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  1. At least send it to the WIP forums so we don't have to wait until it's reviewed by the judges.
  2. Another Time Man contestant doesn't make it past the first round
  3. You're currently two votes ahead of him with two hours left, and prophetik shouldn't be mad at you for winning, since he would have won except that he got several people voting in spite against him for his earlier comments.
  4. 1. You are absolutely allowed to vote. Just make sure to vote in all of the match-ups so your vote will count. 2. If you click the "User CP" link on the left side of the screen near the top, it will take you to a page that you can adjust your settings from. On that page, on the left side about halfway down, there should be a "Edit Options" link. On that page, most of the way down the screen, there's a "Thread Display Options" section that allows you to change how the posts are displayed. Just select "Linear - Oldest First" from the Thread Display Mode drop down menu, and then save your options. That should take care of it.
  5. Really looking forward to the Proto Man Bracket songs this Saturday. I hope they are as good or better than Mega Man Bracket's round 1. @Geoffio & fredrikd: one of you should name your song "Boning Sheep."
  6. Did you end up submitting your "Zeal Feels Good" WIP? I'm no judge, but it would be a crime if that were rejected. It's an awesome song
  7. One of your songs' lack of polish (rock and a hard place) also may have killed you in the GMRB Zero Bracket final round (although Txai's song's (New Laser Swing) polish and arrangement was excellent. I remember that round was a tough vote for me because I actually thought your arrangement was slightly better than Txai's but his song's polish was markedly higher than yours. I would be very eager to listen to a finished version of that song (rock and a hard place), since I have the version submitted for the compo on several playlists of mine already. Even though the quality of the polish is even lower on your submission for this compo, it's still a close vote, and you could easily still win. If you were to win, the lesson learned from this close call would be to make your mixes sound shinier, because your arrangements are always top-notch.
  8. 0:42-1:42 is all Spring Man. 3:22-4:18 is predominantly Spring Man with a little Solar Man overlaid in a "remix." About two minutes of a four minute song would be 50-50 if my math is correct. Yes, prophetik's mix certainly could have used a bit more polish, but I don't find it hard to listen to by any measure. The polish was subpar enough, though, that many people wrote it off immediately. The song wasn't one of his best, but the arrangement of it was excellent. The song would have garnered many more votes if it had the same level of polish that Draconiator's did.
  9. I think many votes favored Draconiator's polish, not necessarily the arrangement of the source tunes themselves. I really had to listen to find Spring Man in Draconiator's mix, but, like I mentioned in my vote, it was very prominent in yours, and I loved the treatment it got. If you really want to seal the deal with the votes, just get a bunch of your friends on OCRemix to vote or get the ones that aren't to join and vote. They just have to vote for every match-up for their votes to count.
  10. It would have been awesome as a full-length song. Even those 51 seconds were very well done. Oh well, c'est la vie.
  11. Actually, if the match ups are done the same was as last year, you'll be matched up against Solar Man in the first round.
  12. ^LOL Tengu Man, your third pick, may be more rock-worthy. The question, though, is whether Darkesword will allow you to switch. However, since the match ups have yet to be posted, no one else has chosen that theme, and, to speak a little legalese, no one has detrimentally relied on the pairings, there should be no harm in allowing the switch if you want to. EDIT: I should clarify that it's Tengu Man's Mega Man 8 theme I'm referring to, not his Mega Man & Bass one.
  13. Glad to see this one posted and not lost forever because it was never "officially" posted as part of the compo.
  14. It's a shame no one picked Pirate Man. Then, if he went against Sheep Man, we could have had a song called "Head Butt Pirate"
  15. Currently at 27, I believe. Someone get Txai and Gecko Yamori to bring the funk
  16. You've picked some good (and oft overlooked) ones. Looking forward to the tournament!!
  17. Yeah, that might be somewhat of a gray area since he did technically have his own stage with unique music, yet it was not part of the main game, and he was not a "robot master" in the traditional sense (i.e. not one of the 8 robots that must be defeated to advance to Wily's stages). Probably would need to pick another.
  18. Round 2 was really great for you, too. Actually, Round 2 seemed to produce some really stellar mixes in general from all of the contestants. If your Round 2 mix had been up against prophetik's Final Zero Round mix, I would have voted for yours
  19. Yeah, he had the bad luck of going against WillRock in the first round. I also wish Prophetik would join (although I'll guess he's still really busy). His GMRB Round 2 song was phenomenal
  20. You've had some great stuff come out of PRC. Don't discount yourself
  21. Shhh...dude, don't scare him away. You know how many people are waiting for more WillRock?
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