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  1. With Back2Scala and now this, Skryp is becoming one of my fav's fo sho. Keep it up, homie
  2. I agree. Too bad it's such a backburner, would've been a nice christmas OCR release.
  3. Damn, this sounds organic to the max! Really impressed...and then holy shit, the drum solo's at 1:50-ish come in, and I'm like wtf again! I agree whole heartedly with Taucer on this one, amazing! I could go on, but... Submit the crap outta this
  4. For Zooming Car, I'd call it "Traffic Jam". Sounds better than "Car Jam". And if you have ANY sort of passing car sample in there, call it "Doppler Jam"
  5. I heard the source in there, though it took careful listening. To me it's fine since it's just the intro. He's got the whole rest of the song to make it recognizable, people . What was said about the rain, I agree. Needs to be a bit more subtle. Also, your notes in the intro could be a lot more organic. Vary the velocity and the rhythm. Listen to any piano mix here, or some classical piano for examples. Not much else to say until we hear the meat and potatoes on this.
  6. I never had a prob with rapidshare... Yes, the intro is too long. You could slice a good minute off of it! The only way it justifies 2 minutes is if you steadily introduce or cut elements to keep things interesting. When the melody finally drops, it actually seemed a bit abrubt. It's a soft beat, but it came in with a timing that was off in respect to the rhythm set by the intro (in other words, I think it came in on a earlier beat than it should have). The whole 2 minutes you could have been building up to that melody, but you didn't. I suggest you add a lot more detail to the intro or cut it in half. The heart of the mix is...really good! Very nice mood going, very nice chords and melodies. It's beautiful. The transition to the second half is good. As for the second verse itself, I couldn't help but want a harder beat to kick in for this part. The problem with soft moody mixes is that it's hard to keep them fresh and interesting, they tend to lull the listener a bit much if not carefully crafted. Changing up the percussion in some way, harder beat or otherwise, would do a great job of renewing interest for the rest of the piece. As of right now, this is my favorite WIP on the boards. At this point you have a lot of room to breath in terms of ideas, so don't hold back and give us something interesting!
  7. It does sound right at home in the Gradius world. Unfortunately, I have no critiques at this point!
  8. The Oboe definitely needs a release on it. The tremolo on it sounds too mechanical, too. The background synth that plays chords also has this weird phase-y tremolo that makes it sound cheezy. The idea seems good, but the ingredients just aren't gelling right now.
  9. <gillvoice>Resurrection!</gillvoice> Part 2 has some really dope parts, like the Yoshi's Island Cave mix, and the FFIV Spinach Rag mix. Oh and the ending (DKC and Mario Paint Monkey theme? nice). Really cool idea overall!
  10. I realize the volume issue, I'm actually going to re-upload it normalized (in a few mins). As for using the track, as long as the game isn't for profit, I don't see any copyright issues. Just PM me some more detailed info.
  11. Source: Beauty Baron Hystelic Kingdom Sounds cool, I pretty much agree with The Derrit.
  12. As promised, a new version is up just in time for the weekend! All is well in the world. Nemo Wip 2 See the first post for comments.
  13. The breakdown definitely helps, but it still seems to need something... I'll listen some more later and try to offer some better advice.
  14. I was surprised to find this didn't get locked down. I guess it's too classic!
  15. Pretty slick, but it got repetitive for me around the 2 minute mark. A breakdown of sorts at this point would be what the doctor ordered. Like the retro vibe though, it takes the simple waveforms and makes them sound good.
  16. Mono! Can always count on you for some good feedback! Amazingly, all of those suggestions sound like the things I had in mind to experiment with. I definitely want to do something with the rhodes, and the right panned synth will probably get upgraded or augmented when I dig up something good. I want to be careful to make the drums interesting without overpowering the melody, but I love me some intricate drums. Should have an update by the end of the week. Thanks for the comments.
  17. That bird that comes in sounds way fake lol. There's tons of better bird samples you could find (PM me if you really need some). And yes, I really started noticing the out of tune guitar notes around 1:40 up until the end. And the slight crackling, I mostly noticed during the bass solo. The overall timing on the transitions seems off at times too. Don't know what programs your using, but it's as if some parts are slightly off the grid time-wise. I suggest you relax your ear for a least a few days, then come back fresh and really listen deeply to this in order to pick out what we are saying for yourself.
  18. Exactly, but in the meantime, you could humanize the balls out of that piano (search the forum for humanize if you don't know already).
  19. Just a fancy word for "remix", my boy Less source, more you. Maybe you could break things up by adding a real minimalist beat at the second verse, taking out all the ambiance for a few measures and leaving just that and the melody. Then slowly build back up to a full soundscape.
  20. That synth guitar sounds way too MegaManX'y to me, definitely could do better there. The main issue with this is the sound quality. Too many basic synth instruments and not enough variation in the texture/feeling. The constantly changing arrangement saves this to a degree, but it's really not gonna stand as is.
  21. Know what I think would be REALLY dope? If you somehow incorporated the three-chord-riff that opens the door to the cathedral (you know, when your in the lobby part and are trying to get in).
  22. The whole section from 1:00 to 2:00 is a bit weird to me. I can hear some of the source there, but it's a bit too hard to pick out and sounds random like Radiowar said. The ending is a little of the same, but overall I see what direction your taking. Not trying to sound derogatory, but your ambitions for this piece seem to escape your expertise at this point, but with some dedication this could be very nice indeed.
  23. If I had to say anything, it'd be that there is a little too much up and down in terms of arrangement. This is due to the length, or course, and the nature of Trance. But it seems as if the climax right before the end isn't the strongest in the entire 6:00 like it should be (being the final climax). Sound-wise, it seems like you fixed your issues.
  24. Has a fun sound to it. Can't really see any flaws off the bat. Why exactly was wrong with it that it couldn't be judged yet?
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