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  1. This album is INCREDIBLE!!! I am so moved by it's depth.
  2. Finally, the man..they myth...the limey, releases a couple of original albums. This guy's been blowing me away for years, it's about time! Everybody go get these!
  3. So I've been looking for a while now for away to combine piano improvisation with electronic composition, and i think I've finally found a formula that works. Over the next few months I'll be doing my best to combine the best of both worlds into one album for you all to enjoy. Here's a short preview of what's to come:
  4. how on earth?? did you post this from a casino?? and I'm really glad you enjoyed track 1, that's one of my favorites as well
  5. Tommy got a special gift this christmas. When he rubbed his new lamp he unleashed the ultimate power in the universe....the Game Genie! All of a sudden Tommy's consoles were able to make all kinds of new sounds never before thought possible, even allowing his different systems to sing together in unison. Tommy felt like he was ready to conquer the world. But first, to prove his worth, Tommy needed to face off against his genie in the ultimate showdown.
  6. I'm sorry but with your thread title I find it impossible to take this topic seriously:
  7. Hey... so I've got a new chiptune album coming out soon at This is one of the tracks with the lead played live to the best of my ability:
  9. excellent work and for a great cause, can't wait for the whole thing will definitely purchase the track.
  10. and the nsf is here:
  11. One of my all time favorite uematsu songs:
  12. I'm to cover the entire CV3 soundtrack on piano....eventually with full quality but I'm starting with youtube.
  13. seeing as how it will be a PSOne Classic and all, I don't harbor much hope.
  14. from what I've read it looks like a direct port of the PSX version =(