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  1. What does OA stand for? Overclocked Awesome? ^_^

  2. Cool!! ^_^ . Man i should get working on that nights wip. But first i have to finish OA's wip... and rozo's wip. Damn, so much stuff to do.

  3. Edited my last post. I shouldn't say these things on the internet ._.

  4. Wow, this is quite cool!. Sounds like OA's put an incredible amount of work in the drum & synth sections. If these drums aren't real, then they are the best fake drums i have heard yet. (..and same goes for the guitar in the background). This is very chilling piece and really enjoyable. Fantastic stuff.
  5. Thanks a lot dude! I still have a job to hand for tomorrow (LOL.. a job to hand...... . . . . nevermind XD) . But anyways, today I'm gonna eat cake (unless it's a lie.. I hope not!)

    Once again, thanks! ^_^

  6. Wow, i like the song too. Sounds really cool.
  7. BAD DUDES : Lavos (from Chrono Trigger), Sinh (from FFX) HEROES : Master Chief (Halo), Chrono (Chrono Trigger), Serge (Chrono Cross), Megaman, Mario, Yoshi,... This project idea sounds really cool. EDIT: Oh, sh** I had forgotten about Simon Velmont, Alucard & Dracula , from Castlevania.
  8. Wow, the answer to this topic is hell yes!. LOL. In fact, i've even remixed tracks from games I had never played, such as Xenogears( actually, I started playing it right after remixing it). I also listen to everything Yasunori Mitsuda does, (even if i don't even know which game is from), that guy is a genius. You all should check his discography. Same goes for Nobuo Uematsu.
  9. Haha Seems like you got 9 more days. First post updated.
  10. Maybe paying her to sing a new song is *sarcasm* WAY TOO EXPENSIVE *ahem*. It sounds more like a decision taken in the last minute and/or like a decision taken DRUNK. LOL
  11. Oh sh-. LOL. And yeah, i agree about the first thing. So... let's hope it is good. EDIT : FF X-2 was an attemp to turn the drama of FF X into a 12-year-old-girl fashion show. I think the most common fan reaction to that game was "WTF?"
  12. [source : Wikipedia] On November 13, 2009, it was announced that the song "My Hands," from British singer Leona Lewis' second album Echo, was chosen to replace Final Fantasy XIII's original theme song, "Kimi Ga Iru Kara," by Sayuri Sugawara for the game's North American and European release. [...] (FF XIII - International Trailer) I'm pretty sure there has been a lot of debate among fans (among which I consider myself). Not only I will miss an oriental-flavored theme song (like FF X's powerful "Suteki Da Ne" or FF IV's emotive "Theme of Love"), but also I can't help but think "Geez', that tune is so out of place here". For me, this is an 80's-like commercial strategy, where Square-Enix tries to increase their product's appeal to the Western public reducing the japanese-culture-presence. Ironically, occidental gamers hooked to japanese games tend to like that. In my opinion, removing the original theme song cuts down the appeal, and not the other way around. What are your thoughts about this?
  13. I'm sorry I get absent too often . I didn't really expect to have so much work this academic year. LEVEL 99 : About the deadline, we were thinking about march, though nothing's been decided already. Does it sound reasonable?
  14. That was epic. Yup, that was the inspiration behind it, but somehow ended up pretty differently. Next time I'll get myself an effin' vocoder!
  15. Agreed. You're probably right. Video-game-franchise based movies tend to be terrible. I can't recall any good one. LOL
  16. Which are the most underrated videogame soundtracks? Here are my picks: One Must Fall 2097 Easy combos made this game suitable even for 2d-fighting-games-suckers like me. A techno soundtrack that really "worked" was something weird back in mid 90's, so if you like that old techno flavour, this is for you. Jazz Jackrabbit It was fun trying to jump on turtles and realizing jumps don't do shit. LOL. The soundtrack featured good synthesizers: the sound was (and still is) great .The soundtrack is out there on youtube. Alpha Waves (a.k.a. Continuum) Probably one of the earliest 3d games, and a really hard one!. I remember playing this one only for the music... mostly because i sucked at it!. Persona (series) Haven't seen too much remix-community love about this game, despite being a really famous title. Not much to say that hasn't been said already. Cold Dreams http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/24484/Cold+Dreams.html A rather unknow title which features an astounding soundtrack. I couldn't find any youtube videos, so there's a link for you to download it in case you're curious(you'll need a dos emulator). Sky Roads An old gem, featuring a very distinct and innovative gameplay style: You must race through different "roads" in space, avoiding obstacle, in a 3rd person perspective, and using real 3d for the backgrounds (so i'm not talking about mode 7). The soundtrack is brilliant, so be sure to check it out. And that's all for now!. I'm curious to hear your picks.
  17. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL No problem man!. Still, if you can deliver a wip somewhere in the future, there will be no problem to have your track in (of course.. if you finish it before the album release ).
  18. BEST COVER ART EVER. On the album: awesome music, I really enjoyed ALL tracks. Level 99, Prophet of Mephisto, Avaris, CHIPP , Vampire Hunter Dan,... everything was awesome. My personal favorite is Smooth Criminals, by The Vagrance. Absolutely ass kickin'. Oh, and awesome video too! José the Bronx Rican did a fantastic job here. BTW: Yeah, Im Prometheus and John Revoredo . Prometheus id was used because "Cybernetic Love" was a really old mix, and i don't like old stuff mixed with new stuff LOL. Also, Prometheus was my old name around OCremix.
  19. Quoting the first response to the thread EPIC FAIL It's amazing how far this has gone, im really glad to see see the project's done! (...or almost)
  20. i gotta finish my goddamned tracked... My condenser mic won't arrive till the next month
  21. Why wouldn't i accept the ocr friendship of somebody with that AWESOME USERNAME??!! Holy shit! :D

  22. i'd like to contribute, but i have already too much stuff to do, so maybe i'll get back at you later in the future.
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