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  1. This is a nicely done piece. Darangen's guitar play is something I've become a fan of recently. Good on ya man.
  2. Just wanted to drop by and say hello to all you new comers (and all you pros). You could say I'm a bit of a newbie meself though I've been downloading a while longer then I've been a member. I've managed to pick up a few things since I've joined. The most important thing is to ignore them flamers, they're out to get you newbies so don't give them more fuel by responding to their flames. Also, unless you have a good idea for a thread, you're better off just posting your opinions in existing threads until you get the hang of things rather then just posting any old topic. Anyways, I'm outta here, goodluck and have fun on OCR.
  3. I remember killing Dark Link with me sword. Doesn't he open up now and then to let you attack? Guess I'll have to check it out again one day. I agree with the Bubble Bobble boss, that guy gave me crap too.
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