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  1. Good grief... that was awesome! ROTFL xD Captain N meets insanity! I appreciated the Pong, Space Invaders, and Q-Bert references the most. Seeing you kicking around Goombas and clanging Mario in the vulnerables was just icing on the cake. Dang. I think I know what you're referring to but can't remember the specifics myself. Blast it. I hate it when that happens. >_<
  2. C'mon. A simple look at the standee's figure should've been enough to tell that it's a fake. LOL Guess that what happens when acts of idiocy lead to other acts of idiocy, but whatever. I find myself amused that the PD has kept the mannequin for their own purposes (evidence was it? right... [heh, heh]) despite the fact that it's a poor excuse for property theft. I'm glad he's seeking wrongful arrest charges on the PD though. I hope that all the police involved are getting plenty of negative marks on their records. In all truth, they should probably be jailed themselves.
  3. Ah... Gotcha. Thanks for the explanation. And yeah, it is kinda annoying when that happens in writing. What's even worse is when people accidentally pull double negatives when they don't want to. I've done that as well at times, often resulting in misunderstandings when it does.
  4. Uwe Boll as a human is an arragant push-off and more than a little thick, but other than that, I suppose he isn't that bad. It's his movies that suck, mostly due to poor acting, writing, etc., but that's a problem with most video game movies anyway. Then again, there are plenty of production problems with movies these days. Take Michael Bay films for instance. The effects can be great but the acting/writing quality are so blatantly and ridiculously poor that it's almost unbelievable. Coincidentally, it's kinda funny that such terrible movies actually have a tendency to force better ones out into the open. I must admit that Boll does make a few good points about movies in general, but that kinda stuff is already obvious. At least Boll's always been right about one thing though - Bay has no sense of humour.
  5. I hope that wasn't a slant at me... But yeah. I know pretty much why it happens. Some people are oversensitive, some goof around too much, some are creeps, some are too busy, and then some are just plain knuckleheads; but that stuff can happen just about anywhere. It's not really aimed at VGM or anything. It's just life. *shrugs* I suppose only real reason an ol' duffer like me seems to hang around as much as I do is because I'm really just a loser/nutter who doesn't like think of something better to do with my time when I'm not working, eating, sleeping, or playing games. I'd spend more time sequencing, but I have some computer issues and then personal problems that like to get in the way... *shrugs again* Live and let learn, I guess... [edit] I forgot that another reason would be because I don't really socialize or go out much in RL. In fact, I pretty much avoid it whenever and wherever I can.
  6. You mean like EverCrack? Personally, I've never been able to get into any MMO's, but that doesn't mean that they're bad. It's just not my thing. If people want to roleplay their lives away, that's fine by me. It's their choice after all...
  7. I've noticed that as a growing trend as well. It's been even worse as of late. It appears that the VGM Forum is dying, and that's rather sad.
  8. Interesting and informative for people who don't already know all this stuff (read as "non-gamers"), but it does tend to drag on a bit, though perhaps understandably so. In reality, people only hinder the advancement of video games because they're greedy idiots. For one, people are quick to condemn something they don't understand - they don't play video games and therefore slam people that do and are willing to find feeble (and likely untrue) excuses to do so. The reason that it reveals a motivation of greed is because bad coverage sells, and what reason would someone have to tell the truth if the opposite didn't earn them some benefit in the long run? None apparently. There's no care in honesty if it doesn't make you look good, and there's also no sense in not using it as a means of extortion in the process. Anything else is thoroughly "un-[insert nationalism of choice]." The video game industry simply makes for an easy target. That's all.
  9. Sorry, but I tend to disagree with that statement. Corruption's music was ok, but I think that it was the fact that the connection to previous games wasn't made the most of that hurt it the most. Music referential to the previous MP games also felt at least mindly off in terms of overall feel (except for music that was blatant copy-and-paste, of course). That aside, the general music itself just never felt Metroid-ish enough for me (at least for the most part), which is why I liked the overall soundtrack much less than I did Prime or Prime 2: Echoes.
  10. I actually meant the older Star Wars games, even though Star Wars games have always run fairly strong (at least in sales anyway). At the same time that Lucasarts was churning out the great adventure games, they had to contend with the likes of X-Wing, TIE-Fighter, and the Dark Forces games. Coincidentally, I still consider those particular games to be the best of the Star Wars series.
  11. X

    Zelda - The Movie

    And yet my sides still hurt. That commercial never gets old.
  12. X

    Zelda - The Movie

    Boy am I glad I'm not the only person who thinks so. While it's better than some video game movies have been... *coughmariocough* ...it certainly could be better. It's funny, but for all the wrong reasons.
  13. If someone wants links for mine, it'd be much easier to just head to my website instead of VGM. That way you don't have to search through a load of different pages. If I was to link to each VGMusic archive of my sequences, it'd take me bloody forever because I've gone and recategorized my midis in my own archives so that they're easier to remember the filenames to. In hindsight I wish I'd done it that way at the beginning when I first started submitting them to the VGM Archives, but unfortunately I didn't. [edit] I will give you fair warning that mine aren't that good anyway though, or at least that's my opinion. They're passable, but that's about it. Most of 'em aren't that XG friendly either, but there are a few that are. For listeners using MSGS, it shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and FYI, that's not a shameless plug or anything. I just thought it'd be easier to list 'em this way. @Jose: Are you the same Jose from VGM (mod/admin)?
  14. How much for: Mister Mosquito (PS2) Sam & Max Hit the Road (PC) I'm also interested in a couple of other things but need to know specifics: King's Quest Collection - which one is it; which games are included Dark Empire I & II + Empire's End - extent/condition of the collection: which ones it is: TP collection or actual issues if it's TP, do you have seperate DE II & Empire's End (1st ed) or the DEII 2nd ed (lumps the both together) if issues, is it the whole series: I (1-6), II (1-6), Empire's End (1-2) condition of the comics/TP: mint, near-mint, excellent, good, fair, poor, etc. Sorry to be such a bear, but having that info would help. If not, I just don't know... Thanks in advance.
  15. I've done some midis for VGMusic, but they're not very good (mostly stuff for the NES and PC, but a few SNES, PSX/2, etc. as well). I've got much more back-logged into an unfinished directory on a personal flash drive, but for whatever reason, I haven't bothered getting them finished yet (despite the fact that some are practically done and may only need some slight touch-up). Meh. Hopefully I'll get to 'em some time.
  16. Actually, up to about about half a year ago, I barely ever posted despite the fact that I've been around since 2004. Hmmm...... /me thinks that the "I think..." part of that statement is the scary part...... Love live Haji's Kitchen! Which reminds me... the beginning of Haji's "As Ever Beyond" has always made me think of the beginning of the Metroid II title screen for some inexplicable reason. It's not exactly a replica of it, but I hafta admit that it kinda sounds like Metroid squirming to me. The lyrics also make me think of Metroid as well.
  17. X

    Zelda - The Movie

    I'm whole-heartedly against the making of any TLOZ movie for the same reason that I'm against the making of any Metroid movie. Sure the special effects would be sweet. Sure the action would be awesome. Sure the musical score would be nothing short of stellar. But that does not a good movie make. I'm also staunchly against giving Link a voice. I think that he should forever be the silent hero no matter the consequences. The same goes for Samus (and in hindsight, Corruptions voiceovers were so bad that I don't even want to know how much Samus would've gotten butchered in the process). As it is, Twilight Princess is already too dangerously close to a Zelda movie (since Nintendo focused on cinematics over just about everything else, including gameplay). I'd prefer to just leave Zelda where it is for now - on consoles where it should be.
  18. I think that it may depend on the type of game at times, but for the most part, I'm a firm believer that the music should complement the game as much as the game should complement the music. I don't know if that makes sense to anyway but me, but that is how I feel about the issue. Other than that, so long as I don't have to turn down the music - or turn off the music all together if the soundtrack is bad enough (none to common, but I do have to do it to preserve my sanity from time to time) - I really can't think of much else to say. I hate it when the SFX-to-music sound ratio is off though.
  19. A few people have, including me. It happens to be my favorite of them all although it's remarkably short. Awsome game. It's too bad that Lucasarts cancelled their plans for a sequel, but without Roy Conrad, it wouldn't be the same anyway. RIP, good buddy. He's sorely missed. Pretty much. I can never understand why they ditched a lineup that was perhaps their second best seller behind the Star Wars games. I love both KQ V and VI, but yeah, that desert was a pain in the butt. I always have to check a walkthrough to get through that bit. Coincidentally, VI was quite easy to figure out, even the harder path where you had to go through the realm of the dead and all that. Meeting Sanheim rocks!
  20. It's called a "typo." Meh... It's fixed now. Other than that... yeah, it was pretty lame anyway. *exhasperated sigh* You take what you can get (or give, in this case).
  21. There is the overall chronological order to contend with, but no, these games are their own seperate stories and can be well enjoyed even without playing the previous games. Those who play the previous games, however, are always rewarded with a little more insight and appreciation of in-references. Now I can't remember specifically how well tied VII was with the rest of them, but overall that's how Williams always made the games. The short of it - it's best to play the others first but won't really hurt the overall experience if you don't.
  22. Personally, I just got tired of waiting and kinda dropped it altogether. It's sad when it looks so, so promising.
  23. Yeah. That was AGD that did the VGA remakes of those two. I did mentioned it back here, but it probably wasn't very noticeable with all the clutter around it. They also started on a Quest for Glory II remake but unfortunately never finished it. I remember once asking (or more like begging at the time) if they could do a remake of Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge since Sierra never made an updated VGA version of that particular episode of the series, but my many pleas went ignored despite the fact that many other people voiced the same request. Bummer.
  24. That's what lots of people said about the Transformers movie. I didn't really feel like going (besides the fact that I was kinda hard up on cash at the time), but someone twisted my into going with them as a birthday present of sorts. I didn't have the heart to tell my friend outright that it was terrible, but I still loathe nearly every lukewarm/lukecold minute of it, though I actually felt worse about wasting my friends money in the process (even though he did enjoy it a bit and I suppose there were a scant few enjoyable second of the movie). Critics have always sucked. For one there are plenty of movie "greats" that aren't worth a single second of watching time. Second, there are way too many movies that get the absolute slam on reviews. It happens all the time. Movie critique isn't really reliable at all. In all truth, seeing or reading a brief synopsis of a movie should actually be more reliable.
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