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  1. Whoa, a contest!!. Do i have to signup somewhere?? ---------------- EDIT : With those samples, is impossible to do a bad mix! -------------
  2. I think the judges are trying to be too selective with the mixes, and now select only ultra-synthy things. Everyhting sounds like if it was written by malcos or Dj Pretzel. Guys, there is a lot of good non-synthy mixes out there. Now, about the mix. It's nice. It would as good as bLind(9/10 or more) if you had used more than one note in the bass!!. 7,5/10
  3. Man those drums sound terrible. Then comes the ultra-Fake lead. There is an off note at 3:19. This shouldn't have been accepted, it still needs a hell lot of work
  4. Thanks!. I thnk i have fixed the issues with the equalizing. The mix is ready to go, but id like some feedback in the wip thread. However i can't even visit the forums webpage. . Hey, what's going on here?
  5. Sorry about the double posting, but, is this thread alive?
  6. some mixes are outstanding ( UNKNOWN FOR PRESIDENT!!!, YEAH). However, very few others aren't that good because their orchestra sounds fake . But , i have to confess that i liked it. I wish i could have participated
  7. uoh, um... 2 or 3 yrs ago i used to burn to cd's lot of overclocked remixes... Those were good mixes! DJ Pretzel's Revival day impoetus was the best. And well, Zeratul did some good tunes (He mixed the first Chrono Trigger tune!!). Israfel did an excellent schala remix. And Saiko's only mix, Crying mountain managed to be one of the best mixes all around here. (well there is a lot of good music here , but that's what i remember from 3 years ago) -------- EDIT : Dj Pretzel, you're forgiven... but don't you dare to do it again without notice!!! ---------
  8. The new version I liked the drums and the flute, but i didn't like the keyboard on 0:11, maybe you should lower the volume or change the instrument to something more realistic. The drums are good. really good, man i love drum'n'bass! Now, in 2:46 the melody/bass seem not to crash. I really loved the drum stuff you started in the end of the mix. Keep like this, is a nice tune
  9. I've finished the mix , but i'm having some difficulties with mastering and distortion. If there's someone willing to help me,please drop me a PM. As soon as i can log in the forums i'll post it on the wips section
  10. Personally i think it's too dangerous to upload the wips to a single ftp. Maybe links to the pages were the wips are hosted should be provided, instead of hosting all of them on a specific ftp. . Conclusion : Amfibi-Slayer is a hardcore Zircon fan.
  11. Well, it's nice, maybe it lacks of some variation. Reminds me a song of Final Fantasy X, don't remember the name right now. Maybe some rhodes, with a jazz improvisation in the middle could do some good. Nice job, anyway.
  12. They have more propaganda, but they are no match for us !!! By the way, will the songs be released as one single file containing everything or we'll have to download each song separately?? (Or both!!! )
  13. This sounds like a psycho experiment, which is very nice!! .
  14. Well, it's decent (4.5 out of 10) .The song starts to get good on 2:30. It's kinda background music and has no definite melody. in 5:21, i though the "cool part" was going to begin(a Sticky and nice chorus), but the song eventually ended. (Sorry to be that honest)
  15. Two Things. 1) Kicks ass 2) Where the hell is the frog theme?
  16. So you wanted synthezisers, compressors, effects and mastering eh??. Gotcha!! Well, here's the remix. Is from the supervisor theme, from The Rise Of the Robots OST (Written by BRYAN MAY!!!!). There are two versions. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QUVHT1G6 - Mastered version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QA39HGWE - Not So Mastered version i'm not sure about which one is better and, well, they might need improvement, so I'd like your advice . So, post, POST , POST !!!!! (gwahahahaha) ---------------------------- EDIT : And please, tell me if you think the judges will accept this! (check the poll ). ----------------------------
  17. Hello. I'm actually on a Techno-Orchestral-Rock project that has mantained me occupied for several weeks from now. I'd be very interested in contacting any singer (Preferable female) that domains "Yemenite" style. (That kind of singing that we can hear in Gladiator OST, Star Wars Episode 3 OST, Troy OST, Minority Report OST,etc... Is some sort of arab chant(you can hear it at mosques too)) If somebody's interested, please send me a message.
  18. Lavos spawn (chrono trigger) are pretty hard to beat, but they're not bosses. Lavos wins the prize. I had to beat the game four times to be able to defeat him ( Chrono Level 56, Frog Level 52 and Marle Level 48). And it is one of the most time consuming bosses. It takes a lot of time to beat him. You gotta fight it from outside, and then from inside. When you beat the "inside lavos" then, lavos core appears. The worst thing is that it heals itself, sou you gotta have a lot of healing items, elixir, etc... to survive the long combat.
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