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  1. Nice ambient intro.. and yes, I can definitely hear the Terminator theme at 0:52 like djp said I like parts of this mix but that synth guitar is a little too grating I think... it detracts somewhat from what is a pretty good arrangment.
  2. Just wanted to say, I'll miss Wingless... I was cracking up at: 'Black, blackety-black, black as hell and you're not, black as night, black as the bottom of a well, VGDJ, got to be black to call, got to be black to visit the site, black as hell, blackety black, I am black!' <3
  3. Come on Bubba, let's play some Bubble Bobble, Yeeeha! This is one of those great moments, where a famous individual can look back and say 'Yes, I was once there.. I did crazy things in my youth!' Of course since this djp has become a veritable prodigious talent, but I think this will always hold a special place to some of us.. on par with Music of my Groin
  4. Nah, I would just say you don't know the standards. This isn't the place to continue our discussion Larry and you know it, quit trying to bait me. P.S. Since I read the context in which this mix was created, I originally misheard the lyrics 'The sun's gone down on our parting hands' as 'The sun's gone down on our party games' haha.
  5. Given my recent commentaries on judging standard in an UnMod thread this is actually the kind of mix I would want to see on this site, but wouldn't expect to be passed. To tell you the truth, I was surprised at having this as a direct post. A spot of nepotism? There are parts of this I absolutely love.. Taucer's guitar, pixie's vocals, the lyrics themselves and zircon's arrangement. I'm already a fan of the theme itself (love Jivemaster's Lava Reach), so good choice. Truthfully I didn't like Shonen's voice either at first. But having listened to the track a few times it works ok. Worse though is the spoken part by D-Lux, I think it detracts somewhat from the whole feel of the 'cheesy love song' and tries to be too 'Real McCoy' as it were, heh. Despite some gripes, this is a fun mix and I really enjoy it. I'm glad you guys had a good time at your meetup! And re: bitching etc. Starblast basically summed up my view on that.
  6. This is definitely one of the better Link's Awakening mixes.. I've always loved the Wind Fish Ballad and it's a nice take on it with the heavy synth and bass that I love much more than Influence of Koholint. What really spiced it up were those little cookies contained within.. you listen and go 'omg that's Metalman!'.. the others were more subtle and only picked them up after listening a few times. This is a rockin mix, excellent work.
  7. At long last! Thanks Joyzilla, hope it gets implemented.
  8. djp again shows us why he is counted among the best of the best of remixers on OCR. The first half is beautiful, near-perfect use of the piano and excellent production. Then the mix kicks on at 1:53, gaining some energy as we hit the road. The only pity is he's much less prolific these days... keep the good tracks coming, mate.
  9. Great mix, love it. This is one of those tracks that really does get better with age just as Neomega said.. normally I don't go for this electronica genre but this is absolutely the best of its kind I've heard on OCR! It's repetitive without getting old and has a nice steady buildup to some really cool synth at 3:30-40ish, the true climax of the piece. Everything before 3:50 is gold.. it does peter out a somewhat after that but still rolls along nicely. Indeed, he is the Jive Master.. some great home-grown talent, hopefully next time not so long between drinks!
  10. Excellent I said to myself as I saw another Secret of Mana mix on the site.. I was sceptical reading DJP's comments though.. would it compare to something as magnificent as Pillar of Salt? It started a little quiet with the vocal, but had a nice mellow feel.. then 0:37 my ears recognise something familiar - hey-hey, that's Prophecy - and sharply distinct again at 0:49.. oh yes, I like what I'm hearing very much now. Prophecy was one of my favourites of the OST and this mix cetainly does justice with beautiful use of instruments, blended with a peaceful ambience and heartfelt vocals throughout - this is a track that makes my top list of mixes on OCR and I love to listen to it.. congratulations on a stellar job Harmony, easily your best piece yet.
  11. I can't wait for this... SD3 is one of my favourite OST's, good luck everyone.
  12. LOL, is Larry trying to do a Bill Cosby impression or is he always like that?
  13. I'm currently addicted to this song.. I usually go for much smoother orchestral pieces and I'm not generally appreciative of remixes in the industrial genre (encompassing most of COTMM's other work) but this is just great.. excellent use of the P.B. samples, the thickness/distortion just.. works for this piece. I enjoy the first half much more with the dark feel to it.. the solid start is intruiging and the pulsing rythym of the main theme brought in at 0:32 gets Magus's party started. The introduction of the new synth at 4:27 isn't the most pleasant sound but it works for the mix overall and gives it the energy it needs to bring it home. The mix overall is innovative and creates a dark mood with unique feel, nice work.
  14. There's no doubt, this sounds quite magnificent. There's some lovely arranging in there too, it's quite worthy of being played by a full orchestra. Darface may be onto something with the transitions though, they do sound a little forced. Regardless, the final tune employed 4:17-5:54 (Forest Maze?) is truly brilliant, I want to listen to that part over and over. Worthy of a djp direct post to be sure, well done!
  15. That's what this site needs more of.. Serious Sam mixes, especially Grand Cathedral. Anyway, like a lot of others, the 'Magus' theme jumped right out at me, very curious you'd not heard it before! Has a nice bass, suitably creepy atmosphere and a good tempo that likens it to some kind of ghostly pursuit.
  16. Even after a few listens this mix is still so mysterious.. whether it's the underlying fluttery piano in Wingless style or if it's just the arrangement itself, I felt something beautiful stir from beneath the warbles and fuzzes of the synth, almost like discovering swet pineapple beneath its coarse and spiny surface. It really is a piece you have to listen to closely and form an overall picture to appreciate, I believe. Great stuff.
  17. Man... this piece is awesome.. and you're from Brisbane too! I've heard some other local bands around here and you would kick their assess right off stage. A mate of mine is also a singer/songwriter and is trying to get into the scene too, he's been in a few comps and performances at some hotels, it's a shame cos most establishments just want bands to play covers. Even so, with this talent it's a travesty that jackers like those on Australian Idol get record contracts and you're finding it difficult. Perhaps if you found a good agent it would give you an opening. As for the song, well.. the rave reviews on this site speak for themselves, I can't add much more but to say this just rocks! Imaginative lyrics and kick-ass guitar, go Ken!
  18. Both of Faze's mixes are simply fantastic.. It's a shame he hasn't done more! Like a boat on an ocean this one, so peaceful and lovely arrangement.
  19. I just couldn't really get into this.. it is interesting experimentally but I can see what Malcos meant by his comments in the judges thread. Reminds me of a bad dream.. it's bad because I really love the original theme too and it just doesn't do it justice. Anachronism on the other hand I really enjoyed but can't say the same for this.
  20. Lovely slow melodic piece.. I had to check what turbid means in the dictionary, nice title. Lufia 2 was not a game I liked much but I did very much enjoy its music. It's as if this piece takes you on a bit of a journey, quite mysterious.. top effort!
  21. Review: Very relaxing guitar all the way through, reminds me of sitting in a cafe, with nice ambient guitar drifting through as I'm having a chat with friends or perhaps enjoying a game of chess. Almost the perfect background music!
  22. When I first heard this I was thinking, 'So what, the in-game music sounds like this anyway.' But upon a closer listen, wow, this really has been done up fantastically, tweaking that synth. That lead-in to Spark Mandrill at 4:14ish.. awesome! There's just a tremendous energy in this that never lets up and takes you on a real rollercoaster, great arrangment and a great piece to wake you up in the morning!
  23. Damn.. this is fantastic! I knew Star was already a genius after SingingRobot and his other stuff but he just continues to impress, phenomenal work!
  24. Pretty nice stuff, mellow.. I actually really enjoyed the phrenetic pace of the original Swivel theme (SD3 rulez) but this is quite a unique take on it. I have to agree with the judge analoq though, the guitar at 1:21 is a little jarringly loud but the rest is great.
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