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  1. I'm not saying Dems don't support it, because obviously they do. The idea itself, though, isn't typical of their platform (see the vote on the net neutrality rules). Instead, they support this bill because Hollywood supports a lot of other liberal issues (gay marriage, etc), so the Dems don't want to get on industry's bad side.
  2. Introduced by Representative Lamar Smith [R-TX]. Doesn't get much more liberal than a Republican from Texas, right? That must also be why Nancy Pelosi is opposing it...
  3. Yeah, it's really weird how few votes there are. At this point last week, there were over twice as many votes as there are now, and I'm sure Thanksgiving isn't going to help, either. I just hope team members don't throw away points by not voting...
  4. Sorry, my bad. I assumed that Nintendo was part of the Business Software Alliance, like Microsoft and Apple. They aren't The BSA was a strong supporter of SOPA until recently, and I was referencing the part of the article that said that the BSA said that SOPA needs some work first.
  5. You're reasoning under DMCA logic still. Under SOPA, if Nintendo or Square decide that there may be infringing material on OCR, they tell the Justice Department, who then blocks all access to the website (unless you happen to know the IP address), and cut off all financial transactions in and out. Of course, OCR still has five days to appeal the shutdown, but good luck trying (it's very hard to do). EDIT: By the way, Nintendo (and Microsoft) no longer support SOPA
  6. Great part of a great article on that point: "...A few quotes from the entertainment industry over the last century discussing various technological innovations... The Player Piano “I foresee a marked deterioration in American Music…and a host of other injuries to music in its artistic manifestations by virtue – or rather by vice – of the multiplication of the various music reproducing machines” -- John Philips Sousa, 1906 The Video Cassette Recorder "But now we are faced with a new and troubling assault on our fiscal security, on our very economic life, and we are facing it from a thing called the Video Cassette Recorder" -- MPAA President Jack Valenti in 1982 Cassette Tapes "When the manufacturers hand the public a license to record at home...not only will the songwriter tie a noose around his neck, not only will there be no more records to tape, but the innocent public will be made accessory to the destruction of four industries" -- ASCAP, 1982 Digital Audio Tape The Mp3 Player “Diamond's product Rio was destined to undermine the creation of a legitimate digital distribution marketplace..." -- RIAA President Hillary Rosen in 1998 The Digital Video Recorder "It's theft...Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming." Turner Broadcasting CEO Jaime Kellner in 2002
  7. Awesomeness. EDIT: You aren't sick of remixing Bubble Man yet?
  8. Well, then, people are missing out. Pretension: Pretty awesome Above the Clouds: Awesome Final Progression: Very Awesome Anoplophora (yeah, I know it's not on OCR yet): Very awesome
  9. "OCR superstars" would probably be most of the artists this round (at least 7 out of 10), and I would heartily disagree that any of their songs were substandard. Granted, many mixes perhaps didn't represent the respective artists' finest work. Then again, they had a week to produce their songs. It almost sounds like you're disappointed with this week's crop, and if that's the case, you should perhaps lower your unreasonably high expectations. If you heard "Running With Scissors" and thought it was by an unknown remixer, would you still think that he didn't bring his "A game" to it? Don't let your prejudices about an OCR artist influence what you think about a song. Just listen to it before you look at the artist's name and think, "oh this isn't nearly as good as their last song XXXXXXX."
  10. Okay, I need to write reviews ASAP, since I can only vote for three and I need to express my praise for so many more than that. Sting Operation - Nice jazzy arrangement. Really, no problems with the production or the arrangement. I think I personally wasn't feeling this one as much as some of the others. Still, it's excellent work, and I'll be listening to this one a lot in the future. Air Man in a G String - Ah, WillRock finally appears in the competition. Classic WillRock stuff, and lovin' every minute of it. Probably my favorite of the round. I already know what the main critique of this mix is going to be, though: the source representation. WillRock sometimes has the tendency to emphasize one source song more heavily in these Mega Man compos. While Air Man is predominant, you can certainly hear Wily at various points throughout the song. Nonetheless, Air Man certainly is the primary source used here. It really isn't much of a deal-killer for me, though. I had the most fun with this one, so it takes #1 for me. unto dust - Bitching arrangement, which is pretty standard fare from Prophetik. Love the way you mix up the two sources back and forth so seamlessly. I think what took this one down from #1 or #2 was that the production wasn't quite at the same level as some of your others (though it was certainly better than others of yours). Specifically, some of the samples seem a little grainy? I don't know exactly. Either way, it's still an awesome arrangement, and I know that you were short on time this week or else that wouldn't have been a problem. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I love the way you overlay the two tracks together at the end. Yeah, you do it for nearly all of your songs in these compos, but I never get tired of it. Running With Scissors - I don't really buy the whole filler thing you said earlier. Yeah, there's a bit, but it is pretty freakin' sweet filler. This one and Electric Sleep were also top contenders for my 3. Just came down to personal preference, I guess. I may change my mind as the week progresses, though and throw this one up there instead of one of the others. Power Outage - Quiet instruments here...then some vocals come in. I think there were some great ideas there, but they need to be developed more, and the song needs to "fatten up" some, too. Not really a bad remix, but this was a particularly competitive round. Tripping Through - Would have probably taken the number 1 spot if the two sources were meshed more fluidly. Loved the style, loved the production, generally loved the arrangement. The one problem I had with it was, as mentioned earlier, the transition between the two sources. There was a very obviously break about half way through, at which point the other source popped up. Still loved it overall and it still nabbed my #2 spot. Topsy Turvy - Whoa, I do not recommend going from Power Outage to this one. Little overwhelming on the ears. Nice arrangement here, but maybe something with the samples seemed off to me. I don't know for sure (I really don't know anything technical to offer advice on), but I'm sure one of the reviews will be more specific. I still enjoyed this one, since Top Man is one of my favorites from Mega Man 3. Riding the Avalanche - Very well orchestrated and executed in general. As I've said in the past, though, I'm not a huge fan of orchestrations. Really thought it was well done, though, and I can't really think of any flaws with it (except, perhaps, that it was too short). Nicely done! Electric Sheep - Another top contender for my top 3. There was something maybe a bit off-putting about something in the production, but I can't really put my finger on it. I still really enjoyed it, though, and excellent work on making such a long song that doesn't get boring. I may still go back and change my vote if I'm so inclined later this week. Great stuff! Solidity - Nice, another long one! I seriously thought about this one as a top 3. The arrangement was well executed, and the production was mostly pristine, with the possible exception of the leads being somewhat drowned out by the other instruments at times. This one not making it onto the top three was another personal preference judgment. Phenomenal mixes this round!!
  11. Holy ballz, this is going to be a hard round to vote.
  12. Bummer...I hope they didn't just decide to give up because their teams aren't doing that great overall...
  13. Hands down one of my favorites. I am so excited for next week's songs!
  14. Citizens United was one of the biggest joke rulings ever. It really sickens me how the Supreme Court is up for sale to the highest bidder. Actually, it's ridiculous how bad it has gotten in politics overall. The corporations and ultra rich have gotten very aggressive in their lobbying in recent years, and it really has to stop.
  15. I'm really glad someone brought this up. The legal implications are terrifying. If congresspeople do not understand how bad this would be for not just the Internet, but the American economy, they should be committed to a mental asylum. Think about it: someone files a complaint -- perhaps frivolously because they just disagree with a site or its content -- and in all likelihood, the site would then be blocked and its finances choked off while the complaint is investigated. The site has five days to argue against it, which is a split second in the legal world. As for the claims of damage to the American economy: completely overblown. The majority of the people who pirate are not the ones who are going to say, "gee, now that I can't download it for free, I guess I better go down to Wal-Mart and pay full price for it." They just won't watch/listen to it! The RIAA wants the rest of the economy to suffer immensely so that they can see a marginal rise in their already obscene profits. This bill is, for all intents and purposes, the nuclear option for the recording industry. They want to make websites strictly liable for anything that happens thereon. That will kill the Internet. Period. U.S. citizens: write - a real letter - to your Congressperson or Senator. Leave voicemails. This bill needs to die IMMEDIATELY
  16. Again, the basis for these views is rational: animals have rights. If this isn't rational, why are there animal cruelty laws? It's PETA's taking the view to the extreme that is often irrational (i.e. valuing human life less than other animal life).
  17. The rational basis/logic is the "animal rights" platform. The topic that everyone is posting a response in is the because PETA has taken it to the extreme, which often times manifests as irrational expressions. This is analogous to a libertarian who says that there shouldn't be any criminal laws whatsoever. Rational basis = libertarianism/freedom from state interference in personal behavior Taken to extreme (and manifested as irrational) = No criminal penalties for murder, rape, etc.
  18. Not quite. PETA may be extreme in their views, but there is some semblance of a rational basis for them (i.e. a logic taken to its extreme) Westboro Baptist Church, on the other hand, is completely batshit crazy. They start with a premise that is completely illogical and without foundation in any religious text, and take it to the extreme. It's basically a bunch of ignorant bigots using religion as an excuse for hate. Also, a lot of right-wingers would take offense at the suggestion that Westboro is "right-wing" (not stated explicitly in your post, but implied).
  19. I haven't been paying too much attention to either the reviews or the video previews (mainly because I've been so busy writing that I haven't left the house except to mail stuff or to make court appearances), but I played the demo at Target yesterday, and after ten minutes of the dungeon demo, I went straight home and pre-ordered the Wii-Motion Plus bundle. Now finding the time to actually play the game is a different story, but with the holidays coming up, things should hopefully slow down. Anyhow, the point is that it looks like it'll be awesome!
  20. Yeah, seriously. Your song was a contender for my top three, and AkumajoBelmont's Far From Home -- the song currently leading this round in the competition -- was not. You never know how people are going to vote. A lot of times, they vote for a gimmicky one that seems original to them. Or they vote against the perceived favorite. Or they vote for the perceived underdog. Or they vote for friends. This is the fourth Mega Man competition that I've observed/voted in, and many times the obviously superior mix either loses or wins by a hair. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the voters aren't a panel of OCR judges. A lot of times, if they're like me, they have very little music training and just vote based on personal tastes.
  21. I was really anticipating Blue Magic's Cascade Capers track before, but after listening to the preview, I don't know if I can wait. Must have now.
  22. Wait wait wait, Stabby Mcflutters the spider monkey is competing???
  23. True, and I agree that it seems unfair that those teams very close to third place are left kind of in the dust. However, it would also punish teams that did not submit or that received no votes in the dust, and may thus discourage participation in future rounds of the competition. Maybe a good compromise would be expanding the finishers beyond a top three?
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