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  1. I don't start a track because I want to write one, I start a track because there's some musical element in my head that I want to get out. I would suck in a (musical) job with deadlines.
  2. They will try to vote under the radar, probably in the dead of night. Don't let the dirty fuckers get away with it.
  3. Thank you for convincing me that this is the perfect game.
  4. I've heard a shitpile of terrible wubwub dubstep, but there's lots of good stuff out there too. Like any other genre.
  5. Let's say I have a song and would like to legally use a sample from a movie that was out decades ago but is still protected by copyright (because the copyright system in the US is broken). I cannot legally record the sample and use it in my song, but would I still need a mechanical clearance to re-record the sample with an original speaking performer? Example (this isn't the one I want, just a well-known soundbite): assume I want a sample of HAL9000 saying "I can't do that, Dave" in my song. If I were to sing this line as part of the lyrics, it would be legally fine. If I were to sample the line from the movie it would be a copyright violation. What if I were to get someone to speak the line into a mic, mimicing the original? For music samples this requires a mechanical reproduction license. For the text, this is a little more cloudy. I would prefer to hear from people who are in the music business and have dealt with these issues specifically, rather than from people who speculate. I can speculate all day long, but would like some hard data.
  6. Legion303

    Forza 4

    So as not to keep hijacking Brushfire's vinyl/paint thread, I'm starting this one for FM4 racers to exchange gamertags and whatnot for online play. Super-Duper Sombrero, do you race with a wheel? I keep not catching up to you in Rivals mode.
  7. I have a few designs, all free (no pictures, but they're on my storefront). Add me if you want to race too: Legion3o3 (small o, not zero). SDS, what's your GT? Anyone else who wants to race, let me know or add me.
  8. D'Addario standard 9s on the electric, 11s steel or nylon on the acoustic. I don't use a pick.
  9. What music software requires Win7? If you're going to stick with older equipment, especially the soundcard, you'd better stick with an OS you know is well-supported with drivers. Otherwise you'll end up with a broken M-Audio piece of shit like I did.
  10. You have an odd idea of what constitutes "story."
  11. Maybe. But I wasn't a kid when Planescape: Torment came out, and it remains the best game I've ever played. Nothing released since has even come close. RPGs need to be story and character driven, and if they're not much of either (like the truly disappointing DA games), then I fail to see the point of playing. The nearest thing I got to PT in recent memory was a game that wasn't really an RPG and arguably not exactly a game: the story- and character-driven Heavy Rain.
  12. I wrote up something on getting the 360 RB1 drums working in Windows a while back: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=31944 Velocities seem to work well, but I'm not sure how many levels there are.
  13. Final Fantasy. Ironic, since I've already done two or three of them. Why? Because I don't really like Nobuo and I've already done the only songs I really liked from the series that haven't already been remixed to death.
  14. Pretty cool overall. I would like to hear a more reverb-y snare, though, as the main one you're using sounds very dry. The transition between the first and middle sections was also too jarring...I think a longer bridge or even just some instrument dropping for a bar or two would make it less so.
  15. Legion303

    Defcon 19?

    You all missed an awesome time.
  16. On the other hand, z3ta+ v2.0 is coming soon. So yeah.
  17. Legion303

    Defcon 19?

    I realize there's barely any overlap between my various communities, but is anyone else from OCR going to DC19? I fly out Wednesday night, return the following Monday, and I'm speaking at Skytalks on Saturday at 1pm if anyone wants to hear about defeating high security locks.
  18. ProTip: youtube generally puts similar things in the sidebar. You couldn't have picked a better subgenre than psytrance. Also look up Goa, a similar branch. It doesn't get any better than Man with No Name, and older Infected Mushroom (new too, it's just not really psytrance anymore). EDIT: If you're familiar with Teleport, you'll see how clever this remix is.
  19. 1. Don't be lazy. 2. If your timing isn't accurate enough to lay down at least 4 identical tracks with no discernible delay between the same note on different tracks, practice more.
  20. I liked Amplitube 2, but 3 is a little harsh sounding, somehow. I am a huge fan of Revalver III, which sounds dead-on. As well it should, since Peavey makes real amps and knows what they're doing modeling-wise. I've never liked Guitar Rig except for some of the interesting synth-type effect you can use in real time with it, and Wave GTR just plain sucks. If you have to plunk down money and can't get a real amp for whatever reason, check out Revalver III. It sounds awesome right out of the box. Yes, that is a generally accurate comment.