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    add f4t4lv0id in your spore buddylist if you want to download any of my p00p
  2. sounds fine to me, but if you can improve upon it then by all means have it and share.
  3. good stuff. I enjoyed it. I'm always a slobberwhore for video game music mashups of sorts. lol. thankfully this was posted while I was temporarily on broadband or I may have passed this up.
  4. odd... I tried to download it and it said it couldn't find the file. Tried to stream it and a screen popped up with what I expected to be an embedded media player, but nothing began playing. the only reason I can think of this happening is what appear to be odd unicode characters in the filename which my computer is going 'DURRR WUTS THAT?' to. Anyone else getting this problem? (a ha! found the prob. I enabled UTF-8 for the page and then it converted the unicode characters properly) And it was much worth the trouble of getting it to download. Very awesome!! nothing to critique here, solid stuff and I love it.
  5. k question... wtf is "griefing"? and wtf. lol. is there no free will for the players to be whatever class they choose? I understand it's a team game, but the team is composed of individuals, and unless it's some strict clan match with a gameplan where everyone has rules issued to them to carry out for victory, then stifling someones ability to be whatever class they want to be is a bit ridiculous. If I joined a server, and someone told me to be a certain class and I refused because I suck with said class, and they banned me, I'd be outright f'n livid to think someone has a say in what class I choose to be in a game. Just remember, it's only a GAME. The users deserve SOME freedoms that are within the boundaries of actual rules where they can enjoy the game. I am the furthest person from an Atma supporter, but from what I've read, this sounds a bit like abuse of power only because it's Atma, and there are far worse crimes in an online game than not changing their class to someone elses liking. But I guess I had to be there to really understand what happened.
  6. Splatterhouse, womb stage, disco mix. that is all. ::END COMMUNICATION::
  7. I don't even have to check that link and I shall agree, since the Gremlins 2 soundtrack is awesome. I'll agree twice as much if that link is of track 5 of the NSF.
  8. There were a couple I think over at the Dwelling of Duels monthly compos. The only one I can recall off the top of my head is Jerther - All the Way Down the Ragnarok Canyon. http://dod.vgmix.com/ browse through the past duels and look for October 2006 - Sega Month
  9. Sir Nuts delivers! http://remix.thasauce.net/song/RTS0134/ and of a DOS game none the less, Star Control II. much <3
  10. HAY don't forget vgmusic.com! my hat goes off to those courageous men and women to compose those delightful midi's I generally enjoy every day. I'm a MIDI fiend! and always will be! (fact: when I got a taste of broadband, the first thing I downloaded was winamp, followed by the 2a03 NSF archive, and then a bunch of MIDI's. guess old habits do die hard.)
  11. the whole concept of ReMix:ThaSauce is great. it just needs to keep steady pace for updating and what-not, and needs to get more out there for getting the name heard. (and having reviewers too lazy to review songs which pushes the already short queue back is never a good thing!1~) But it is a nice non-stressed laid back environment for getting your music heard. It just needs to shatter the image of "IT'S THE SITE WHERE WE POST SONGS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR OC REMIX" because that's totally not the case. I'd say it's more along the lines of "it's the site where listeners can enjoy both arrangements and remixes" but yeah... JUST NEED TO GET THE BALL ROLLING AND THE WORD HEARD. I say bring on all varieties of remix sites, the more there are the more the listener benefits from because then they have choices and options to fall back on if something isn't quite their cup of tea. So support all the remixing communities out there! It's the listeners that keep them going after all. So everyone do yourself a favor and look outside of the box, go grab some tracks from OverClocked ReMix, ReMix:ThaSauce, Overlooked ReMix, animeremix, and of course one of my personal favs as well, remix.kwed.org (and the ones i've missed)
  12. I personally like a remix to stick somewhat to the original so I don't need to call in a team of specialists to tell me what track it is I'm listening to. and naturally for nostalgic purposes I love to hear old songs with a fresh new coat of paint. Remixing itself is a pretty gray area, it's not like everyone who remixes a song on this site goes out and gets permission from the original composer to post it on the site. Though out of courtesy it would be nice to give a shout-out to the original MIDI composers, but it's not really required to freely distribute it over the internet by their own means. People need to realize that some people don't make video game remixes just to get them on OC ReMix, they also make them for themselves and for others to enjoy, and in the end, as a listener, all I really care about is if I like the finished product, not how many hours was put into making the song or how many hundreds or thousands of dollars they've spent on hardware to make the songs, just if I enjoy the songs. I do however applaud the talented remixers for all the time and hard work they spend on arranging these tracks, but there's just times I want to revisit the classic songs in a whole new light, rather than a whole new world that's totally unfamiliar from the original. Just remember to keep the listening audience in mind, most just want to listen and enjoy and really don't care about the technical clockwork of a song or how it came to be. If you like your own song, you've already succeeded. If others enjoy it as well, that's a bonus. Opinions and tastes will always differ, and I don't expect anyone to share mine.
  13. space/flight sims really aren't my strong point. but all I can think of is The Last Starfighter and Hardwar (though Hardwar is kind of old and more of a space trading game on a single planet than anything. and the Last Starfighter isn't exactly stellar) Then there's Parkan II, which is kind of a on-ground FPS hybrid along with space combat sim. You may also want to look into Starshatter. None are exactly Freespace, but I guess they're decent alternatives. Best to pick and choose from a bunch until you're comfortable with one.
  14. right now my main concern is storyline. I'm curious how the hell they plan to carry on the story considering the mask got totally DESTROYED in part 3. lol. time for CREATIVE THOUGHT PROCESSING. "oh.. there was another mask.. somewhere... NO WAIT, it reconstructed itself because it's JUST THAT POWERFUL!" once all the storyline mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, then of course, gameplay is a huge concern. (and hopefully if the finished product is above par, they don't back themselves in a corner story-wise like they did with part 3 to prevent a sequel from coming out... for many many years)
  15. clearly the hadouken. because i'm not getting granted super speed as well, and I'm certainly no marathon runner, and I want as much distance between me and the recipient of said hadouken as I make my getaway.
  16. I was just trying to make things easier for the midirippers. ((
  17. I 100% agree there needs to be more Tyrian remixes, and much like Ruffles potato chips, one is never enough! But to stir the pot even more, I shall post a link to the entire midi soundtrack for your listening pleasure! http://members.iinet.net.au/~vannevar/tyrian/borgmidi.zip
  18. I beat it a long time ago, wasn't easy. for the longest time I pretty much just had to skim by on just 1 victim and pray nothing got to them before I did. lol. the final boss is the giant spider and he's no walk in the park, I recommend a weed-whacker to get out of the sticky webs so you can move around. (and a couple of those potions that turn you into that big purple monster REALLY help) and then you're greeted to the super secret hidden level where you see some of the creators of the game in their office and what-not.
  19. I nearly made boxer-babies. I was very pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I won't lie, at first I was all "wut? jmr? who's that? OSNAP ERANA'S PEACE IS PRY DEF GONNA GET SOME GENERIC DEFAULT FRUITYLOOPS TECHNO, ANOTHER RUINED ERANA'S PEACE REMIX!1~" But after hearing it my worries were certainly put to rest. Excellent work, you did a very classic game track justice, and for that I thank you.
  20. happy birfday Kev, k now finish my remix request plz!1~
  21. while that is an 11 on the nerd scale, i'm down for it as long as my card has a picture of Thwomp wearing headphones with the title "IRC Tyrant" "* You were THWOMP'D by F4T4L (Because I Can)"
  22. the rating system has yet to fail me on RKO, everything i've downloaded with an orange or red smiley is typically good stuff. and even some of the yellows are good in my book. happy downloading!!
  23. I'm wishing myself a happy birthday since no one else will. lololz P.S.: leave presents by door and run swiftly before I release the hounds
  24. my only complaint with Avast is that the free version isn't overly thorough as it could be, but it is free, and it's better than nothing. I prefer AntiVir mostly for several reasons. 1) it's very fast. 2) the onguard scanner doesn't hinder performance much at all. 3) it's pretty simple and straightforward. I'm not sure how "learned" your grandparents are when it comes to computers and what-not, but this is certainly a good choice for "simple" and yet "effective", with automatic updates as well. 4) for being free it's likely the most thorough for catching LEGIT virus'. In the end, I'd say Avast! or AntiVir are your best shot. I'd say stay away from AVG Antivirus though, I've had so many headaches with it that it's not even funny. And it has a tendency to not do what it's supposed to, ie. not catch virus' before it's too late. In the end though, the best virus protection is the person using the computer. If they know what to do and what not to do, they can save themselves plenty of aggravation in the longrun. Start by installing Mozilla Firefox, and to be internet cautious for what they download and run. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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