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  1. Sir, you are awesome!

  2. Nice!!! Can't wait to hear it! BTW, register at the forums, so i can allow you to check the wip forum.
  3. Mazedude's been around here for years, I remember having his music burn on CD's back when I was 12 years old. I've always liked his stuff, and this piece is a very good example of his art. I really like the sound design and the atmosphere Mazedude developed here. On the other side, the mix sounds too simplistic and repetitive at times. But don't get me wrong, this is a fantastic piece to listen to, be sure to check it out!
  4. Finished wip means the track itself is finished, but it's still open to changes until the end of the project. I'll PM you EDIT: Rozo, all the randomness was corrected. Thanks for pointing out
  5. Yeah! That was the idea. Let's hope it works. BTW, Demonstray, I marked Neutral Area as yours.
  6. I need to work on my wip .. damn.. So much stuff to do.
  7. wow.. this has sunk sooooo bad to the bottom of the forum.
  8. Teal?? I had never heard of that color before. Damn... the world is evolving so fast nowadays.. so many new colors i don't know the name of. Listening to the music, this sounds really interesting. Maybe at some time in the future i might contribute (I still have to do like 6 remixes....).
  9. Gears of War I, and II. OMG THOSE GAMES B/C ITS TEH BEST GAME EVAR!!1!!1!, and I really like them. The gameplay is something fresh and new in the shooter genre, and it's probably the closest thing to a paintball match.
  10. well, there's nothing too complicated about it. Url : http://bcproject.forumotion.com/ Sign up, and I'll grant you access to the WIP forum.
  11. 3 more tracks to cover the whole tracklist. Im creating the wip forum already
  12. - Still havent thought on deadlines. But if things freeze way too much i'll put them. -Anything you want. What i want is it to be quality music, so you'll have to put some real effort in whatever you do. Ah, yeah, preferably something GROOOVY *earthworm jim face* -None.. yet. . I'll sign you for Area 8. LOL LOL (again)
  13. Sounds awesome!. I'll check the track as a collab. BTW, do you have any outline/structure for the piece in mind? Hearing the track i'm coming with a couple of ideas, maybe we should discuss this through PM.
  14. Yo, Epitaph / Luke Keever/ LuketheXjesse . Nice to.. Meet you? LOL

  15. wow the file was sorta HUGE. The tune was cool. Good work. I like the arrangement, and the idea is pretty cool. However, there's one thing which keeps this away from being an OCRemix : The samples and the production. The brasses are kinda OK (although ,you should work with dynamics and vibratos), but the drums, bass, ukelele-sorta-thing and piano sound like midis (good midis.. but still, midis). From what i read, you use Fruity Loops (or FL studio), and your computer has 1 Gb Ram. Well, I work with the same program, and the same Ram. if it helps, there are many plugins which might help you : EWQL Stormdrum and EWQL Hardcore Bass are plugins i use a lot for bass and drums, they work nicely and smooth under FL Studio. Plus, Garritan Personal Orchestra has a really cool piano. You should check them out.
  16. Somebody should do a Metal , Metal Mario remix.
  17. About the first post :There's one thing I still don't understand.. Is the music going to be done? Or is it already done?
  18. Your username is FULL OF WIN.

    and damn.. it's awesome.

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