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  1. Hey, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying 1000 Notes from DoD.  I forgot about the voting,so I didn't get a chance to reflect my love of the song there and knock you up a few places, but it's still a sweet remix!

  2. Congrats on the posted remix!

  3. Awesome mix from this round, by the way. I wish I could have voted for more than three so I could have voted for yours, too!

  4. Hey, I meant to tell you this sooner, but I loved your Gravity Bandits remix. You should finish it up and consider subbing it to OCR. But you should finish it up either way :)

  5. Hot damn, I just gotta say that "Chasing Waterfalls" may be my favorite track off the new DKC3 album -- which says a lot considering how much I love that album.

  6. Hey, it has been awhile!

    Excellent job so far against AMT! It's pretty close! I don't want to change my vote and piss anyone off, but I hope you do well!

  7. Really? I thought I sounded more like an overbearing coach. Cheerleader is probably better, though.

  8. Congrats on second place in the ReMixing with the Stars. It was DAMN close!!

  9. Nice remix in the Sonic compo!!

  10. Anoplophora sounds better than ever on Maverick Rising, especially in all its lossless glory. Keep 'em coming!

  11. Loved your Frost Walrus remix on Maverick Rising. Hope to see you in the next Mega Man compo!!

  12. Insecta Robotica = Remixa Terrifica. Thanks for the musical goodness (again).

  13. String Chamellotron is one of the best tracks from Maverick Rising, IMO. Nice work.

  14. Nice to see that you signed up for the Street Fighter compo! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Good luck!

  15. Awesome, I'll be eagerly awaiting both!!

  16. Hey were you planning on making lossless versions of your WCRG songs available for download? I would really love Electric Sleep as a FLAC!!

  17. Hey, I'm not expecting it to be next week. But most of the time, mixers never finish their songs in these kinds of circumstances. I'm just here to try to get you to go the other way.

  18. I really mean it. You gotta finish your final WCRG mix. Ya just gotta.

  19. Kind of. It's northeast of Minneapolis. I'm about ten minutes from downtown.

  20. Yup, up here in Crystal, a Minneapolis suburb.

  21. You're welcome! It's great to see mixers progress so much! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with for your next round!

  22. I meant to ask you earlier: do you have the lyrics to your GRMRB 2011 entry "Encapsulated Heat"?

  23. Hey, just wanted to say that "Windswept Bubbles" is an awesome track, and still one of my favorites from the GRMRB. Wish you could've advanced in place of someone who didn't submit anything in round 2, but it is what it is.

    Hope to see more stuff from you in the future!!

  24. Hey, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know to vote for yourself in your match against AeroZ, otherwise none of your votes will count!

    Really loving your entries, by the way, too!!

  25. Don't forget to vote on the other match ups in the GRMRB!! Wouldn't want your vote for WillRock to not count on such a close battle.

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