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  1. If he's using Apache without vhosts, it requires one word to be added to the conf file. /me nags DJP.
  2. All MST3K episodes are glorious. "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank" is the worst movie ever made, but surprisingly, some of the movies they make fun of really aren't that bad ("Clonus" springs to mind). As someone else mentioned, Joel and Mike's other respective projects are also worth checking out. I recommend the Rifftrax episode "Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny" because the movie itself is so ludicrous you'll be pissing yourself with laughter even before the guys start cracking jokes. The best thing is when they reference these old episodes a decade later, and if you've seen the originals you get the joke immediately. They referenced this one in a recent Rifftrax episode.
  3. I do. But I didn't write the songs he's asking about.
  4. Back when I was doing that, me and my friend/drummer were the only stable elements. If someone wanted to go get high instead of come to practice, that person was replaced ASAP so he could have even more free time to get high. We went through a lot of singers/guitarists/bass players and if we had stuck with it, we would have eventually formed a solid band. So if you're not finding people who meet your standards, keep looking.
  5. Maybe. "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters."
  6. I usually send them the satellite photo and floorplan diagram of their house. Contacting the guy's mom to let her know her kid is plagiarizing someone else's work is not vigilante justice.
  7. This is a very common literary device. Bradbury made it a point to write every single day from about 1931 until his death. I think he may have had some idea of how grammar worked.
  8. If I hadn't closed my FB account years ago I would totally like your wife. Wait, that sounded bad.
  9. Sometimes 1, sometimes 15. I've never averaged it.
  10. Does Omnisphere have an "offline" or "bounce to disk" option?
  11. I would tell him that real attorneys use certified mail, not email, and that they also don't type "alright." I would follow that by telling him to go fuck himself. That's just me, though. EDIT after reading other comments: first, you can be certain someone from there is already reading this thread as people almost certainly looked at their site by clicking the link here. Second, I am ready to register prophetikdotcomsucksballs.com depending on the outcome. Keep us posted.
  12. My Dreamcast was $50 brand new when Sega discontinued it and everyone was in a hurry to get it off their shelves. That said, I'd probably pay $80 for another one if it broke. Best system evar. Also Jews might not like your implication.
  13. A lot of my early work was mixed with Audition, which means I'd probably have to reinstall it to mix down to wave. And Audition is crap. Can I just set Winamp to record-to-wav mode and send you those? [space for facepalm here] Actually some of my very early work was in Screamtracker. If I could get that to work on Win7 I could render wav files for you... EDIT: looks like I switched to Impulse Tracker some time before I submitted my first remix. Here are the original files, which you can render to wav with Winamp (no, seriously this time), or look at with a tracker if you're interested in how I constructed them: Final Fantasy: http://neutronstar.org/music/FFREMIX.IT Koudelka (bonus ReMoved mix!): http://neutronstar.org/music/KOUDELKA.IT Moon Patrol: http://neutronstar.org/music/MOONPTRL.IT FF9 Qu's Marsh: http://neutronstar.org/music/QU.IT
  14. "For owners of the original Shreddage with KONTAKT 4!" So it would seem it's an expansion which requires the full version of Kontakt.
  15. I can't give you tips on electronic setup or anything since I've only played guitar in a bar band, but I can give you some general advice: never stop playing unless something goes catastrophically wrong (power loss, speaker failure, fire). If you make a mistake, chances are no one's going to notice it if you plow through and keep playing. True story: my drummer stepfather was playing on some cheap temporary canvas stage that was slowly collapsing under his kit. He ended the song almost lying down, but he didn't stop playing.
  16. This is true. The only drive failure I've had was a WD, but then I have multiple other WDs that are about 20 years old and still working great. Your best bet is to invest in multiple drives and go RAID or regularly back up one to the other. -steve
  17. Those events were pretty clearly the result of bugs in the game. Many people, including myself, didn't get that. And yeah, that specific character was in my party.
  18. And go pick up a copy of Computer Music at the bookstore for the DL DVD full of free stuff that comes with every issue.
  19. http://stevepordon.bandcamp.com/album/embers
  20. * giggles * Yes. You start playing the record, then wail on it with drum sticks while recording.
  21. Skrypnyk does glitchy stuff if I remember right.