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  1. I had a similar problem with an old computer. I don't remember what was causing it, but I do remember my workaround: render the part that's dropping notes by itself, then import that as a wav back into FL.
  2. What's the bluescreen error message? You should be able to look at Event Log under "System" entries for the last time it happened to get the info.
  3. http://neutronstar.org/music/whatgame.mp3 After that part it goes up by half an interval and does some other stuff, but I don't remember what. And it's probably in the wrong key entirely, but this is really all I can remember right now. I could have sworn it was from Demon's Crest but I can't find it on the soundtrack. My hazy memory says it's played with the ubiquitous SNES string sounds, so chances are that's the game's platform.
  4. The intro is actually very similar to a song off SH2--same notes, different lengths and not quite the same pattern. I never noticed until I played the SH2 one on the guitar for one of my CotMM collaborations.
  5. I use whatever I have at hand until the composition is done, or mostly done, then try out different presets or VSTs until I narrow down something that sounds good, then tweak settings until I like it. I've also started with a blank patch and built up the elements I knew I wanted (i.e., waveform, ADSR settings, portamento, etc.), but frankly that way is for people less lazy than I am. It depends on how much work you want to put into it and whether you're happy with your final sound or need to shape it further.
  6. The truss rod is not for adjusting action. Don't touch it.
  7. Beautiful music mixed with heavier stuff in the same song, or beautiful music from artists you wouldn't expect it from. Example: Flim from Aphex.
  8. For my serious responses to this question, see the other 18 "what guitar should I get?" threads.
  9. I would have found that after more than the literally 3 minutes I spent playing with it (just to make sure everything worked right), but thanks for the pointer. My complaint about cartoony roundness was mainly a swipe at gol and his drive to make things "look professional" while he continues to pimp out Fruit-Chan et. al.
  10. True. Loud is loud, regardless of where you set your brickwall. Unless you're Beethoven, you'll need your ears to make music.
  11. Try it without Pitcher enabled. I changed to my card's ASIO driver and 48KHz in the middle of listening, and FL forced me to reload the song...at which point it disabled the demo plugins. I don't like the singer's generic voice anyway, but it got a lot better without the random pitch bullshit. I simultaneously like and hate the piano roll overhaul. I like the on-note velocity display and relative brightness linked to velocity, but I hate the cartoony Apple-inspired roundness of the notes and the fact that the relative brightness is actually a little too subtle to be of much use to me. I liked the fact that the pattern blocks that were supposed to disappear in this version are still around, likely due to the massive amount of bitching on the forums (not just IL, but also KVR, etc.). "Precomputed Effects" have been legacy since at least v5 and they're still around, so who knows. v10 also seems a bit quicker all around, but I won't know for sure until I load and play around with some of my last few large projects.
  12. "Congratulations ! We Dared. You Shared. You won. February 14th 2011 114 Countries. 35,000 hits. 103,000 combined views. Multiple records broken. In 7 days you have left your mark on the history of the internet, and made a lot of people happy" Woot. For the record, I do not plan on using a dongle. But it is nice to have a legit license for such a powerful chunk of animation software. I wonder how well it integrates with Blender...
  13. That's my attitude. I always laugh at suggestions that I listen to my final mix in mono to make sure there are no problems. I listen to music in stereo, and I'm not mixing it for grandma's old 8-track with a missing speaker. And yes, I'm aware that's not what mono means, but then again I don't give a shit.
  14. I know there are a few animation enthusiasts here. MessiahStudio 5 is conducting an experiment similar to a group buy. If they meet their (admittedly undefined) goal of license sales, it's $10 for the regular version and $40 for the pro version (normally about $500 and $1200 respectively). If they don't meet the goal, everyone gets a refund: http://www.projectmessiah.com/x6/shop.html I was skeptical when my brother told me about this, but the company has been in business for a decade, appears to be doing well enough financially (i.e., this doesn't look like a desperate money grab before bankruptcy) and has happy customers. I'm in for a Pro license. Caveats: it's just an animation (kinematics, rigging, rendering) suite. You'd have to create the models in a separate program and import them. Supposedly you can do this in Blender for free, but I haven't looked into it. The program also uses a dongle (license can be installed to any USB key) for copy protection, so you'd be giving up a port just to run it. This experiment has been likened to viral marketing, but it seems more like word-of-mouth marketing. Full disclosure: I have no affiliation with anyone from the company at all. I do think it's a great deal and definitely want a full license myself.
  15. ^ This. And: ^ That. I hate JRPGs. And I really hate FF, so my tastes probably won't align with yours. But CT was fantastic, as was Secret of Mana. Either will run perfectly on SNES9X on pretty much any platform you have. If you like tactics games, or even if you don't (I don't), anything from the Disgaea series is awesome. It's hard to describe in a short post, but the humor is very accessible even while being very Japanese for the most part. All the games give you the option to hear the original Japanese voiceovers with subs, or dubbed in English. The storylines are decent, the music is great and the leveling system is incredibly complex, yet with easy-to-grasp basics. I spent about 150 hours each in the first two games on the PSP and am around 10 hours in on the third, for PS3 (also on PSP, actually, thanks to Remote Play).
  16. I was being sarcastic. IL keeps removing or changing features for no discernible reason; it would not shock me greatly if they removed piano roll entirely. Yes, I'm one of those people. I prepared for it by refusing to update farther (once they've removed blocks, anyway), and disassembling the executable to hack non-shit colors back in (in progress, I'm lazy) since gol made that change based on one single idiot user's mistake. Whether you think it's ridiculous or not, I'm not going to shut up about it. Fuck gol. On the plus side, blocks will remain through v10, so at least I got a little more for my money. -steve
  17. I wasn't aware of it because the new forums blow and IL hardly ever sends me email updates. Did they take away the piano roll yet? -steve
  18. Control for selecting multiple notes, Alt for making small adjustments. -steve
  19. Windows only, unless you can compile C# somewhere else and get it to run. Requires an X360 wireless USB receiver for your PC; I got mine for like $8 at dealextreme. This was my method: 1. download the source from http://drop.io/360mididrummer EDIT: drop.io sold all its assets to facebook and I have no idea where the original author put his stuff. Here's a tutorial that uses his software: http://pctutorialsonline.net/index.php/guitar-hero-world-tour-drums-on-pc.html ...and here's a mirror of the software: http://goo.gl/mSRzc (different pages for bin and src) 2. edit frmMain.Designer.cs and search for "productid". Change ProductID and VendorID like this: this.usbGHWT360Drums.ProductId = 657; this.usbGHWT360Drums.VendorId = 1118; ...and save the changes. 3. compile the new source. I recommend the Mono C# compiler. Run xbuild.exe from within lib/mono/3.5 against PS360Drum.csproj in the source directory. If you can't find your way around a command prompt to do all this, then this method isn't for you. 4. Enjoy your working BH drumset. Sounds great. Pressure-sensitive drums that work well with BFD2, for way less than a real drum controller. They're probably not nearly as durable as the real thing, but then I'm not a real drummer. If you have drums (or any other kind of controller) from something else, you can still do this, but you need the product and vendor IDs from Device Manager. -steve
  20. Everything they said, and develop your ear by trying to figure out songs (not necessarily just guitar songs, but anything with a melody) without tablature. Playing things slowly with a metronome is very important to developing accurate fingering and timing skills. -steve
  21. In order from Awesome to Suck: 1. Amplitube 2 and 3 2. ReValver 3 (just about tied with #1) 3. Guitar Rig 4 23. Waves GTR srsly, what the fuck is this garbage doing on the list at all? GTR sounds turrible. -steve
  22. What zircon and snapple said, and also you'll learn a lot more about song construction if you break down the parts by ear. You can check sheet music afterward if you want to check accuracy. -steve
  23. Ask your brother to show you what he did with your song. There's no substitute for hands on experience. If you're having trouble getting the mix right because you keep concentrating on the loudness, try turning your speakers up so the final level isn't a factor to your brain, then mix the individual levels so everything's balanced the way you want, THEN turn your speakers back down and start adding effects. -steve