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  1. Rozovian just merc'd it on the feedback tip, so I'll refrain from adding anything ;p I do, however, want to know what's up with this HD project. Is it in progress, done, or what? Definitely a good cover, though, and I'd love to hear the other tracks on the project.
  2. I agree with Nathan. It's already a pretty close interpretation, and the verbatim square-waves make it even more so. The source is pretty well known, so taking liberties should be important.
  3. I know the sounds are lo qual, I started this a while ago and never got around to the sound quality (focusing on arrangement), but whatev. update: uploaded a higher-volume version and the source for comparison. Source Lololo WIP 1
  4. I remember this as a WIP in the forums, and have been listening to it for a while. Glad to see it made it on the site!
  5. Only two pages?!? It's already 9AM eastern, people, let's go! Happy B-day, DJP! OCR's doin it big for tha 08, son!
  6. Submitted this about a week ago, but there's still a few years before it gets reviewed, right Suggestions still welcome.
  7. I loved listening to the beautiful melody of the ending theme when I beat Mario Kart 64 Sounds pretty good so far, has a very epic and adventurous feel. Keep it up and it'll turn out great. Sounds like a stylistic thing to me. I really have no major gripes as well, so if this is all we have to complain about so far, you must be on the right track
  8. I'm not too keen on industrial, but I know it's supposed to be rather loud and grating, which this is. But it doesn't bode will for understanding the lyrics, especially with the vocoder effect on. I caught a few lines and it sounded pretty good though. You got the bassline from the factory, but you could through some of it's melodic parts in as well. The lines from Primitive Mountain work well. So it's kind of a mixed bag for me. You might wanna tone down the industrialism a bit for clarity.
  9. I agree with the build up ideas, because of the length, you need that swell to keep things dynamic. As far as the source goes, things sound good to me. You got the melody in there and you do enough with it, so that's no issue. I think what OA was getting to about the strings being choppy...when the chords change there isn't enough release, it just suddenly cuts. Same thing for the recorders. Slap on a release to make the long notes fade properly. As far as EQ goes, you could definitely boost the low end, as there wasn't much going on even with my sub up.
  10. Wow, super creative. This would be right at home in a Zelda film, during a section where Link is walking through some secret passageway in a dungeon . You seriously can't finish this? Maybe you could take the musical idea and throw it into another Zelda mix, as a break-up or mood changer.
  11. That's exactly what you need to do. Everything in this song is super generic. The drum loop is instantly recognizable as an overused sample, the lead synth sounds exactly like Slayer (a bad thing even if it's not Slayer), and the car zooms, voice and scratch samples are cliche. It's all understandable since it's one of your first songs. Draw some inspiration from the creative work on OCR, and DNB in general, and keep at it. Get your hands on some different sounds and start messing around with settings to get a different sound.
  12. I think your using the reverse cymbal way too much here. You use it on almost every 8 count (if not every)! It creates the sense that each 8 count is starting a new section, and makes your progression sound a bit erratic, almost confusing. The reverse cymbal usually marks a major transition or addition, and you should use it in that fashion to give it proper weight and meaning. As far as quality goes, it sounds ok to me for the genre, though I might suggest more in the low end (maybe mirror that synth bass line with a deeper one).
  13. Must be time for the launch of Doubly Overlooked Remix O.o LOL pretty cool though, me likes...
  14. I agree Sounds like it could be a winner. The synth at 1:30 ish came in a tad bit lound to me... (in classic MK voice) Finish It!!!
  15. I love Rusty Ruin. This is very nice. I was a little iffy about the lead when it came in. It seemed a bit muffled, try boosting the high end or trying another synth all together. You got some nice delay on there, maybe a little more reverb if it doesn't push it back too much. But the groove is perfect. If your later additions keep things interesting, I see this getting through the panel easy.
  16. I'm feelin' the res violin idea, and some light airy piano would sound really good with some trip hop effects. Not sure what a DNB lead sounds like off the top. I could definitely see an Oboe working depending on how it's used. All good ideas, can't wait to hear what you come up with
  17. Actually, I'd call this a remix of "Awakening" so far, since you use the little arpeggio that's not found in "Terra". Anyway, it sounds like a good start to me. I love the downtempo stuff myself, but I'm sure others would recommend you at least give us a better idea of what your trying to do. How can we call it crappy with only 30 seconds of an intro? I'm interested to see what you can do with a melody you don't even like though lol
  18. You could just say "It's a midi rip, now try remixing it" and be done with it.
  19. Damn, you just ripped it... Then glued it back together, and proceeded to rip it again. That is all.
  20. Wow, pretty dope. I suppose your trying to take a more liberal approach on a oft remixed theme. It's working so far A lot of care put into this, I can tell. If I had to say anything, the EQ could be tweaked for a snappier sound...a little high end sizzle I guess. Arrangement is off the chain though. Engaging, yet relaxing.
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