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  1. the use of the word original in the thread title had me thinking this was a site devoted to newly created 8bit soundtracks for make believe games...I was all excited...
  2. for a more in depth look at the commercial and what exactly is going on in it.
  3. Up, a compilation of 11 songs, based on progressive music elements is released. Let the polyrhythms and virtuoso solos be your guides to the New Year! 1. C-jeff — Ocean Backwards (5:44) 2. Virt — First Flight (5:36) 3. Blitz Lunar — Mathsma Attack (4:52) 4. Heosphoros — Triple Point (3:15) 5. nq\skrju — Up to Sunshine Avenue (1:46) 6. coda — the magnificent meat shower (5:26) 7. Zan-zan-zawa-veia — Last Sppr (2:03) 8. Shnabubula — Spongetta in the Studio (3:07) 9. Maxo — Twirling Star (6:01) 10. Jork — Cellular Interference (4:33) 11. Derris-Kharlan — Forcystus (4:39) Go COP THAT!!
  4. Happy Birthday David!! This is the first birthday thread I've ever posted in.
  5. Check it out y'all:
  6. I always really liked this track:
  7. This is the craziest song I've ever heard in an actual gameboy game as far as use of the soundchip. it's from a game called "drymouth"
  8. enjoy
  9. I'd be blown away if you could beat Dracula's final form without using the axe.
  10. Hey y'all, this album is like a greatest hits from between 2003-2006, my aesthetic sensibilities have changed quite a bit since this era so it's possible I might never write music of this sort again....hope you all enjoy.
  12. new song.... it's called... David Blaine Ruinss Magfest.. or something:
  14. this album is temporary entitled.... S-S-S_S_S_S_S_S_ERVER BREAKER!!!! Enjoy it's free...for like... tonight enjoy no wait.. that's not it enjoy.. while you still can!!!