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  1. I'm glad to see this on ocr for a number of reasons, which have all already been mentioned here. Brooding stuff, Israfel.
  2. That's something I've been wondering about as well. There may be a vst effect that changes pitch without timing consequences.
  3. Are you talking about editing the events for the level of the effect? If so, try here. (far right nob)
  4. Just wanted to thank djp for this, it's currently one of my favorite mixes. Metaphist favors the funk.
  5. Ok i just upgraded from FL4 to 5, and OMGWTFBBQ, everything in the playlist and pian roll "slides" instead of snapping to the grid. This makes lining patters up pretty insane. I've been through FLs options and its help file and couldnt figure out what to do.
  6. I'd say Ziwtra rivals AE in the programming department. Good stuff here.
  7. Actually Im on my OCremix vol. 3 CD This is the track that graces the #1 spot, as there's always that one track that makes me start the CD.
  8. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but uh...don't most of the original megaman tracks fall under the electronica category? BTW If you can't at least respect the massive skill envolved in any AE remix, even if you don't like the song, then you've got problems indeed. AE straight destroys anything he touches. And I mean that in that in street slang for "owns." Nuff said.
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