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  1. Some excellent mixes this time around. I need to listen for awhile before deciding... By they way, Main Finger, nice work on using a clip from the cartoon show. I have been waiting for someone to do that since last year's compo
  2. Everyone did this time. Sir NutS has the extra post in the Bubble/Heat thread, but he didn't actually vote.
  3. OR...he's just waiting until 15 minutes before the voting deadline to change his vote to himself.
  4. Neblix hasn't started yet (as of last night) either, so you still have time. If your next mix is anything like the last two, he's in for a tough fight.
  5. You should mash them all together and blow some minds.
  6. Yeah, I just have to say how impressive everyone's tracks are. I'm adding 4-6 songs to various playlists of mine every week. SUCH a MASSIVE improvement over last year. I hope everyone comes back for this fall's Maverick compo and next year's GRMRB!!
  7. I agree, even though the voting isn't that close as of yet. Awesome track, by the way. I'll be listening to yours more than any other song from this round. EDIT: Okay, now your matchup is close, but the TheGuitahHeroe/Sir_NutS one isn't.
  8. None of these votes have been easy because all of the songs have been excellent. I've added more songs to my playlists from this compo than I had for the previous six months before the compo started. It's unfortunate that everyone can't advance (and I suppose that's one thing the Revenge Bracket was good for last year: getting at least one more mix out of defeated contestants). I really hope to see more mixes out of the defeated contestants, and I hope no one's too bitter about losing or the rules of the compo that they don't join the GRBRB next year or the GMRB later this year.
  9. Deadlines were waived when the people they affected agreed to it. That's how things work in the law, too. Since law is a familiar subject for me, here's another legal analogy why we can't do things that way: Your idea would be like an ex post facto law, which changes the legal consequences of an act after the act has already occurred. These are generally unconstitutional in American law. The law doesn't change to suit an individual's desired outcome, and nor should rules change for the same reasons.
  10. I'm just quoting the rules, not making the rules. Making the rules is Darke's job. However, it's not like people didn't have fair warning about the rules in advance, so they really don't have anyone to blame but themselves for not voting in all of the matches.
  11. You mean completely disregard the established rules and potentially change the outcome of two matches? Somehow, I can't see that being terribly fair.
  12. It would have created more problems if yours were counted since it would have created two ties. It's easier to stick to the rules, especially when things were so close. When other deadlines weren't enforced in the past, there was at least some tacit waiver from the parties they affected, and I doubt you'd be able to secure that here. EDIT: Congrats to both WillRock and Neblix for advancing! Both faced stiff competition from worthy competitors, and prevailed by the skin of their teeth! Unfortunately, they won't have an easy time next round against Main Finger or Pixelwave. Good luck to all four participants, looking forward to your submissions!!
  13. Hey, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know to vote for yourself in your match against AeroZ, otherwise none of your votes will count!

    Really loving your entries, by the way, too!!

  14. What is up with the comments in Darke's votes? Did he get really baked and just let loose?
  15. Don't forget to vote on the other match ups in the GRMRB!! Wouldn't want your vote for WillRock to not count on such a close battle.

  16. C'mon, stop playing the game and crank us out some musical magic
  17. Well, let's see. First, Darke updated the first post to say that we didn't have to vote in the match-ups where one challenger advances by default. Then, he didn't categorize those threads as having one contender advancing by default, and he left voting open. I would assume that voting is not necessary in those two threads, but there's no specific rule to point to on the issue.
  18. Elec Man vs. Sheep Man? The first and last electric element robot masters duke it out!
  19. If you're looking for some funkalicious inspiration, check out GeckoYamori's mixes from last year and Txai's mixes, especially from GMRB Rounds 2 and 3.
  20. This song started playing off my playlist, and I know I had been listening to it for a long time, but I didn't really remember how long. Looks like I had originally downloaded it on 9/27/2002. I probably could have figured it was that old since the album tag is "http://remix.overclocked.org/," but I digress. This is a great song that I have had on various playlists of mine since I downloaded it almost nine years ago.
  21. I actually thought your arrangement was well done, I think I just was taken off guard by how loud it started. I was also not voting against your track title, I was mostly pointing it out
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