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  1. Keeps crashing on my computer for some reason. What I've managed to play so far is pretty fun though. Now, if only I can get the damn game to play for more then 10-15mins without crashing...
  2. I'd like to know of a good custom map place too....if I had the game. For some damn reason they delayed the Australian launch a week from the original release date of October 18th. We can't get our hands the orange box till next friggin week (yeh, I know I'm just echoing what I said in the Portal thread but I'm just so damn annoyed). They haven't even given us a bloody explanation yet. Reading everyone's comments on TF2 makes me so incredibly envious of you all. It sucks to be an Aussie gamer. Just on the subject of maps, can anyone remember the name of that old TFC map - both sides had a kind of horizontal moat of water with a grate that you could blow with the demoman, you could then swim through and it lead to the flag, both sides also had a sort of a fortress for a base with I think two or three levels? Was also one of them conc jump heaven maps.
  3. Ooo cool. Always heard good things about it but never got it for the PS2. Mostly cuz the delayed release in the PAL nations kinda made me forget it even existed...With the Wii version confirmed, I might as well grab that one instead of the PS2 varient.
  4. Australia got shafted (again). We have to wait till next week to get the damn game - the whole orange box for that matter. What's even cooler is, the guys at EB said they weren't even 100% that we'd get it next week. So, we pay more for games and gaming devices that we have to wait longer for and now we don't get access to Portal and it's friends for a full two weeks (or more) after it gets released in the States. It's bloody awesome being an Aussie gamer.
  5. Think everyone's cool with the footer. I'll be happy so long's the ads don't make friggin sounds. In terms of something more detailed though, I reckon Zircon's idea is a good one.
  6. Man, we gotta wait till next week haha. Dammit, why can't all games have a simultaneous release.
  7. When I got my new rig built, it was orginally outfitted with Vista. I would have stuck with it if it weren't for its complete rejection of some old parts and programs of mine. One example, I connect to my internet using a wireless network card - Vista didn't support that network card - I needed to connect to the internet to download drivers that were compatible for that network card....Ended up going back to XP SP2 because in the end, Vista just looked pretty but a quarter of the essential stuff I used to use worked a hell of a lot better on XP (or in the case of my ancient TV tuner, just didn't work on Vista full stop). No idea when it'll stop sucking but I think I'm gonna end up reverting back sooner or later but really, sticking with DX9 for now ain't too bad...unless the bastards are making whatever it is Vista only.
  8. I miss the good old days of conc jumping across maps (not to mention double conc jumps), especially conc jumping to grab a flag then staggering around trying to conc jump back. TF2 is definitely gonna screw up my exam prep.
  9. Yeh, my music playing devices all look pretty bland when an OCR song pops up. Here's hopin someone conjures up a kickass lookin one soon. If not, guess I'm gonna resort to cropping the logo and pasting that into my album art sooner or later.
  10. I just love how his recovery move is grabbing onto a Cypher
  11. Same here, haven't listened to the actual OST but have played a lot of the game. To be honest, I'm not a big fan or at least, I liked the soundtracks to the other FF's a lot more. Nothing really struck me with the FFXII soundtrack. I think it's cuz I was always a big fan of the upbeat battle music each FF had. With the removal of the battle screen, there was only really the world music left to listen to. Also, the lack of the Uematsu effect really made the soundtrack lose out for me. But I'm probably in a minority here, I'm sure you can find plenty of people who do like the soundtrack.
  12. Good thing I'm not fussy, I just unchecked all the WAVs and walked away...anyways, great job the lot of you who contributed. Still only about half way through the album but I like what I hear so far. And damn I just love it when Sixto breaks out and starts shredding that guitar.
  13. No need to stay up late here, almost 3pm in the arvo haha. Too bad there aren't many seeds as of yet but I'll wait patiently. Sounds awesome so far from the tracks that I do have.
  14. Holy crap, I actually forgot about this project. Geh, should be ashamed of myself. Anyways, 2, wait, 3 more days (friggin timezones), can't wait!
  15. Been playing on and off for the past couple of weeks and finally finished. Pretty damn cool. The twist made me go, "oh snap!". Same thing happened when I ran into the twist in System Shock 2 actually. Got the good ending this time around but I think I'll just hop onto youtube or something to watch the other 2. Managed to avoid any bugs that people have had on the PC and I think I should uninstall it right now just in case something happens to my HDD. Agreed, on all accounts. Deus Ex 2 was a huge let down for me.
  16. Hurrah, I won't be able to get my hands on this game till late October. Heck, Super Paper Mario hasn't even come out down here yet. Being an Aussie gamer is AWESOME! I had to avoid reading all your posts because of the whole spoiler factor but from the tid bits I have read, guess I should be looking forward to it.
  17. Geh, seeing as I won't have access to this game till Friday (aussie time), I decided to grab the PC demo off Gamespot. Awesome thing is, the setup file didn't work. Guess I'm gonna have to wait till Friday, unless someone can send me the setup file from the PC demo. I think I should try and dodge this thread from now on, don't want any spoilers.
  18. Agreed. It's one of those old school games everyone has to give a try.
  19. I've been keeping an eye on this one ever since they first announced it (being a System Shock 2 fanyboy and all), pre-ordered my limited edition and everything. Toys R Us and their dodgey business is funny stuff. Just deciding whether I should grab the PC demo or just wait till it comes out next week. Will needa wait 7 days though since everything loves to come out later down here in Australia (don't worry, I'm not forgetting that you Europeans get shafted a lot too).
  20. I lurked for the most part of 2003 and joined the following year. And for some reason, that's the first time I've ever seen the site when it was orange haha. Sure has changed over these years.
  21. I'm blaming Spears anyway. She's gone right off her nut so I'm sure no one would blame us for degrading her further.
  22. Was wondering why I wasn't on that list then I remembered it was cuz I'm on the European servers. If anyone on the EU servers needs a hand or something, feel free ta give me a buzz. Unseen Edge is my main. I'm currently working through the Factions campaign which I've had for a while but never got around to finishing (no Nightfall as yet).
  23. Forgive my blatent ignorance and lack of research on the subject but this says that PAL nations aren't getting the 80gig variants or a price drop for that matter. So that means we don't get PS3's at all haha? Or does that just mean they're gonna keep making the 60 gig variants for us and make us pay the same price for it as the Americans do for their 80 gig version (and by saying "same price" I mean up to 300 bucks $A more then the US). I'm probably missing something here cuz I haven't been giving much of a rat's ass about the PS3 lately. Either way, PAL nations get bad end of the stick again.
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