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  1. I thought your mix from last round (Spiral Pegacion vs. Infinity Mijinion) ranks up there as one of your best. You definitely continue to produce better and better mixes.
  2. Wasn't really talking about this compo, nor was Neblix, if I'm reading what he's saying correctly.
  3. Probably depends on who it is not submitting a mix.
  4. So...any chance we'll ever get to see WillRock's final mix?
  5. Just to clarify, I don't really care who wins, I just wanted to hear some more Mega Man remixes.
  6. Okay, then if this competition truly is dead, could you post a link to your final mix? That's really what I've been waiting for
  7. So what's going to happen here? Is Zircon going to submit a mix? If he doesn't, does that mean that Willrock dethrones him? If Zircon doesn't submit a mix and this whole thing is just swept under the rug, can we at least get Willrock's final submission?
  8. I did mean to say that those few things I pointed out weren't anything fatally negative to the mix, and I think it's a great piece.
  9. I've lurked around the site for 10 years or so, just reading and listening, but I had to post something to encourage remixes of SaGa Frontier. That game gets so much (undeserved) hate from Western audiences, leading to the fantastic soundtrack being overlooked for remixing (at least by Westerners). As you can tell by my username, I'm a big fan of the game. Anyhow, I really don't know much about the mechanics of remixing, so I can't give much advice. The only negative thing that stuck out to me was that the flute (the one that the primary tune is playing) seems to get drowned out at times by the rest of the instruments. Is there is some way to feature it more prominently without beating the listener over the head with it? The rest of the structure seems pretty solid to me, but I'm a lawyer, not a member of the judges panel. I think if the judges panel were to complain about something on that front, they would think it a bit too repetitive.
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