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  1. I've been listening to this hardcore for a while now. Very fun and energetic.
  2. I've been trying to get a mix posted for a long time, so all the "about times" I've been reading are pretty legit Thanks a lot you guys, for all the support given over the years (especially you, Monobrow). The motivation to get on OCR was the sole thing driving my musical evolution in the past, so I'm feelin' pretty good right now! I was actually shocked to see this posted. There was a minor clipping issue that I was helpless to solve since I lost my samples after making this song, and it was the one stipulation the judges gave along with it's acceptance. I told them It probably wouldn't get fixed for obvious reasons, so I really had no idea what they intended to do. And then I checked the site today... @prophet Couldn't really tell ya exactly what I used in the intro pad's. It was a combination of a few simple pads, with most of the flourishes hand programmed from other samples. Glad everyone liked it though!
  3. So I'm listening to this mix in a rainstorm, and at the beginning I'm thinking there something wrong with my speakers, what with the intro mixed with some lightning and thunder outside. As things crunched on, I remember the title of the mix, and then I knew - I was in for it The thing I like about Maze is that no matter how diverse his catalog gets, you can always identify his style in anything he does. He's truly the poster boy, er, dude, for OCR. Awesome write up btw, DJP. Usually I chuckle once during your reviews, but I think I came out with an astounding two chuckles this run-through. But seriously, I love reading your stuff One of my motivations for getting a mix posted was just to see what you'd have to say about it! Haven't done that yet, having straying from music lately, but with amazing stuff like this from Mazedude, I know I'll be motivated to come back eventually.
  4. I really digged being a bit disoriented during the onset, and slowly settling in to the pulsating groove. Fun to listen to, and Anso was right in that he beautifully caught the mood here. It has a certain deep ebb and flow reminiscent of the mysterious depths, with a that high end sparkle inviting us back towards the surface like rays of light amongst the waves. Feelin' it, Anso.
  5. It has a very Jun Senoue vibe to it. Very fun mix, I love it!
  6. Damn. This just might be my favorite CoT on the site now! It never even crossed my mind to hear this in rock form. I was super impressed with the interpretation, and the execution is just madness. If there is one thing I love, it's genre-bending, and this mix delivers effortlessly in that department. reMixes that hit me this hard don't come along often. Definitely in my top 20, sitewide. Maybe even top 10. Looks like I'll have to revisit my working list
  7. God I loved Skate or Die! This remix fits the game very well stylistically. I haven't even layed eyes on the game, let alone heard it's music, in at least 15 years, so I was ecstatic to see this remix pop up. The title sounds strangely familiar, too... It indeed brought a smile to my face. Thank you, norg!
  8. Somehow missed this, but got back to it through your latest submission from FF6. Another gem, your style is really solidifying itself with each mix. Reminds me of Mazedude (a good thing!). Plus he liked it, too And I really like Martin's description of "crunchy" lol. AeroZ-crunch is the breakfast of champions, I say.
  9. Wow, AeroZ just killed it from the intro on through (ridiculous intro, btw, what are the voices from?). After Green Lane Avenue and now this, your fast becoming one of my favorites, man. Keep it up! And why the crap hasn't anyone else commented on this? It's been in my rotation, #1 spot since it came out.
  10. FINALLY! I was blown away when I first heard this. I couldn't stop smiling the whole track through! I couldn't believe anyone would pull something like this off with flying colors. I was WIP'ing this for a long time, waiting for the writeup to see how it would fly. I pratically promised myself I'd disown OCR if they didn't pass this master piece. I'm glad to see they came through Amazing on many levels, this is music in it's purest form, my friend: the drum. Definitely makes the top 10 most memorable remixes on the site.
  11. The game itself has a ridiculous soundtrack, and this mix does it justice. Listened to it three times in a row, I did. Too much funk for ya soul!
  12. This is currently at the top of my rotation. I love the hi-hat work in the first sections. And the beat is so hard...Salzman's the man.
  13. I can definitely feel the love put into this one. Jon hit the nail on the head with the kudos. The two parts where the saw lead was exposed stood out a bit, but other than that it was an amazing aural journey
  14. Can anyone get me this track? I've been googling the balls out of it and just can't seem to track it down. I believe I found it on vgmix way back in the day, but somehow lost it since then.
  15. Seconded. This is the funkiest thing on the site hands down (sorry DJP lol). Shame on OCR for only 2 pages of comments...
  16. This is sick. It has a very 'final battle' feel to it. Way to kick it off right, ToN!
  17. Wow, man. Loved every second! The spirit of this really reminded me of Grandia II's battle theme. It's that pure retro awesome, I tell's ya!
  18. I think Shnabubula just won the presidential election, people.
  19. I swear I heard pieces of Kirby Superstar and Mega Man thrown in during the middle sections. Someone back me up here! For the record, I've never listened to Ragnarok's soundtrack, so... Dopeness all around, though.
  20. Mono! Long time no see, eh? Thanks for the suggestions. I usually don't get this much feedback this early in the game, so I'm actually pretty excited to make this a lot better. I'm already working on some more interesting sounds, and the suggestions are inspiring. Thanks guys.
  21. By far my favorite Beatdrop track...I can't keep it off repeat
  22. In Hoboka's defense, it's understandable to be a little miffed about lower qualtiy remixes from the past being on the site while arguably better stuff gets rejected today. Hell, going back to my first ever submission...I got more yes's on what I consider my worst effort than my most recent submission some 4 years later! But removing everything from the past isn't really fair either. Allowing that would mean any and everything that gets accepted could be taken down in the future simply because other musicians have improved. If that first submission of mine actually got accepted, I'd be a little embarrassed to hear it on the site today, to be honest. The bar is a good thing.
  23. Looking around the WIP threads, you give great production advice. I'll definitely be looking to you for pointers when I start touching this up. Thanks for the feedback. My apologies for not providing the source, since I usually do that (it's been a while since I posted a WIP). It's up there now. As for the volume, I just realized I had the master fader down without realizing it -.-; I'm re-uploading it now. That's actually proven to be one of my fatal flaws in music. If you know of any tracks that accel in that particular area, It'd be good inspiration for me. Thanks for the feedback.
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