're right, that's where the issue is. Thanks for solving the mystery for me.
  4. I need to explain this a little better than I did. The problem isn't sound card latency or any of that--I re-recorded the part and it was fine. The problem is that I'm looking at a smooth wave form that has inexplicable noise in it which can't be seen. I snipped out part of the file and listened to it on another computer, ruling out hardware issues. I think Moseph hit it on the head. For whatever reason, some sound artifacts can't be seen even at the sample level. I'm just curious as to why this is.
  5. This is very strange. I recorded a bass through my soundcard and it came out fine, except at various places in the recording there are pops like the ones you hear when your CPU is lagging. But when I open the file in a wave editor, I can zoom to the sample level and find no spikes or discontinuity at all. This is a very pure waveform, so any problems should be easy to spot. I cut out one of the suspect areas and saved it to a new file, and the pop is still there, and still no evidence that there should be one. Does anyone know what could be happening?
  6. "@MegaclownMusic Stealing Jimmy Hinson's song and slapping your name on it makes you a fucking douchebag, you fucking douchebag. DiaF." I didn't leave room for a hashtag, but let's try to trend something like #megaclownmusicisaplagiarist
  7. You're a troll, aren't you? It's the only logical explanation.
  8. It's like arguing with a fucking brick wall. First, that's still not a study. Second, even if that poll were actually a study, it still didn't address your unfounded assertion: Better luck next time, Sparky.
  9. Repost all you like. It's still not a study. Hell, it doesn't even attempt to draw conclusions. No, no, you wanted a discussion of the topic, and I'm discussing it. Unless you really meant "does sexism exist in games, and are games aimed primarily at male gamers?" In which case, yes. I guess we're done here. On the other hand, if you want to know what should be done about it: stop buying the games and let the publishers know why. Until it's more profitable for them to remove the sexism than to leave it in place, you're just pissing in the ocean.
  10. A blind assertion backed by zero data doesn't really constitute a "study."
  11. And I look forward to reading the study that shows this link. Like I said.
  12. I look forward to reading the study that shows this link. Where might I find it? Also I agree wholeheartedly with the topic. Look at how Ms. Pac Man clearly resembles a boob. You aren't fooling anyone, Namco! That's sexist. MY Shepard has always been (and always will be) female.
  13. You're either illiterate or stupid, perhaps a bit of both.
  14. Everything I said is 100% correct. As Darangen mentioned, perhaps Sonic's issue is a noisy amp, which I had not considered. But that doesn't change a word of what I wrote. As I've been playing guitar since before you were born, I'm sticking by it.
  15. You're high. Rigor Dance is my worst remix ever. Default FL sounds FTL!

  16. Real-time noise gates are about as useful as sustain pedals. If your problem is open strings making sympathetic noise while you play, a NG isn't going to fix that. Learn to mute. If your problem is live noise when you aren't playing, but other band members are playing, also learn to mute if you don't want to use the volume knob. If the problem is pickup noise, get better pickups or cables and aim your guitar away from EM radiation. If, however, you just want to silence your guitar between string hits while you're recording, a VST NG will do the job live or during mixing just as well. Otherwise it comes down to proper right-hand technique.
  17. *clever comment placeholder, remember to edit this later*
  18. How dare you, sir. The jokes are stale and the single-player is like 5 hours long. I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. I'm getting lots of good ideas. Keep them coming. On the subject of RPGs, he's played through Link's awakening with help from Gamefaqs, and is currently stuck on Great Greed. I'm going to get him hooked on SoM and Chrono Trigger soon. He's beaten Sword of Mana on the GBA a couple of times. Would Earthbound be good for his age? I've never played it.
  19. Hundreds of answers is fine. I just want to pick games that will be challenging for him but not too hard. I don't know what's suitable for 8 because at 8 I was still on Atari 2600.
  20. Please recommend me some games for a smart 8-year-old. We have a Wii, GB (mono), GBA, DS, PSP, PS3, X360, Dreamcast, PSX, 3DO, and emulators for other systems. He was big into the Humongous adventure games but obviously outgrew them.
  21. Hi, Dr. Nyk! But seriously, these "recommend musics plz" threads are strange. The correct answer to all of them is to search the genre on wiki and find the list of popular artists in that genre, then hit youtube to listen to the ones you don't know. Youtube will lead you to more obscure artists along the same lines.