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  1. Uhh, this is random enough that my brain refuses to comprehend it. Maybe cuz I've been neglecting the series as of late.
  2. Oh yes, VERY k-pax. For someone who didn't know the soundtrack very well, you could probably substitute this mix in for the k-pax main theme and they wouldn't know any better. Great stuff.
  3. It's one of those songs I can't help but head bop to, love the beat. And for some reason I also love the voice clip that goes "I mention I don't like heights?"
  4. I do Northern Shaolin and did Hapkido for a bit. To be honest, I didn't know the stereotype existed until I read the thread haha.
  5. Ahhh, now I remember what I was gonna post about. I saw the news, then logged onto OCR....then forgot I what I was gonna do in an odd case of cognitive failure. Anyways, yeh that's some big ass news.
  6. It's true that the VG music scene here is small and yeh, it is growing nicely. But I tell ya what, it's got a hell of a way to go. It's a good thing we have an article like this in the mix cuz promotion of VG music is a lot of what we're missing. Great interview.
  7. Bleh, mine weren't uploaded, well that made me cry a little.
  8. I like the majority of this community did not know him personally. However, take heart in knowing that through his music, he managed to reach out to us all. My deepest condolences for your loss.
  9. I'd have to recommend VI as well. It really was the turning point on the FF series in my opinion. Then again, if you've never played its predecessors, you'd have no idea what I'm talking about so *shrugs*.
  10. Dammit...condolences to Kee's family and the families of the other men that were lost. That's not the type of news anyone wants to hear.
  11. Ahh, thanks. Guess it's sorta like our Boxing Day.
  12. Uhh, this must be an American thing cuz I have no idea what you guys are on about. I checked the date three times and just said "eh?".
  13. Just wondering, the sig_shoppe accepting stuff from random newcomers? If so: If not, I'll just curl up in the fetal position and sob a bit. I'll be fine in the morning.
  14. Loved this song when it was submitted to DoD and I still do now. Awesome how everything was put together, great work house.
  15. I've always wondered who half the characters were but could never be stuffed searching the forums for that thread that had the names listed. Now that Nicholas has linked it, I can't be stuffed searching through the pages for the names either. So in all, it's not such a bad idea in my opinion.
  16. DELAYED in Australia and New Zealand haha. We = shafted AGAIN. Affects me little though since I was gonna get the PC version which was delayed anyway. I do feel sorry for my 360 and PS3 counterparts though, at least you people only have to wait till next week compared to what, next year for us PC'ers?
  17. Game only just came out in Australia last week. I bought it but I can't even play it cuz of my stupid exams.
  18. No worries, can't win em all hehe.
  19. Not sure if this will be to your liking but have a quick look anyway.
  20. No worries megaphone and thanks for the kudos Doulifée. Hey, at least I can cover some of your sig making work from now on if you don't have the time. Just another reason to put off studying for my uni exams haha.
  21. Seeing as you requested your sig a while ago but no one's had a go at it, thought I might as well give it a go. To be honest, I'd wait for one from Doulifée or something and use this one as more of a placeholder haha (this one's kind of a rush job). Didn't use the pictures you provided. EDIT: Oh yeh, I'd actually started your sig then left to go somewhere. When I got back, you'd posted your suggestions but since I was almost done, figured I'd just finish it and see what you thought.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. Yeh, I'm pretty sure I've been having severe paged pool memory issues ever since I got my new rig. Halo 2, Portal, Hellgate London Demo and a couple of other games I can't remember have all been having a crash fest on me they all crash the same way (screen goes black, looping sounds). Gave your suggestion a go and it seemed to do the trick but I can't be 100% certain, only gave it around 5mins. After I gave Portal a go, decided to see if the Hellgate demo would work but it still had the same problem. Will get around to trying Portal again when I have time (longer than 5mins this time) and hopefully I'll be able to play the whole way through. Thanks again.
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