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  1. I downloaded this song back when it was first released, and I enjoyed it, but I wasn't loving it. Now I'm listening to it again, and it's incredible. It's 3:33 AM, so if I try to elaborate, I'll probably just sound stupid. But I love it. Great work.
  2. Woo, my 16th birthday remix! And it's a nice present too. At first it seems just kinda crazy, but when the theme kicks in, it really becomes great. I can see Mario and Bowser fighting against each other in an epic battle with this music. It's great stuff, especially considering the fact you really don't have much to work with. I love it when remixers take simple tunes and manage to turn them into long, full-fledged remixes while still letting the original theme shine through clearly. Bravo.
  3. Normally, I don't like people randomly shouting things or sound effects added in. Many times it seems kinda silly or just downright stupid. chthonic has managed to bypass this obstacle with FLYING COLORS in a way that is only matched in quality (at least from what I've heard) by the sound effect use in "McVaffeQuasi Ultimix" (Tetris). The integration of the NES theme is flawless, and the instruments used all sound great. It's particularly impressive that the NES theme and the instruments are playing side-by-side without conflicting with each other. One of the best Mario remixes on the site. Nice work all around.
  4. I was playing Earthbound today and as I walked towards Saturn Valley and could hear it starting to play while in the caves, I immediately thought "This needs to be remixed." So I came here tonight, and it already has been! Although I would love a longer remix that stays to the Saturn Valley tune a little closer, this is awesome in its own right. Definately a keeper.
  5. Oh man, this is great! The fact she's singing to Jeff is hilarious, and it's doubled by the fact my name is Jeff, and I look quite a bit like the Jeff in Earthbound! Although not quite as nerdy looking... Slightly disturbing, funny, and touching in an odd way; that's what Earthbound is, isn't it?
  6. First of all, I resent this game being called a clone. This game kicked all kinds of ass, and was incredibly imaginative if you ask me. Plus, it had Scratch and Grounder. Anyway, the mix is excellent, and although it started sounding like it might not appeal to me, I was soon swept up into the beat. Or "jive". ~_^ Great work.
  7. I like this remix. I really do. However, it feels as though it is only half of an experience. This is, in every way, a song meant to be set to a movie. If there is ever a Zelda movie, this would need to be on the soundtrack. The quality and composition is excellent, however, and I look forward to more contributions from this artist.
  8. Whoa. The whole style of this remix... the sound... it's all done incredibly well. This has definitely secured a spot on my playlist. Excellent work.
  9. Incredible how a remix can take a repetitive, even annoying, piece and make it something brilliant. My hat's off to you; you've created something to be remembered here.
  10. Wow. Right when I thought this couldn't get any better, BAM! Stan's Theme. That and LeChuck's Theme are two pieces that are often overlooked (even more so than all the other pieces), and having them both in this makes for one helluva Monkey Island medley.
  11. The world may someday forgive you for this, but I sure won't! =P Just kidding, just kidding. This is definately... different. Although I prefer the ordinary Bubble Bobble mixes, you've really made something worth remembering here. I don't think I'll ever be able to play BB again without thinking of this.
  12. Frog's Theme + Music from my Favorite FF! A recipe for success! Upbeat, exciting, and easy to play on repeat for a good long time without getting dull.
  13. I'm a newcomer to the world of Star Control II, having just started playing it through the "Ur-Quan Masters" project. However, when I saw SCII on this site, my heart skipped a beat. This mix stays exciting and entertaining the whole way through without deviating from the original track too much. It's hard to make a great mix out of something that repeats itself so much, but you've done it with flying colors.
  14. Although this takes a backseat to Disco Dan's new LttP remix, it is still brilliant in its own right. A great mix that goes beyond just the Dark World theme. My favorite McVaffe remix is still Tetris's "McVaffeQuasi Ultimix", though.
  15. Hmmm... the description says the remix is 7'22" long, but mine goes for 11:10. Is it the same for everyone else?
  16. It only took 25 seconds to convince me to download this to my PC! This night has had quite a few great remixes, and this is one of the best. I had pretty much forgotten about this piece, and the melody came flooding back into my head as I listened. Top notch work!
  17. Now this is Halo! An excellent spin on the original, even if it does take quite a few risks here and there. When I listen to this, I can just see Master Chief running into a room full of grunts, assault rifle blaring.
  18. The second I realized what I was listening to, I had to rush to create an account. This remix represents why LttP is my favorite game of all time. I can't find a single flaw in it. Brilliant the whole way through. My favorite remix by MILES. Bravo, Dan.
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