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  1. Fairly typical techno-sounding piece.. nothing outstanding, but it's pretty solid. Sounds a lot like another remix, as mentioned before, but that's not a bad thing if you like the style. Will make my regular playlist, just because I enjoy the way it sounds.
  2. Well-done electronica song for being one of the first remixes around, including an ambient section with vocal support. Nothing too outstanding, however, and it ends up being a fairly mediocre piece. Not on my regular playlist.
  3. Surprisingly (or not), the god of nice work is a remixer as well! Anyway, now to the song. Very different from DJP's version of it, with a piano lead and a minimized orchestra for support. It's a piece that seems to take itself seriously, but to me it wanders a bit from its purpose (whatever that may be). Nice song, but not among my favorites.
  4. High quality techno - that's about all I can say about this piece. Nice voice clips, too. Not my style, but people that like the genre will probably love this.
  5. Not that bad of a song, but to me there's a few quality issues. Maybe that's intentional, yet it seems to reduce the overall potential of the song. The fadeout at the end may be fairly unoriginal, but in this case it serves its purpose well enough. Borderline as to whether it'll make my regular playlist; I'll have to listen to it a few more times.
  6. I agree with mDuo13 on all accounts. Not really comparable to most songs done today, but a reference point in remixing history. The title's definitely fitting, at any rate.
  7. Very nice piece that's fairly laid back throughout, and much better than his first go-round. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the melody from 1:54-2:32 and 3:31-4:08 seems too loud to me, but that's probably just because of my headphones. It's almost certainly going on my regular listening list.
  8. Short and fairly uninspiring remix; little bit o' funk in it, similar to a lot of other earlier DJP works in that regard but without a lot of the soul. At least it's loopable.
  9. Bit more of the East than South in this song, as mentioned before. Very laid back in the beginning, then it picks up the pace a bit, eventually coming into a nice bit just before 2:00. The song changes a good deal, even if it may not feel that way at times because it seems so short at the end. To me, this song paints the picture of a traveler on the road, dusty and tired but with an iron will. Something that I'd like to listen to on a daily basis, but not constantly.
  10. Lots of synth stuff in the first half, and lots of funk in the second after it slows down (but with a lot of the same instruments). It's a bit quick on fading away, though. Dunno how this compares to the original, but if you like other songs by Mazedude, you'd probably like this one as well.
  11. A classical windfall here for those that like orchestral music, with some minor clipping problems preventing it from rising to perfection. Nothing really unexpected here, just a great-sounding symphony: brass are particularly strong, and there's even a fairly prevalent harp in the second half.
  12. Definitely an urban tune, with lots of scratching and a little random shouting. I've never heard the original, so I can't comment on how much of it shows up, but it's generally a basic beat/bass/lead song that, if you like the fairly harsh feeling, you won't mind listening to.
  13. To be honest, I don't like this song all that much, due to the stop-starts and the overall feel of it. The song itself is a solid piece, with nothing really wrong with it; it's just not something for me. Nice for fans of this particular style of music, at least.
  14. It's a nice piece, if a bit loud. Not too much funk, but it's there - and the melody's quite varied, as others mentioned before. Nice bass and drums, which seem to be the highlights of the song regardless of which instrument has the lead. Not my favorite, but it'll probably make it to my regular playlist. Edit: Over time this has become one of my favorite remixes (probably my favorite non-orchestral); when I first reviewed it I had only listened to it a few times, but now this song is permanently on my playlist.
  15. When I first began listening to this, it sounded quite fitting to the genre - and this song takes a lot of very unusual electronic effects and manages to make a great piece out of all of it. There's several breaks in the music throughout, and at 3:10 it changes into something completely different, a serene, soothing piece that's worthy of its own title; and all the while it still uses sounds similar to what's found in the first section. Not something I'd listen to daily, but worth checking out at least once or twice for the comedic effect of the first section and the calming melody at the end.
  16. This is definitely a unique piece at OCR, being a ReMix done by the song's original composer. This is a fairly repetitive and not too complex song, with the bass opening up and running the entire length of it. Various synth instruments join in at different times, compiling it into a theme that fans of the genre and/or the original game would probably like, but it's not suggested for everyone else.
  17. A pretty short remix, yet it still seems to drag at some points. A not too spooky and somewhat melancholy ambient song.. almost loopable, except that it ends on an off-beat. It does seem like something's missing, but I do suppose you could use it for Halloween at least.
  18. Awesome song! About time Robo got a remix. The orchestral break and ending could almost be remixes by themselves too.
  19. I'd like to add that there is a visual.. erm.. addition that goes in time with the music. About the same amount of sanity in it as well. http://www.mortisland.com/Mario.htm
  20. Very nice and calming piece overall. Starts with an almost etheral version of Memories of Green (the overworld theme), leading with a flute while the wind continues with the piano in the background, then has a few strings take over the main melody at 1:13. The strings stay in, moving to the base rhythm of the song at 2:10. At 2:24 the pace picks up with the main Chrono Trigger theme entering over top of what's already there. It continues through to the end of the song, which finishes on a slightly repetitive rhythm.