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  1. 48 Minutes of Piano Improvisation coming real soon to http://shnabubula.bandcamp.com Hear a track from the album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbd8qsz1O8I Album version uses piano mics instead of the camera feed so it's much better quality.
  2. This is one of the craziest bundles I've ever heard of, all seven albums for $1... that's more than a 2000% discount, and the money goes to what I consider to be one of the best labels around, Ubiktune. All 7 albums are available for streaming so you can preview them before you download, but believe me, it's worth it. http://ubiktune.bundledragon.com/pilot
  3. Katie, Happy Birthday, I'm so glad to have you as a friend. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!
  4. Really Amazing Remix!!! And it's been listened to at least 9 million times now thanks to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4oCrCwEIEA&feature=related would've been nice if they'd given some credit.
  5. I keep finding people that I think are remarkably talented and they're all scared shitless of writing to the point where they rarely do it. I believe if we could end/solve this epidemic the world would have loads more epic music.
  6. Over the last month I've been writing new music using the soundsets of classic SNES games, I've had to put this project on indefinite hold because of serious health concerns, however I managed to write 45 minutes worth of music, 10 songs, and I'm releasing it as an collection available here: Sets used include: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Contra III, Final Fantasy vi, Terranigma, and Chrono Trigger http://shnabubula.bandcamp.com/album/snesology-2012
  7. one hour to go!! http://www.facebook.com/events/387048558012539/ BE THERE! 10 PM EAST/7PM PACIFIC"
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDzQZwvJO38 ENJOY!
  9. http://ubiktune.org/releases/ubi047-shnabubula-starbound This album comes from pure emotion. I poured everything into it. All 42 minutes are part of a singular journey, but I divided it into five tracks so that you're not forced to take the whole thing all at once. This was also done to allow you to easily revisit whichever part speaks most to you. I Departure (5:11) II Welcome to the Games (7:05) III The Arena (9:21) IV Awakening - Farewell (6:41) V Starbound (14:11) Artwork by Katie Kinkel All music composed by Samuel Ascher-Weiss
  10. I have created a sound cloud page to chronicle my development as an improviser. I've begun an intense regimen of practice both in technique as well as specific drills tailored towards improvisation. My goal is to record a full length improvised album, 9 or so tracks, 50 minutes long, towards the end of 2013. I want to capture the entire thing on video in a single continuous shot. Here you can witness my slow but hopefully steady progress. http://soundcloud.com/shnabubula
  11. Btw I'm a huge fan, <3 bluenoise and bluescreen
  12. Listening Party is in 2 hours at arecibioradio.com and in IRC at #areciboradio on espernet... be there!
  13. If you read my post you'll notice I wasn't defending myself. I used myself as a reference point since the term was originally applied to me, and if you read back you'll notice I was practically the first one to say as much. Telling me to chill infers that I'm overly heated in some way. I didn't in anyway feel personally attacked by you, I'm sorry if my post gave that impression. I was simply bothered by your use of the phrase "because you can". you were responding to this "a faux-derogatory term used against virtuosic kinds of music by people with infinitesimal genitalia." Heh, I don't agree with either statement, but I think ultimately what Dave was saying, with the somewhat inflamatory tongue in cheek language, is what I said in that, it's a way of dismissing something as invalid without real cause. Your response implied, [beginning with the word 'no' no less] that there is INDEED cause.. and the cause is the motivation of the composer. I hope if you respond, you do to the actual content of what I'm saying.. rather than my tone.. telling me to chill.. because that again makes a false assumption in order to dismiss my point... starting to see a pattern here?
  14. I understand what you're saying here, but I think it's a dangerous approach to think this way. "Because you can" refers to intent, this is when we start guessing at what motivated a particular artist in a given situation... which requires quite a big assumption, and what's worse, we're also passing judgement on said motivation. It becomes a tool to dismiss an artist or particular piece without delving any further because we don't like the supposed intent of its creator. Speaking from my own perspective, I never did anything in my music 'simply because i could', I just held a very different set of aesthetic values when I was younger. I wanted to create in music, that which I looked for in much of the music that excited me at the time. I constantly wanted to be surprised/intrigued/challenged etc. as a listener. I loved nothing more than being thrown curve balls. So in my mind I was creating the ideal listening experience for like minded individuals. Having aged quite a bit since then, my own values have shifted significantly and I no longer feel that way, but I don't look down on my former self or anybody else who holds that point of view. Espergirl, being a slight exception in that, again there was no "just because I could" motivation [thank you so much for that conveniently dismissive turn of phrase protodome], instead I was writing everything that I thought would sway the judges....I knew what they found "impressive" etc. in my writing, and I exploited that to try to give myself the best chance of making it... and while Shariq has certainly changed his tune now, if you read his decision at the time, it seems like I hit all the right notes so to speak.
  15. Fair enough. For my part, I'll do my best to encourage others to submit, and I'll probably do something myself, as I said, when I have the time/energy.
  16. Considering I have my own 9-bit remix on the site [dueling consoles], I hardly think I could have had an incorrect perception in that regard. As far as 'causing misunderstandings' I've never implied anywhere that a traditional 9-bit remix, Primarily Electronic arrangment featuring prominent use of chip based samples using HQ processing, reverb etc. would pass the panel. Calling the NES Jams song 9-bit and claiming that it OBVIOUSLY fits the standards is stretching the label maybe a bit too far. It has solo piano and a recording of an NSF unprocessed other than hard panning applied to both squares [a default feature on several nsf players] There is no precedent for anything like that, and even Brandon just posted that he was form lettered for using chip sounds with Orchestra. Why are we playing the blame game anyway... I've never told anybody not to submit chiptunes. I MYSELF decided to give up on getting a direct recording of an NSF posted here...I don't run around discouraging others from trying.
  17. imo espergirl is a pretty huge mess in all regards. Part of it was because I was determined to meet the impossible bar of 'incredible arrangement'...to me at the time that meant...do every possible permutation of the melody I can think of harmonically and rhythmically.. and who cares if it's any good to listen to! On top of that, due to it being made in Sonar, it uses a whole bunch of effects that aren't even possible...and again, rather than these effects being applied tastefully or for any specific aesthetic purpose, it's more like it's just trying to scream HEY LOOK AT ME, I'M COMPLEX, PLEASE ACCEPT ME AS REAL MUSIC!! So yeah... overall its a kind of a catastrophe trying to sound 'impressive' as opposed to good. If I were to try again, I would take a much different approach.
  18. Personally I'm with you guys....
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