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  1. Thanks for the FF4 video!. It was awesome !... and you made my mix sound really badass !! LOL

  2. Well, just take a look at the tracklist. To me, this seems something more "possible" than "impossible". It's a real shame that this project wasn't trusted enough right from the beginning.
  3. Yeah!!! Flying machine 4 THE WIN! haha! bLiNd's golbez 'n goblins was one of the most awesome shit i've ever heard. That guy's skills on techno beats are amazing.
  4. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET VIDEO!!!!!!! Plus!..the album is so freaking awesome. I'll be hearing this over and over for a couple of months now on. Also, thanks for putting my track right on the video!!!!!! hahaha.. The video makes my mix sound better than what it actually does in real life LOL.
  5. Yup, my dancing calcobrena mix is a bonus track. EDIT: man, Vampire Hunter Dan's track is awesome. I mean..really AWESOME. His piece "A Saviour Ascends" stands out. And.. counting Pot Hocket's rendition of Love Theme, this album has some awesome stuff going on! I've barely heard 5 random tracks and im really excited. Sounds great. Awesome work OA and everyone who participated in this!
  6. Hey, don't mess with the interwebs. Al Gore invented them. And shit they do work, since they're a series of tubes. Maybe the files are still on some tube, somewhere.
  7. I like it, sounds very cool. Okay, to me this sounds finished and pretty alright, but if you want some more stuff to improve... there you go The lead melody is a little too loud. (at least it shocked me a bit when i heard it on 0:15) On 1:50, you should change the lead instrument, at least during the variation. The song has the same instruments and the same lead, a instrument variation would be cool. The bass is still missing!! (in case you've put one, turn its volume up) other than that, awesome work.
  8. The chinese violin is allright. I love its sound too. Just be careful on 1:54. What could also work is to put a quick-attack instrument playing the melody in unison (such as a keyboard?) (some bart klepka http://www.ocremix.org/artist/4366/bart-klepka He has more stuff somewhere)
  9. Sounds great. The drumkit is pretty realistic!. Great work!. The arrangement is pretty nice, good fingering and technique. There are no flaws, or anything particularly bad about the piece that stands up. Good work. Talking about instrumentation : is there a bass? (Maybe you should try to amplify it in case there's a bassline). The bass helps a lot in defining the beat section. It's very likely that you might have to work a bit on the production. High freqs seem to be a bit loud. Also, a dinamics processor might help to provide "strength" to the drums. In case you don't know what that is, i can help out. Keep on it!
  10. whoa, what a huge checklist of possible mistakes. Fortunately, I've found none of those here. Pretty good piece. Overall,the composition and the arrangement is pretty good, i like the instruments, and the production you've put into it. The piece is a bit far from the original. Doesn't sound exactly like it: in fact, it does sound BETTER, while staying close to the source (in the overall feeling), it has a pretty different arrangement. Somehow this reminds me of Bart Kepka's music (Another OCremixer, I highly encourage you to check his music) One thing: The sampled-chinese-violin, on 1:54 sounds fake. Try not to put so many notes together!. Remember you're using samplers, not real instruments. Other than that, bravo. Good work, man.
  11. Sounds really cool! Way better. I like the composition and the synths. Fantastic solo. I love the way you went melodic there. This is very likely to be accepted by the judges. So okay, here are a couple of flaws i find here. - It's asking for a bassline!! (you don't have to get complicated on that, but a good bassline "reinforces" the drum/beat section a lot) - Hi hats are too loud ( the sample(s) that appear near 0:08 ) This is pretty near to completion, I hope we can hear a finished version soon!.
  12. Overall, i like the piece, and the composition. I wouldn't change a thing, but, there's something to complain about. The piece sounds pretty allright, but could sound a lot better: - High freqs are too loud - Drums need more "power" (I don't mean "volume". The volume is allright) Maybe a compressor on the drum channel would help. You can also get that power on the drums rendering separately the drum & bass track and aplying a Dynamic Processor over it. Here's a quick fix i made on the high frecs http://www.tindeck.com/listen/epea normally, getting powerful drums is complicated, but adds a lot of life to your pieces. (Crap.. i think i talked about the first version of the mix xD)
  14. Yeah.. you're right. This piece feels a bit too homogeneous. A new lead would spice things up. Also, the equalization sounds terrible. Got to work on that. thanks
  15. Thanks for the comments. I'll keep in mind everything you've said. New wip. Check out first post. Also, tell me if high frequencies are ok
  16. haha.. thanks dude, I'll try to get more when I can. DJPretzel's Revival Day Impoetus was also an important reference for this mix. Although.. i still have to survivethe exams at university.
  17. Edit :5 / 17 / 09 NEW VERSION At last, the whole structure of the piece is finished. I still have to produce and mix everything sepatarately and add the effects, but this is somewhat closer to the finished version. The high freqs were lowered. Anyways, here's the link to the wip http://www.tindeck.com/listen/ppqw Hope you like it. Comments really appreciated --------------------- FIRST POST : It's been a really really long time since i post something here . This is an early version of my "Bionic Commando" main theme remix. Most of the synthesizers were made in the style of Simon Viklund's remix soundtrack (Bionic Commando Rearmed) Im really excited about hearing your opinions. It was a hell of a job creating those crazy beats, and i wanna make sure this mix is worth to be finished http://www.tindeck.com/listen/edxm
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