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  1. It makes me sad that I have already bought most of their stuff. Though the majority those buys were on other sales, this one is much bigger. Oh well, I guess I can still pick up Alien Drum and Cylindrum at a super cheap price. By the way, Plucked Piano is terrific. I think it was worth the full price.
  2. Thanks, and indeed it is the Tonehammer plucked piano. Good guess!
  3. Finished a haunting little arrangement of the Spelunker title theme. I thought about possibly submitting it here, however it's probably too close to the source and I don't want to change anything (arrangement wise). I like it just the way it is.
  4. Just an FYI - I'll probably send in a new mix for my track. Looking back, it's a little too muddy.
  5. Haha, wow. Never noticed. Nevermind then.
  6. Yeah, I suppose it could all be done on the main channel. You could just have the album tracks divided up into playlists. Maybe come up with a separate video template for album tracks - one that incorporates the album art.
  7. I was just thinking about the possibility of having an official OC ReMix sister channel on YouTube that would be dedicated to album releases. What do you think? Someone's going to upload the albums anyway, but sometimes when it's just a random listener, they don't put any links or credits in the description box. I suppose it could be up to the album coordinator to create a youtube channel for their particular album. However, if you put all the albums on one channel, the channel would get more views which would in turn make it more visible in YouTube searches. The albums could then feed off e
  8. Thanks everyone. I made a little music video for this like I did with Melancholy Dreams. Nothing big, but it's got some nostalgia factor going for it and the gameplay footage has been edited for somewhat of a movie feel. Here's the link: Also, a plug for my Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vurez/133402213369552
  9. Hey nice to see this finally got posted Glad to see people are enjoying it. To anyone interested, I made a little music video for this. Here's the link:
  10. I can agree with that. As long as you guys have a decent way to keep track of them, I suppose it's not a problem.
  11. Here's one I've been wondering for quite some time. Is there any particular reason direct posts aren't listed anywhere? I'm sure you guys get lots of emails from people wondering what happened to their mix (I know I have done it myself a few times in the past). One would figure DPs would be listed in their own section in the Judging Process thread, or at least in the "to be posted" section.
  12. Hey, I'm up next! I've been following this thread for quite some time. It's been interesting. Just an FYI - if you're interested in my full catalog (including non-OCR remixes), they can all be found here: http://www.vurez.com/arrangements.htm
  13. I still find this whole thing amusingly ironic considering Activision's origins, even though it's not really the same Activision.
  14. These two tracks conclude my latest batch of remixes. These were originally old tracks I had made (but never released), that I had polished up somewhat recently. Ninja Gaiden - "The Night of Lukifell": http://www.vurez.com/tracks/arrangements/Vurez_-_The_Night_of_Lukifell.mp3 Tecmo Bowl - "Touchdown Hoedown": http://www.vurez.com/tracks/arrangements/Vurez_-_Touchdown_Hoedown.mp3 If you missed the other 4 tracks you can get them all here: http://www.vurez.com/arrangements.htm
  15. Uploaded an arrangement of the Sky Palace theme from Kid Icarus to my site. Here's the link: http://www.vurez.com/tracks/arrangements/Vurez_-_Palace_in_the_Dark_Sky.mp3
  16. This was originally an old arrangement that I had previously never released as it was lacking in certain areas. A while back I revamped it with improved samples and mixing techniques. Now here it is available for the first time. Melancholy Dreams - an arrangement of the underworld theme from Super Mario Bros 2. It has some similarities to McVaffe's Underground Riddims, and I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't an inspiration for making this track. I wanted to try a mix of the underworld theme using Indian instruments and I think they work fairly well for this piece. Here's the link: http:/
  17. Thanks. Yeah, I have no plans on releasing this one here, however I did submit a few of the others. I'll probably upload another one tonight.
  18. I was working on an album consisting of an assortment of unreleased tracks I had worked on during my early remixing years. They all had issues that kept me from releasing them, however I went back and polished them up a bit not too long ago. Since some of the tracks weren't "fixable", I've decided to just go ahead and omit a few and release each track individually. There will be six total and the first one is an ethnic Asian style track from The Legend of Kage. It's a medley that consists of most of the soundtrack. Here it is: http://www.vurez.com/tracks/arrangements/Vurez_-_Beware_of_Ninja
  19. Haha, yeah that was the original plan - I managed to get the liquor but I wasn't able to find any russian musicians so I ended up using Cubase, Kontakt instruments (like Chris Hein, String Essentials, Retro Flute, etc.), and various other VSTs.
  20. Hey thanks. Actually, believe it or not, this track is all sequenced.
  21. After a very long hiatus, I've finally released another track - "The Peddler's Legacy". It's an arrangement of Korobeiniki aka Music A from Tetris. Here's a link to the video on my YouTube channel: You can also download it off of my website here http://www.vurez.com/arrangements.htm
  22. Sounds like I'm really going to need to boost the volume of my track!
  23. I don't know how in-depth you want to get with this, but the Zoom series portable recorders are pretty nice. http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=1916 http://www.samsontech.com/products/productpage.cfm?prodID=1994&brandID=4 You can usually find good deals for them on ebay and amazon.
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