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  1. Yes, it is. After round 1, the largest point spread is 4 points. Guess what? After round 2, it is very possible for a team currently in fourth place to take the lead. True, it's not "anyone's contest" if the same team consistently wins every round, since that would create an insurmountable lead by the fourth or fifth round (if there were only six rounds), but that's hardly the fault of the voting system, is it?
  2. This is correct. The current voting system ensures that all of the teams stay within relative reaching distance of one another, and, especially if there are as many as nine rounds, it's anyone's contest. I don't know if those teams who received 30+ points last round are upset that they are lumped at the same level as teams that received very little or no points, but in a competition with 12 teams each round, a lot of great remixes are going to be relatively unrecognized by the voting system. The great part about this system is that one round can make a huge difference for any team.
  3. You didn't come off that way. I really just don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to music and I'm not afraid to admit it. If you need somebody to tell you about fair use or derivative works, I can do that (but it can't be legal advice unless I'm licensed to practice in your jurisdiction). Actual musical theory, though, is foreign to me.
  4. Yeah, I have almost no music training. I'm just a listener. But what you said = what bugged me.
  5. The Root of All Things - Nice arrangement and soundscape. I think the only thing that bothered me about it is that it seemed to lack some polish. It wasn't anything fatal, though, and still a very enjoyable mix. Wily's Inferno - I was a little unsure during the start (I'm not a bit fan of orchestrations), but it definitely seemed the appropriate soundscape for the song's title. Really liked the song after about 0:45, though, and the nice soundscape persisted throughout the mix (made me think of Wily's fortress in an active volcano). Attracted to Power - Easily one of the most polished songs this round. I really enjoyed the arrangement and style of this mix. I think the only critique I could give this one is that it seemed to lack a strong sense of direction (that is, I didn't feel the song really went very far from the beginning to the end of the song). Obviously, that wasn't enough to dissuade me from giving it my #1 vote, though. Mr. X was Wily the WHOLE TIME - Geez, thanks for spoiling Mega Man 6 for me (or, you know, you would have if I hadn't already played it 17 years ago and several times since then). Anyhow, I think I would have enjoyed this mix a lot more if it weren't in a minor key. Although the arrangement was executed well enough, I just couldn't enjoy the song that well because of it; it distracted me throughout. Smooth Heat - I really liked the style and arrangement of this song. What didn't sit well with me was the production. It seemed like the samples were really muted, making the song itself sound muffled. I'd really like to hear what this song would sound like after a few run throughs in the WIP forums. It's going in a great direction. Glacial Age - Man, are you ever self-effacing. You should send this one through the WIP forums, too to fill the song out a little bit, but you've got some great ideas in it. I'd really be interested to hear this one as a more finished product. Light Your Way - This one would've been my #4. Classic Neblix with a little intro and outro guitar strumming thrown in. I really can't give much in the way of critiques to this one, but I think you missed out on the top 3 because I just wasn't personally as taken with the arrangement of the song as the other three (not that there was really anything wrong with it; just personal tastes) Far From Home - Great arrangement, production, etc. What killed it for me is the lyrics. Not that they weren't superbly done. I just hate lyrics in video game remixes. If it weren't for that, this one would have been in the top 3. No real critiques with this one. Shadows of Wily - Much different than your Oceans EP (which I listen to very regularly on repeat, by the way), but still very well executed. I'll probably be listening to this one quite a bit. The problem with it? The length -- it was too short. If it were over three minutes, it would have gotten bumped up a spot or two. Still an excellent mix. whatever.jpg - Don't be so damn hard on yourself, Emunator. This is great(I happen to like piano solos, so I guess I'm a bit biased). I don't know if you need to go back and master it or what not, but you should definitely give this one some more love. Also, a real name. No Ticket! - Speaking of names, love this one! Also loved this mix and I wish we didn't have to narrow it down to three. I can't think of any major critiques for this one; just keep up this level of excellence for the next round you're mixing in!! Glitch in the System - Things were going so well in this groovy mix until 1:30 when the weird ass robot voice starting saying all kinds of crap. Also, the song was relatively short, but the thing I noticed (and disliked) the most were the voices. The song up to that point was great.
  6. Maybe your mix can help me overcome the horrible memories I have of the stage. JUMP JUMP!! SLIDE SLIDE!! *Runs into wall*
  7. Unless you want your team to throw away free points, get your team members who haven't voted yet to do so. Here are the teams and team members who haven't yet voted: Bad Guy Robots from Mega Man Rexy The Concrete Men Jason Covenant Blue Bomber Brotherhood Gario prophetik The Beat Busters neblix (I know you're aware of the rules, but you're on this list for completeness's sake) Jewbei Dr. Light's Luminosity Legion Cyril the Wolf Cold Steel Nekofrog
  8. Helios42, prepare for a "learn to follow directions" post from Darke for posting reviews in your vote.
  9. "She's a Squirter?" Really? The remix title's aren't supposed to be rated G?
  10. Flash Man AND MM2 Wily Castle 1?? Looks like you might overload on overremixed on OverClocked!!
  11. Awesome. I don't care how overremixed the song is, it's still an excellent source
  12. I think the idea behind the team competition was to try to avoid things like this (extensions, incomplete submissions, etc). We'll have to wait to hear from Darke for the final answer, though.
  13. Awesome and entertaining narrative! Just wondering about one thing...is Txai male or female? I only ask because a review of one of Txai's remixes at ThaSauce refers to her/him as "she". Anyone know for sure?
  14. エアーマンが倒せない? EDIT: Clarification for those unfamiliar with the reference
  15. Shoot, I guess I'll have to wait until next year for someone to do Tengu Man's Saturn version. I was pretty excited when I saw that Jewbei had it picked as his number two after Tornado Man, since that theme was picked as a first by prophetik (a trance-y version for Tengu Man would have been great). Oh well, there's always GRMRB 2012...
  16. Does anyone have contact info (besides OCR) for anyone on the list? chroxic and Geeky Stoner have been active in the GRMRB Exhibition Match thread, so I don't know if they just haven't checked this one or not, but they should both join. I think someone mentioned earlier that TGH is not currently doing any remixing, but it still might be worth a try bringing it to his attention. His Twitter account is "TheGuitahHeroe". Pixelwave is pretty hard to get ahold of, but his Twitter account is "aer0blue". I don't have Twitter, or else I would contact them myself. Anyone else up to the task?
  17. Here are some of my suggestions in no particular order: Tenguman (Saturn Version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTlK3Svd94g Time Man Dust Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1SzqrhOAGY Wind Man Needle Man
  18. I'm assuming that this is "what [you] [had] planned for the fall"? As awesome as this is going to be, are we still going to have the Maverick battle?
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