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  1. Donkey Kong Country, for me, is surrounded by an aura of mystery and nostalgia. Way back in 1994 (has it been 11 years?) I first played it at my babysitter's house, and soon thereafter I asked my parents to get it for me. I was captivated by its beautiful visuals, its clean, inviting gameplay, and, though I didn't think much about it at the time, its fascinating music. The many moods of "Cave Dweller's Concert," the lovely coos of "Aquatic Ambience," and the measured yet energetic romp of "DK Island Swing," among the other songs, were an integral part of a rather delightfully otherworldly game experience. Thus, the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack is special to me. When I returned to OCR a few months after a friend introduced it to me, I found not only game song remixes (an enticing new idea at the time), but an entire soundtrack remix (I hadn't heard of Relics of the Chozo yet). And, almost of course, it was based on none other than the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack. I knew in the back of my mind that I was in for a treat. That was back in September. Well, I had no idea what, in fact, I was in for. "Treat" doesn't even get near what this wonderful work is. I have waited months to write this review because of the weight of its subject. Kong in Concert is nearly beyond description of its quality. However, the following is an attempt at such. This is quite literally some of the best music that I have ever heard. I daresay that this is the best music on OverClocked ReMix. Every song on this album is thoughtful, skillfully crafted, sophisticated, and fun to listen to. Of course, this has a lot to do with original composers Dave Wise, Eveline Fischer, Robin Beanland, and the fabulous OST that they created. However, it has as much to do with the remixers on this project, and their musical talent and creative ingenuity. Kong in Concert (in addition to standing alone as a truly great musical accomplishment) has not only paid tribute to a great game and a memorable part of my childhood, but it has built upon what those things are for me. Godiva in the Desert: Wow. Way to kick off an album. This defies classification, and it does well for this. A variety of styles coming in from all sides make for fun, interesting listening. Its massive variance from the original sets well the idea of rearrangement for the rest of the album; and good job of changing the mood of the original. This is totally fresh. I'm also a fan of the vocals part. Swing, Monkey, Swing: This is smooth, just like the original song, but it's a little more excited at the same time. I particularly like the bass and drum parts, as well as the organ cameos. Some great sax solos, too, as well as the quiet little piano denouement. A swingin' rendition of Simian Segue. West Coast DK Island: Marvelous. This song has more sides to it than my ears can listen to at one time. I have listened to this song many times now, and I am still picking up new things from it. It is challenging, original, and, as I find more and more with each time I hear it, quite closely related to the original song while simultaneously taking the original ideas a long way in new directions. And as far as jazz is concerned, this one is just hot. JigginJonT, you done pretty damn good. Rest and (Re)spite on a Soft Summer Night: What a sweet song. First, I love the title; I can hear Cranky hiding in this. I like the even rhythm that Unknown used; it seems to accentuate the chords at the end of each phrase. The tone of the guitar is beautiful, and the drum line works well for this melody. Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain: Ho ho ho, this is fabulous. Dark, but full of thoughtful illumination. You added a lot of great music to the somewhat sparse original, and it fills up the original melody like maple syrup on a waffle: thick, dark, and tasty-sweet. This is some memorable stuff. One Zero One: Ha! This is so happy. This song pays a lot of tribute to the game; I can tell you had some good memories with this game (or at least it sounds like it ), since the feel of it is just so fondly reminiscent. Nice synth patches all the way through: leads, basses, pads are all warm and pleasant. Beneath the Surface: I can see why Dave Wise complimented this song. Complex throughout, this seems to have many ideas developed in it. It definitely does "Aquatic Ambience" justice in mood and composition, and yet it is different from not only other remixes of the same song, but different from a lot of other music in general. This is a joy to listen to. Funky Monkey Love: I laughed out loud the first time I heard this. It reminded me that all of this music, which is great on its own, is actually video game music arrangement. Yet even as I was thinking this, this song was doing some pretty sweet stuff on its own as well. Funky, jammin', and a bit wicked in places with that distorted guitar. There are some nice plays on rhythm in here too. Boiling Point: After the ethereal whispers of "Beneath the Surface" and the smooth wahs of "Funky Monkey Love," I'm rested up for some angry jams, and this song quenches this thirst. While it may not be the most sonically hardcore song I've ever heard, it definitely rocks on melody. In the same vein, the drums are a bit sputtery, but the melody makes up for this by being badass, especially on the solos you arranged. Mine Cart Misadventure: Electrical victory, this is. This takes the original song and hurls it far down a new road paved with some sweet guitar and synthesizer sounds. Like "Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain," this makes some awesome new music while still being a remix. Excellent reiteration at 2:20, and a badass ending. Echoes: Listening to this song lets me know I'm in good hands. From 0:01, I can feel that the two fellows are going to throw some sweet sounds at me. And they do. A dancing piano line, ringed by familiar trance sounds and a not-so-familiar drum kit, has energy that would make Winky proud. Around 2:40, this really throws back to the heartfelt melody of "Life in the Mines." Jumpin'. Idols of Hanuman: This is nice and eerie like the original, but it goes beyond. The percussion and the vocals in this piece are really cool. They make it more otherworldly than “Voices of the Temple.” Scary and good. Faunaphonic: Great thumping beats and good eclectic instrumentation; drum machine, sitar, synth, flute…great! I like the mystery in which you set the melody and your own notes—good mood. Arboreal Ascent: Wow, this rox. Slipping back and forth between chill and energetic, this one is like “West Coast DK Island’ in that at first, it sounds really new, but after a few more listens, I realize that the new stuff is more based in the original than I thought. Both moods are well served: the former by the xylophone, the latter by the excellent bass. Aerofunknamics: This keeps pretty much to the original song, but it means business about doing so. Great synth instrumentation: full of energy. I like the voice clips; they really drive the song. Percussion is tops. Clouded Mind and Ringing Ears: Wonderful. Synthesis is impeccable in this trip of a track. It’s a good unique addition to the other not-nearly-as-ambient tracks, breaking up the whole album with a chill-as-hell drift through a foreboding fog. This track is one of the most evocative of the game in Kong in Concert, and yet it still stands alone. Chekan Winter: This follows the previous track well: before, I didn’t know where the ground was; in this, I’m standing, but I’m still dreaming. This was the part of the mood of the original, but you’ve given it something else. I can really see the Cheka lurking in the shadows of an old snowy street when I listen to this. Synthesizer skill holds this mood up; props. dolilop do wop: Again, this retains an original idea in a new format: this sounds like coming in out of the cold, but it’s set in your very colorful instrumentation and great solo arrangements. I like the relaxed beat behind this. Ah… Machina Anesthesia: At first, I don’t like the evening-out of the melody in this one, but at second, after I let the song do its own thing, I like it. Great sounds; you pretty much created a factory with timbre and rhythm (percussion is well-executed). The composition replaces some of the driving tension in the original “Fear Factory” with sadness and lament, and it comes out sounding really nice. Pirate Prelude: This is a nice little number—I like the chord arrangement. Calm, especially with the expressive timing, then eagerly hiding something, like a small child who is bursting at the seams to reveal a secret… Thrash the Plank: …this…is…absolutely…fucking…great. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I shall always know you by this song, SnappleMan. Rare Reminiscence: This song is waking up the next day after an adventure in music. Synthesis is pleasant and the drum machining is intricate, and the guitar and bass work ain’t bad either. I’m fascinated with the very subtle change from the minor chord progression to the major at 3:45. You’ve also taken a fairly short melody and used repetition to get a good, long track that isn’t tiring or redundant. Therefore, good job on arrangement. You all have put together something very great. Every track on this album is impressive and fabulous in a unique way. Thank you for making it. It is an achievement without peer. Listening to Kong in Concert is simply a marvelous experience.
  2. This is really weird. It certainly is dirty. Very clever and well made, but it sounds nasty! Very interesting musically, but not something I'm listening to a lot.
  3. That's actually not true, your voice is nice. Maybe not sexy like Aurora's (I couldn't tell you what's sexy in a guy's voice) but it's pleasant. By the way, you look exactly like my choir director, only maybe seven years younger.
  4. I'm actually keeping that as a real song. It's got a nice rhythm and a pretty soothing and developed melody in addition to Aurora's angelic voice. I'll listen to this after a long, stressful day sometime.
  5. Damn. This pops. My whole room should be bouncing up and down to this; if it were to, I wouldn't be surprised at all.
  6. How many sigs do I have to make before I can join Team Signature?
  7. Holy...shit... ... ...okay ...hahaha It's creepy, then cute. I don't know how she's going to take it, though. P.S. I'll DO A BARREL ROLL for your sig, wingless. That's pretty cool.
  8. Wonderful second episode. Better than the first, and that one wasn't all that bad at that. Just as the others have been saying, it had more interesting content, you two have more confidence, and Rayza did a great job sounding more engaging. Don't do WIPs. You got enough ground to cover already, and they're only potential parts of OCR. Wait till it's official, this being the "official podcast." Badass intro. The second time round gave it weight as "the intro," and I just realized how awesome it is. Definitely too long on the Roulette, but that's been said. I'll give you that you were describing what you were doing for the first time, so that somewhat justifies it. If you can, you should try to get actual interviews, as in This format would keep the voices changing and make the whole thing more interesting and engaging. It might go a little long if the interviewee expounds upon a question posed by one of you. But the clips from the remixers are pretty long already, and it would be more interesting than hearing housethegrate (awesome though "Seized With Fury" was--you guys made me download something that I wouldn't have otherwise) go on and on and on about how he didn't think anything else needed to be added to his song. As my dad said rather directly, It would also be a good way to pose questions that you think newcomers would have, if you're still going for the idea of bringing OC ReMix to new ears. Aurora's getting all the attention for her voice (and for good reason) but for all the criticism of Rayza before, this time he sounded as good as she does. Good job, sexy. Monday morning just got a whole lot more enjoyable. Truly, this made me smile long after I turned it off. VGDJs rox. Edit: Oh yeah, I liked the Rama report. Good to have another voice, and good to see other sides of OCR.
  9. Try 24k Anyway, das hat mir gefallen. I'll have to listen in when I'm back to high-speed connection.
  10. GOD. Why do I ALWAYS hear about these shows DIRECTLY after they are over?! EDIT: Okay, well I got it now, but I'm on dialup. This is just great. I'm really feeling the damn scene vibe here. Rebuffering... EDIT 2: Well at least i'm not missing anything. It just stops every minute. This is cool, my first VGM radio show experience! EDIT 3: ...Except of course for VGDJs...I'm excited for the next show! Okay I'm done ranting.
  11. Yeah you are. That is pretty cool. By the way, I'm dying to know, where does your little animation of tricycle drift come from?
  12. Well, glad you didn't forget that beautiful thing. Ach, I would offer to help with this, but my musical skill is not yet worthy, and I'm busy with the Rise of the Star art. As I said, I'll remain a fan.
  13. Somebody did a pretty sick cover for this a while back. Was it you, SZ? It had part of the Earth in the corner, and a nice cosmos backdrop, and then this flaming comet thing (Lavos) flying toward the Earth. I liked it.
  14. Man, I was excited before this. You're telling me that it's on even harder now? Shit. I'm a fan.
  15. Ah, pipe down. This is an odd style idea, we're workin on it.
  16. Thank you, Taylor. Looks like SigmaMewTwo likes it too.
  17. Granted. I would have been more involved if he had been a little more colorful. However, Rayza, please for the love of God do not be one of those loud in-your-face DJs. I'd prefer comfortable, natural, uncaptivating speech to somebody trying to sound energetic simply for its own sake. But yeah, whoever said it is right, it doesn't really matter. Edit: I'm debating whether you should play whole songs on the program. Clips seem weird...maybe I should get used to it. But I'd like to hear the whole song the right way rather than hearing some really jammin' part in the middle before I hear the introduction (i.e. that FF song with the guitar solo). However, I'm also interested in what you guys have to say, and wouldn't want too much time taken up by songs that, as you noted, I can download anytime I want.
  18. SigmaMewTwo, your sig is ready: http://home.earthlink.net/~dastuart/SigmaMewTwo.gif Tell me if you want anything changed. Edit: Except please don't ask me to make it narrower, that is, decrease the height, unless you want the top and bottom of Magus cut off by the black gradient. Those lines are only 1 px wide, and if I reduce them by any factor that's not a power of 2, they will muddle together and look like shit. Edit 2: Okay, dammit, I just realized that UE beat me to my damn idea. Screw you, UE.
  19. I must say, Aurora has a radio voice. And she's right, Rayza should be himself. Anyone who can SonikElektronik can talk any way he wants to. This is really cool. I'm definitely listening to the next one as soon as it's out. It does seem a little dry at times, with long stretches of "um"-laden speech. The content was good for the first episode, though, and I'm sure as you two do more of this, you'll get better at it. I sure as hell couldn't do it as well as you have even now. Wahoo, I can feel the scene vibe flowing through me!
  20. WOW WOW SigmaMewTwo, your sig is SO on the way. Shit. I've been really tired lately, and have been on a very undisciplined sleep schedule, mainly involving Chrono Trigger. It's almost done, but I'm sampling the original to make the atmospheric pattern continue, and it's tedious. But, the tedium (hopefully) will ensure its aesthetic success. I think it looks cool, at least.
  21. Do you want MewTwo (the image of the Pokemon, I mean) on it? Do you specifically not want MewTwo on it?
  22. I'll do it, unless somebody else really wants to. I'll certainly put your name in there; that's the point! Anything else you want or don't want?
  23. Well okay then. Let's jam. Vilecat and NeoForte and Linearity together. Let me finish my first draft, and then you guys can see how good or art deco it is. Vilecat, watercoloring is a noble and difficult skill that I applaud you for having if you have it. Perhaps you can employ it yet in these circumstances, regardless of your mastery. And now, Lin will admit that he's playing too much Chrono Trigger and that Frog is rubbing off on his language.
  24. Yeah, do we want to do this as a group, Vilecat? Maybe now, maybe after we have our individual things done? I'm having a bit of trouble getting "art deco" into a starry background and Kirby. BTW, DS, do you want the Warp Star with outer glow? It looks cool, but not really like an Airstream trailer, which I hear is art deco. I don't feel strongly one way or another. What do you think?
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