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  1. My net's been on the fritz as of late (if my absence from msn didn't give that away) router issue or some crap like that. Seems to let me on in short bursts. But anyway, sorry guys don't think I can make it (I'm starting to sound like a broken record now). Like last time, expect a call or message from me if I don't show. I say if cuz there's always that chance where I may decide to give it all up and go despite the consequences. V, I'm goin by the presumption you haven't changed your number or maybe Joe, watkinzez or someone else can PM me their numbers. Maybe I should plan the next meetup, will make sure I'm there for once. You could always kidnap some short asian dude then pretend he's me, I'm sure there wouldn't be too much of a difference. Gaming is our stereotype afterall. EDIT: I was going to test the number I have on my phone but I'm guessing I'm the only one awake right now? Better safe then sorry heh.
  2. Yeh, Ridley music's awesome. I want a release date more with every update they give.
  3. Mmmk, I shall make a minor *bump* so it doesn't slip to page two. I'm still in hiatus. I'll be starting my lockdown study session today. If all goes well, I'll see you guys for the morning session. I HATE math. Stupid prerequsite subjects.
  4. I'm gonna say the 30th (despite the fact that chances of me going low, it is nevertheless the date with the highest chance of me going).
  5. Moving the meet to an earlier date would be worse for me. I have exams every week from now until stuvac which starts in about a fortnight. Then every week after stuvac I have at least one major exam (up until the Monday after the 30th June where I have my last exam). So if I were to have any chance of attending at all, it would be the 30th as originally planned (in which I'll try to attend the morning session) or anything after 2nd of July. Seriously though, don't factor me into this cuz it's just making me feel guilty haha.
  6. BLOODY CRAPTACULAR, I have an exam after the meetup. Aiight, depending on how ready I am, I'm gonna try and make it to the morning session of the meet, will have to pass on the others though. Sorry people...again.... *insert obligatory V insult here*
  7. That line scares me man haha. I totally forgot about the whole announcement. Good to know it's a SC2.
  8. Gotta love how many times that stereotype is used. I can't say much to disprove it though cuz I'm asian and know martial arts....Anyways, poor kid. Honestly, some parents overreact waaay too much sometimes. As for the authorities, I have a hammer in my room, I also have a screw driver set and a Leatherman. Guess I'd be pretty screwed if the cops came knocking on my door.
  9. I liked the original Street Fighter movie.... No thanks. Sometimes too many A list celebs can spoil the broth.
  10. To be brutally honest, I'm sick of MMO's and the prospect of a Starcraft MMO just annoys me to bits. Just too much damn time has to be dedicated to get anywhere in those games, some of us actually have other stuff to do through the week. Not everyone has gone gaga over MMO's, Blizzard (thank goodness some of you agree with me). If the new game is going to be Starcraft (or anything else for that matter), god I hope it's a pure non MMO RTS, hell, I'll settle with your standard single player first person shooter if I have to. That being said, I'm guessing there are a tonne of people out there who are pissing their pants for a Starcraft MMO.
  11. Caught word of the Sydney one a while back. Don't think I'm good to go though. Speaking of special guests, I kinda went to this concert (first post on page) and forgot to tell you guys about it....Well actually, I mentioned it at the end of last year but forgot to bring it up again. I'm still kicking myself for not getting autographs.
  12. I'd like to hear a version without lyrics, but that's not saying that this mix ain't awesome. Great stuff and kudos to your friend for the guitar play.
  13. Yeh, I'm an example of one of those people. I say crap about how I won't get a PS3 and other crap about how Sony is retarted but wait till the game comes out, I'll go running to get a PS3 straight away. Stupid fanboyism.
  14. That oughta rub some salt into open wounds...sorta anyway. If only the main FFXIII game would go multi platform, would give me one heck of a reason not to get that EXPENSIVE curved black brick.
  15. Just saw the story on the news. Friggin terrible.
  16. I feel your pain. Looking forward to this one nevertheless. My console has been gathering dust as of late.
  17. Ain't it grand being a PAL nation?
  18. Excuse me for not adding the part about media exaggeration. Despite this, there is some truth behind what they say. People have complained about the ad and people have complained about violent video games. I'm well aware that a tonne of Brits dropped by the Aussie tourism site after seeing the ad but this doesn't change the fact that the British decided to ban the ad. Whether this is what the majority of the public thinks or what the minority thinks, it doesn't matter. Like you said, whatever gets coverage will win and ultimately people who know less about the issue at hand will believe what they see in the media. Because of this, parents are obviously annoyed at how the rating system works, even the ones who have never seen the games in question. Like I said before, I couldn't care less if the rating system were left as it is as they I wouldn't have played the stuff they've banned or considered banning in the first place.
  19. To be honest, it seems we Aussies don't really know what we find offensive anymore. Take a look at Lara Bingle and the "Where the bloody hell are you?" campaign (google it or something if you dunno what I'm talking about). The Brits don't seem too happy but we're all fine and dandy with it. We move on over to games and we see a flipside to things - people complaining across the board about mature content in games their kids are playing. Personally, I'll start giving a rat's ass once they consider banning a game I'm actually interested in.
  20. To be honest, you leaving was too unlikely for me so I didn't for that. As for Recapitated, I would have fallen for it if it weren't for this thread haha. I totally forgot it was April Fools until I read this thread and gave some thought about you "leaving" then realised it was the 1st. I agree with EA Remix though, best I've seen. I haven't fallen for one of these since the "Nobuo Uematsu remix" several years back. I have a good feeling of being fooled next year though.
  21. CRAP!! Uhh, you're not gonna like this Bahamut, I was transferring the Tal Rasha amulet to the special mule for ya when my damn net connection dropped out. That was all fine and dandy except, it dropped out for about an hour...so by the time I got back, the game was gone. I still have the belt though, I think I'll hang onto that one until I see you in game... EDIT: I've taken the Hand of Blessed Light for my pally. Bahamut, check mule 5 for your belt.
  22. Shoving Signon's Guard (the shield) on mule 4 when I get the chance. Bahamut, I'll get your gear to you when I get the chance as well. Been stuck with a load of university work for the past 3 days so haven't had a chance to play.
  23. Ah, I forgot to ask you last night Bahamut, was that the complete Tal Rasha set you were wearing? I've got the belt lying around somewhere if you (or any of you) need it. Actually, I might just shove it on the mule, it'll be easier. I've got a sorc but right now, she's not my primary. Wait, I forgot to ask the account details *smacks head*. EDIT: Well I'll be buggered, just picked up a second piece, got reason to hang onto it now hehe. If one of you desperately need it or the ammy though, just give me a buzz.
  24. Ah jeez, almost got my hands on a Skulder's but thanks to the screen shaking that occurs when you kill off a boss, I ended up with crap. There are no words to describe how pissed off I am right now. By the way, mule was a great idea. I've got something that I can add so I'll grab the account details next time I bump into you guys on IRC. I've also managed to catch up, on the downside though, I've got nothin but crap gear. Any decent one handed weapon for a 72 Pally (zeal) would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Oh yeh, I've been tryin to bump into you lot on other days, just that I haven't been relying on using IRC as a meeting point....(just been randomly messaging in game to see if anyone's around). I also tend to jump on at night aussie time so you guys would probably be snoozin then. I'll make an effort to get on earlier though.
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