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  1. Sounds really cool. I loved the synths. You MUST finish this. THe problem i find are the drums! You gotta work on them... They arent as good as the rest of the wip is Tell me if you need techno drum loops to work with, i'll gladly share!
  2. The first seconds are awesome. The atmosphere you created down there is great. The idea you've used to guide your mix through is fantastic. But somehow I feel that this is not the good it could be: samples seem to have low quality, specially the piano and some of the synths. Plus, the synth which plays the main melody is extremely LOUD!. Work with that, and try playing a bitwith mastering too. Also, try on some structure-ing. Add a whole new part in the middle, a variation-section. Anyways, this is a good job, i like very much the intro and the outro... they were damn original!
  3. Drums at the beggining are cool as f*ck!. Awesome effects! Damn, I need to learn how to do that.. I wanna mix that stuff with orchestra and make the ultimate music of the universe.
  4. Cool druming. Nice guitars! Sounds cool to me, maybe not 100% pro work, but still stuff i'd have on my playlist. It's the first time this happens to me.. but, I don't know how to help you. Maybe because you used real instruments.... Im used to work with Fake stuff LOL.
  5. Chrono trigger best rpg ever!!!!! Good remix.. overally, has a pretty good feeling to it. Here goes my crit. Drums are weak. Sometimes you can feel they're looped, and they lack of "sound presence". I'd use a compressor on that (plus... writing more drum variations and humanizing the velocity would really help). Some parts of the mix feel a bit empty... There are many piano + vox sections that might have been filled with something more: the track goes from a place to another always using the same "piano + vox" bridge. Even the prelude part seems to miss something. Good choirs, though. I really liked them Oh yeah! ... This NEEDs a bass!!! On the other side, piano and guitar are really well done, I like the way they're used to deliver such an atmosphere! So... despite all the badass criticism I'd score this one 8 out of 10
  6. okay, Im gonna commit a kamikaze action. YOUTUBE POOPS SUCK Crap.. im gonna get my ass quoted.
  7. We don't care. Stop posting. In other news, I still love that level complete music. Needs moar remix. And by remix, I mean rocking cover. PWNED (sorry, it had to be said somewhere)
  8. Its all part of a marketing strategy... why would they call it.. Duke Nukem..... FOREVER? Because the development of this will take forever . MWAHAHAHAHAA
  9. This is really cooooool! The idea is pretty interesting, and you've got a really good voice. With some practice, in no time you'll be singing Epic-Metal !
  10. This is really good stuff. I liked it very much. The chiptune part in 1:44 was EFFIN AWESOME! However,. the samples you used seem not to work so cool with this one! What programme are you using? I'd advise you to get these plugins : East West Stormdrum (for the drums), Garritan Personal Orchestra (piano) and East West Quantum Leap Orchestra Gold (for the orchestra)
  11. Woo.. this one is really Smexy stuff dude. It's very good music to listen to and relax! So, here comes the bad ass criticism: Maybe the drums should be a bit louder (not talking about the crashes.. but the snare, the kick and toms)... And it seems you need a stronger bassline. Sometimes it's missing, and its volume its really low!. Other than that, bud, keep the good work! this is almost ready to go!
  12. Thank you for your support!! Seph Seraphim: It still doesnt sound better than the original! but.. one day it will... MWAHAHA LOL Spc1st: I Think you're right... I'm playing a bit with structure and all that, let's see if it works! Oh yeah. WIP 2 released! Fuck*ng check it out now!
  13. Yeah, mine too!!!! LOL Woo,... it's so awesome this finally got released. My true favourite is Adrian's Sleep by Analoq. Dammit, he's kicking some serious ass, it seems to be taken from a N.I.N. Album.
  14. Woow.. sounds great. Makes me wanna have a COLLAB with you . Plus... Fantastic recording!!!.
  15. Sounds interesting, pretty original. I liked the drumming! Good work. I'd simply say to keep working on it, I'll stay tuned to this
  16. Wow, this sounds great! It's for sure one of these mixes i'd keep on my playlist. I like the feeling you've put into it.. long time since i don't hear such good drum n bass. Okay, here comes the bad-assed part of the criticism. Introduction is weak: Feels out of the atmosphere you've put in the rest of the mix. Maybe you should make some chiptune something in the beginning... Just try to find an alternative. Drums should be LOUDEEEER!!!! That's all. Anyways, fantastic work mate, the changes to be made are pretty small .. so it'll be soon ready to go.
  17. 8/19/08 - WIP 3! http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/tlje/John-Revoredo---Valkyrie-Wip-3 (Added lots of stuff... changed the drums... still is too short.. but its sounding very nice! ) 8/9/08 -EDIT ! WIP 2: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/phfr/John-Revoredo---Valkyrie-Wip-2 (Cool drums added, and about 20 new seconds) (Self-criticism: The piano on 0:13 sounds too low. The section on 0:27 still feels empty. Crescendo violins should be louder. Sometimes the toms are effin loud) Source tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2r3Xx4SYjo The original one is fucking amazing, I know Im nowhere near to it Feedback/Comments are REALLY appreciated.
  18. I was about to ask "Hey, what software did you use?" LOL Luckily i read up to the "...who with the assistance of the University of Manitoba Symphony Orchestra has provided OC ReMix with our first LIVE orchestral ReMix! " Awesome arrangement. It makes me feel like a n00b.
  19. it takes an entire life to some people You never know I will PM you, as I'd like your advise.
  20. Track 9 kicks ass. LOL Damn, I want to hear this so much !! !!
  21. Sounds cool and .. Weird. LOL Cool clarinet sound, btw. What software did you use?
  22. Let me guess... If in a month you were told to do a 60 minute soundtrack... 30,000 USD ! HOLY CRAP! Seriously , i wouldnt ever dare to ask such amount of money for my music, unless I was Jeremy Soule, Hans Zimmer or Newton Howard. Im sure if I did that clients would automatically kick my ass. Let me ask you... Are you serious about music with these prices? Do you ever get a job with those rates?
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