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  1. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't of said but yes, can see a similarity. Delightful remix, I always thought of Song of Storms as a nicely comical piece but the orchestral arrangement of it was quite beautiful. Requiem of spirit and Song of storms were lovely ocarina tunes, and you mde Bolero sound much better too. Triumphant work!
  2. I can't explain it but.. this song has such emotion in it! Robo Robo Robo! I loved the main theme so it must have been residual with me but I think this adds something else somehow with the lyrics. (Robo was in my final party with Crono and Lucca.. I only played through it once, he was definitely something special).
  3. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Um, yeah, definitely creative... what were you smoking when you came up with those lyrics?
  4. Well well, I had heard a lot about the (in)famous Prot on the forums so I had to have a listen to his work.. this has indeed impressed me though beyond all expectations. Forest Birdcussion was not quite my cup of tea but this, has such energy and lovely use of synth instruments, really creating an atmosphere worthy of the evil King K.Rool.. well done sir.
  5. Jayson, I would love this to be playing at my wedding! Wonderful effort, and lovely emotion put into the piece, Wily salutes you!
  6. Orkybash, this is my favourite of the 'You're Not Alone!' OC Remixes. I still adore the original melody but this is a brave effort and certainly worthy, well done.
  7. I think Wingless almost didn't have to put his name on it for me to recognise it was his work, in the same tradition as One girl in all the world/All the world in one girl (the only others I have heard of his yet I suspect this is about to change), with the lovely vocals added by Destiny gave it tremendous feeling.
  8. Such a delight to listen to, I enjoyed this even more than your 'To Zanarkland Once Again' (that I first heard on rpgamer.com years ago). It has that touchingly sad melody combined with a certain inexplicable liveliness in parts that makes it quite bittersweet, wonderfully accentuated when it needs to be, well done sir.
  9. Maybe you need to amend it to 10/10, I think the timing is just screwed (in my playlist window it says 15:45) but the actual track length I'm sure is only 7:19 (unless this varies or something strange).
  10. Haha, that intro is great, funny stuff and more good old MM3 samples. Nice original take on the Needleman theme, very imaginative. It completely stays with the Spanish theme the whole way through, nice array of instruments included too, great work!
  11. I think the more I listen the more I like what I hear.. damn that bass is catchy. It's a refreshing take on the original (and great) Flashman theme, well done!
  12. I've enjoyed the fruits of Disco Dan's other work but this takes the cake. I'd always liked the original Hyrule Castle theme but this adds a cool new spin.. begins cautiously and builds nicely to a lively energetic pace that in my mind goes well with me imagining Link creeping through the castle with Zelda avoiding the guards, then the big crescendo at 4:14, wah! Compliments to Disco Dan, keep up the good work mate.
  13. I can feel the emotion in this piece, very aptly named. I don't know the original piece so I can't compare but this is certainly among my favourites on OC, up there with Pachelbel's Ganon. It's groovy, while maintaining the mood intended as the title suggests.. delightful.
  14. Wow.. I was blown away by this! If only they'd play this sort of stuff at nightclubs more often, hehe. The Wily theme was my favourite from MM2 and it's a vibrant, commendable reproduction. The flashman part has exceptional energy to it and the two themes meld extremely well together. This mix is definitely in my top few on OC.
  15. Of the 100+ remixes I've heard on this site, I'd rate this right at the top - stunningly beautiful and clever use of the Pachelbel theme with the lovely Zelda's lullaby melody. I still get goosebumps even after hearing it a hundred times. Congratulations on this site too DJP, a remarkable achievement.
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