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  1. That isn't the first time he's said that about a mix in this compo. See here. That's the way he's spoken throughout the competition, so I don't think he was being specifically harsh towards you in his manner of speaking. He was, though, publicly registering his disappointment with the quality your submissions of this year's competition (which I personally disagree with - most of your tracks were excellent). I think his doing so in his usual edgy style made it very much seem like a personal attack on you, which it really wasn't, as far as I can tell. Still, everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion, I guess.
  2. I think we're all forgetting the point of this activity.... So really, it's not who wins or loses; it's about how many mixes are created.
  3. I can't believe we're at the final match already. It was amazing when the competition first started and we were getting more awesome mixes than we knew what to do with. A part of me doesn't want the competition to end because of all the great songs that come out every week. Then I remind myself about the Maverick competition starting this fall/winter, and about next year's GRMRB, and I get excited again. I also want to encourage everyone to return to future competitions. Even if you didn't get a chance to complete a mix or you didn't make it past the first or second round, that could change next time around, and there are MANY songs I regularly listen to from remixers that didn't advance past Round 2. Even songs that I didn't care for terribly because they felt incomplete or just weren't in my tastes still display an immense amount of talent from the artist, and I want to hear more. Good luck to prophetik and WillRock in the finals!
  4. Everyone channel your enthusiasm into the Maverick compo!!
  5. Not true. Only if you do not vote in all of the matches of the current round does your vote not count. Since there is only one match this round, your vote counts.
  6. Enter next year's GRMRB and the Maverick battle this fall!! You had some amazing stuff this time, and we want to see more!
  7. You've come SO much farther In this competition already than the last two (2010 GRMRB and Maverick). Even if you lose to WillRock, you have to feel good that you constantly improve. Keep entering these compos so we can keep getting more stuff from you.
  8. Need MOAR remixes from you!! Seriously, I loved all of your entries. PLEASE make more and post them in the WIP board
  9. I was more responding to this sentence: And I wasn't thinking of any of your past actions. I wasn't really thinking of anyone doing this. That sentence just sounded like it was loaded with some prejudice against the more familiar names like prophetik and WillRock. If none was intended, great. My statement wasn't necessarily directed at you, just the sentiment that struck me when I read that sentence.
  10. So yeah, not voting is the same as if you voted for everyone, except you don't have to deal with Darke getting mad at you.
  11. I would think she'd be happy to know that you make music at least some of the time, since that's an actual marketable job skill.
  12. Pretty raunchy stuff you're into, not even telling your mom about it. What does she think you do for hours up in your room alone? EDIT: You know I'm just poking fun, right?
  13. I don't think he'll vote for two reasons: 1. It's after the deadline. While that hasn't completely stopped him before since he's the moderator... 2. The votes are so close that some may cry foul if he votes for his brother, but it may also cause unnecessary complications if he votes the other way and causes a tie. Also, Neblix would tell his mom.
  14. Very close battle! Well fought by both sides!! Sad to see Pixelwave go, but hopefully we'll hear some more stuff from him in the future. Make sure you bring your A-game to the next round, Neblix!!
  15. So, Neblix has a one vote advantage right now. Will anyone vote and cause a tie?? EDIT: Nevermind, voting ended already
  16. It was a strongly worded reminder. If you vote before the deadline, awesome. It was meant to remind people that didn't vote in both matches in case they didn't already know. The "pissed" part comes from other people after the voting ends.
  17. Once again, everyone needs to vote in BOTH MATCHES. Let's not have another shit storm where one voter wins because votes were counted, k? EDIT: apparently, I can't think of the right words. Should have been "mixer" instead of "voter". I've already had a long day, so please forgive the typo.
  18. You paid your dues with that first round match up against Gario. Your second round mix was stellar enough to advance on its own merits, so you really didn't need the free pass of a default win. Looking forward to the Mega Man finals
  19. FYI - The opinion is precedent only so long as SCOTUS wishes it to remain so. They could overturn it tomorrow if they so chose. Just because the California law was invalidated, doesn't mean that future laws won't be able to restrict access of violent games to minors. While the holding was 7-2, two justices concurred in judgment only (Roberts and Alito), finding that had the law not been unconstitutionally vague, they wouldn't have supported overturning it. A read through the concurrence demonstrates their opposition to violent video games, and had the law been written better, the outcome may have been different. The California law was very poorly written because the bill's author, Leland Yee, was a child psychologist before becoming a state senator. Thus, he had no background in constitutional law. He basically just took the Court definition of "obscenity" from Miller v. California and adopted it to fit violent video games. What he also didn't anticipate was that the justice system has long regarded nudity and sex as far more dangerous than violence could ever be. Obscenity was only meant to apply to sex (or material appealing to the "prurient interests"). Apparently, it's okay for a minor to control a character in a video game who tortures and kills a police officer, but it isn't okay for that same minor to watch a video of two consenting adults having sex. Or even see a pair of tits in a magazine. I'm not making a judgment on the ruling as to whether violent video games are protected speech. I am making a judgment on the hypocrisy of the Court in continuing to uphold laws that restrict material that arguably fosters less destructive and anti-social attitudes than violent video games. Compare: Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, just decided last year. The Supreme Court ruled a USA PATRIOT Act provision (that prohibits material support to groups designated as terrorists) is not unconstitutionally vague for prohibiting individuals from providing any literature or materials on methods for peacefully resolving conflict to listed terrorist organizations. Really?
  20. That's because slow songs aren't inherently discriminated against in general, just when WillRock does them because he's widely known for his 80's style rockouts. People see WillRock's name attached to a song, and they immediately think, "Awesome, another rockin' song from WillRock." Then they play one of the songs that he submitted in this compo, and it bums them out hard because they were ready something completely different. Mellow songs actually have done pretty well otherwise in the competition.
  21. Apparently, though, you are being punished by voters for trying to diversify. People are expecting you to make high energy pieces, and the failure to deliver (despite the high quality of your submissions) is hurting you in the ballot. It's a shitty situation, because you're trying to branch out creatively so as to avoid sounding tired and repetitive (which other voters are criticizing Pixelwave for), but people have come to expect WillRock to rock. People are disappointed that you haven't, and that disappointment carries over into a general dissatisfaction with your submissions. Thus, the poor voting record. Hopefully, the promise of high energy songs in the next round and beyond can sway more voters to your camp.
  22. Better hide the video games, then. Good first step in voting against WillRock, too.
  23. Hey, just wanted to say that "Windswept Bubbles" is an awesome track, and still one of my favorites from the GRMRB. Wish you could've advanced in place of someone who didn't submit anything in round 2, but it is what it is.

    Hope to see more stuff from you in the future!!

  24. It really is. Definitely was surprised by WillRock's entry. Apparently, he can do mellow. Loved Main Finger's mix, too. Couple of nice change ups in styles, and that first part reminded me of "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. That probably dates me a little bit that I vividly remember when that song came out, but nice musical reference, Main Finger! @Pixelwave: Have you done any other remixes besides for this compo? Really love your style! Neblix: Voting against you was tough. I won't sleep easy at night for awhile. It's also going to hurt when I have to vote in the Mega Man Bracket Finals. How you're able to put together excellent mixes in a relatively short period of time is very impressive. I wish your mix was a bit longer, and then I would have lost sleep because I would have been forced to vote against Pixelwave. Anyhow, good job to everyone. I'm kind of sick of having to update my playlists on my computers, iPod, and iPad, but it's totally worth it because of the ear candy we keep getting.
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