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  1. Not bad as far as trances go. Even though you stated you had some purpose in using only FL samples, you should really consider redoing it at some point with better samples. I like the drums at around 3:40. Good beat. djliquidice brought up a good point with the whitespace. Thicker synths can also help the whitespace issue.
  2. Well, this isn't exactly a wip as I've already released it at my site and I don't think I'm going to bother submitting it here. It's not my best work, but I haven't released anything in a while so I went back and finished this track that I started almost two years ago. http://www.vurez.com/tracks/arrangements/Vurez_-_Denizens_of_the_Darkest_Places.mp3 I'm aware of many of the tracks weaknesses, though I'd still appreciate any feedback anyone might have. http://www.vurez.com/arrangements
  3. Athena (NES) Rambo (NES) Legend of Kage (NES) Breakthru (NES) These are mostly from an era where I liked any game I played and never really saw the flaws. They still hold a fond nostalgic value to me though.
  4. I would think you'd be able to find plenty considering Loom's soundtrack was taken from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.
  5. A while back, I mentioned I had to drop the boss music as I was getting very busy with a huge personal project that needed to get done and I didn't have time to do it. The PharaohMan theme, on the other hand, is the track I wanted to do from the very beginning of the project (even before that too). I'd be willing to move the other things on my schedule around for this track.
  6. Pharaohman's theme is available again? Hmmm...
  7. Alright Corran! Nice to see you're still remixing. Great flute playing as usual. I remember being dissapointed when your 'Forest of Shadows' mix didn't pass the judge panel. I'm glad this one passed and you finally got a mix on ocremix. Congrats, and keep 'em coming
  8. Ahhh, more goat goodness. Great job as always.
  9. I'd go with something like this. So the tracks won't be numbered? Is there going to be a suggested track order?
  10. Whoa, I haven't checked out this thread in quite a while. For a while there, I wasn't sure if this was ever going to be finished. Now I guess I should start polishing. I kinda wish I didn't do mine so early as I think I've gotten better since this project first started.
  11. I guess that could be part of my problem. I generally have to boost it quite a bit as my Echo Indigo soundcard needs a line-level input signal.
  12. Yeah, I have a UB802 as well and I get all kinds of hiss with it - even when nothing but headphones are plugged in. It's so bad that it's completely unusable. I'm sorry to say it, but I think it's just the unit itself. Poor quality.
  13. Huh, I haven't heard it on ormgas. There are panflutes in my mix, but no techno beat. I wonder if there was a mix up.
  14. Huh, you're right. The gaida does drone. Oh well, I guess it probably sounds more like a shawm in my mix which is still okay with me.
  15. Huh, I find it odd you chose to omit track 5 and chose track 1 for the Zelda theme instead. I only say this because track 5 is more unique to the Link's Awakening where as track 1 is pretty much the same Zelda theme we've all heard countless remixes of. Though, I'm sure you thought it through, and probably have your reasons. I guess it is an arrangement in itself. Anyway, good luck on the project. Hope all goes well.
  16. Oh yes, Zamfir's 'Lonely Shepherd' is a great song. That track came to my mind too while I was working on this.
  17. Well, I finally posted my T.Hawk mix in the WIP section. I was on a mini remixing hiatus for a couple of weeks. Just started working on it again this week.
  18. Oh, dude! This is awesome! I've always thought of T-Hawk's stage as a low point in the SSF2:T soundtrack but this track has comepletely changed my mind. You have taken the T-Hawk track and brought out the dormant awesome that has always been. I think I could punch someone in the face to this, but I'd be more likely to listen to this while driving away after having punched someone in the face. Could I pursuade you to try incorporating some hip-hop elements to this already stunning WIP? It's a fucking rocking track and I doubt anyone will submit another T-Hawk's Stage remix, let alone one with a
  19. Hmmm... I've been working on something for T.Hawk's stage music but I'm not sure if it will meet your "punch in the face" criteria. While working on it, I couldn't help but make it in a South Western style kinda like the original track(heh, anyone who's listened to my mixes would know I'm a sucker for that syle ). It does have a bit of a hard edge to it - I guess it sort of has a Tarantino/Rodriguez "punch in face" feel it. Anyway, here's what I have at the moment. I don't like 0:45-0:57 (will probably replace that part with something else).
  20. I'm interested in doing T.Hawk's stage. You can put me down for that one. Actually, I'd like to do Balrog's stage too. I'll only have time for one track though. I'm curious how you plan to insure all the tracks will share the same tonal qualities (as you've said you'd prefer). That might be the deciding factor to which track I choose.
  21. This is going to sound like everyone elses posts but... Great work! Definately one of the best Megaman arrangements out there. Absolutely beautiful.
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